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One of the biggest goals of online entrepreneurs is to bring more traffic and more conversions to his site. To achieve this goal it is necessary to take into account multiple factors – backlinks, social media, keyword .

Keywords directly influence your ranking in Google, that is, the more you hit on the keywords, the more chances you have to get good positioning on Google and hence attract more conversions for your site.

To choose the correct keywords you need to always stay on top of latest trends and changes in the world of use and search keywords .

And to help you stay up to date, we talked to seven experts in the field and ask the opinion and their gold tips on the latest trends and use of keywords.

Rafael Rez

Rafael RezEvangelista Content Marketing New School Marketing


The method we used is based on more questions and fully integrated with the philosophy of Inbound Marketing .

When searching for a keyword, we think:

  • 1. In which phase of the sales funnel is the word (top of the funnel, through the hopper, hopper bottom)?
  • 2. What search intentions it represents and what the best content we can do to meet the expectation of who is doing this search?
  • 3. What other rankeiam sites for this keyword and what approaches they do to her? We can do better than them?
  • 4. What is the opportunity that exists for this keyword? It is competitive? It generates potential conversions?
  • 5. What is the potential for generation of Leads or sales generation this keyword?

After planning every word as the questions above, we use the competitors analysis tool SEMRush to see which other similar keyword exist in competing sites that also meet the requirements, and then plan the content for each specific search.

Will Trannin

willExecutive Director of SEOMaster


The trend we perceive is the semantic increasing understanding of the keywords by search engines, especially Google.

Actual results of the SERPs for similar words or synonyms differ very little and the words research tools are already contemplating this change.

An example is the very Google Keyword Planner , which features the words in the singular and plural of the same volume of searches.

google search volume keyword planner

Because the question semantics , a technique that works no longer work a specific keyword to a single page. Nowadays it is necessary to work mainly in the content, topics with different keywords per page in order to get the best results.

Also, consider what type of SERP Google has for keywords is essential to make an aligned optimizing users’ expectations.

A great technique is to analyze the competitor market using tools like SEMRush or SimilarWeb to extract all keywords from competitors. From this list of words you need to separate them into semantic groups to analyze which opportunities to create and / or page optimization your website can take advantage.

Vitor Peçanha

Vitor Peçanha

Co-founder of Rock Content


Doing research keywords nowadays increasingly involves having a good understanding of marketing and user behavior than before.

Have an analytical and interpretation of data and information has become essential capacity, since Google is no longer easily “fooled” by tactics based only on numbers and statistics. It is necessary to understand the intentions of the public.

Obviously this does not mean that we should stop using the data provided by the tools available, quite the contrary. Today we take these data and be able to extrapolate them to generate really useful ideas to the audience and, consequently, bring traffic.

The way I research keywords is based primarily on creating a list of words ideas that are of interest from my audience and are aligned with my goals.

For this, the suggestion is to use more and more of a tool and cross data to have more choices of keywords and better data.

Up keyword ideas to suggest Google and Keywordtool.io , then evaluate them (and have more ideas) in SEMRush and AdWords is a strategy that do often. After that, cast the suggestions based on numbers as search volume, for example.

The next step is to know at what stage of my marketing funnel each term fits. This task, although relatively easy, is very important. It is essential to understand the intention of the public to do a search, because only then can answer questions that he has.

Clearly divide the searches with intent to purchase (for example, “price Nike Shox”) of learning search ( “How to run a marathon”) between the top, middle and bottom funnel will help in deciding what to write. All content should be aligned to a content marketing strategy.

Igor Bernardo

Igor Bernardo

Organic Growth in Digital Hacker Results


With the “boom” of Content Marketing in 2013, every day that passes Google ‘s results pages are getting more crowded and no doubt this needs to be taken into consideration when carrying out your keyword research.

Never underestimate the potential of a long tail. More than ever, today the long tails keywords have an important role in the acquisition of more advanced Leads in the buying process. If that were not enough, in many cases the long tails are an excellent alternative for those smaller sites who wish to enter certain niche.

The use of keywords in your SEO strategies, always remember that Google’s algorithm is always evolving, and one of the strongest aspects of this development is related to the humanization of their analyzes. Thus, many of the uses of artificial keywords are crashing.

That old tactic of repeating the same keyword in the text totally exaggerated and unnatural no longer works as before and a good user experience with content writing is increasingly worth more to Google.

Knowing what keyword begin with, which keyword prioritize the strategy and other sciences that directly influence the way that you will continue with its strategy is arguably even more important for a work of real value in SEO. From this realization I came to evaluate and analyze my keywords in a different way, taking into account four different magnitudes for me to have worked very well:

  • search volume;
  • Difficulty Rankeamento;
  • Step funnel the keyword is (closely related to the concept of long tail);
  • Positioning your site is to the keyword.

By evaluating the keyword in these four dimensions previously taking into account my direction / goal in SEO, I usually do my keyword research and plot my strategies.

A golden tip? Do your keyword research with the highest whim, appreciation and dedication possible! All and all your SEO strategies are based on it, do not forget.

Sara Zimmermann

sara zimmermannConsultant and teacher in the areas of Strategic Planning and Marketing Digital Zimmermann PRO


To set the keywords of your project, you need to understand your audience. Understand what stage of his search for a problem solution or it will be more inclined to accept your offer. Understand their pains, needs, search paths, among other information, to then yes from planning.

To access all this information, work with information about the target audience, if they are available in any way, and whimsy in good tools. For those who know me, do not I save compliments: I’m a fan of SEMRush . Also the Planner Keyword , Auto Complete , Trends and AdWords Google, as well as other competition monitoring tools and social networks.

But for me, the most important is the following: what will I do with all this information? I will play my design in red ocean of the 10 most searched keywords related to my project? No! I will explore these tools to find the most interesting search terms in specific niches that meet all or part of the need of the project’s target audience, and thus achieve even more interesting conversions for the project.

The magic formula? + Good tools to understand the target audience + focus on conversions.

Daniel Imamura

Daniel-ImamuraChief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Digital Consulting


To create a good list of keywords there are some steps that I see as crucial and many analysts repeatedly end up neglecting. The first is to take a close look at Google Search Console . This tool have very rich information about the keywords with which our site is appearing in search results.

Another important point is to make a comparison with your competitors. For this the SEMRush is very efficient, because with the x domain domain report we can quickly analyze keywords that websites are vying.

Remember also that not just check just the volume of searches a keyword has. You need to know exactly what the conversion that this term brings to your business. A tip to test this quickly is to create a campaign in AdWords and evaluate the results given page generates. Getting a positive result, you will have greater evidence to invest in their SEO strategies.

Raphael Lassance

raphael-Lassance-profileEntrepreneur, speaker and professor of ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking


When I go to prepare any kind of high quality material, whether an article, a study or an infographic, the first thing I do is search for keywords relevant to my audience. What they want to see? What will generate real value? This is always my starting point, and by doing so increase the chances of producing something that actually generates interest, engagement and spreading efficiently and organic

For new ideas, study the trend and scope of keywords that I will use in the production of content, use some very useful tools like:

  • BuzzSumo – To find out the issues related to the keywords that are generating more engagement;
  • Google Trends – To analyze the trend of looking for one or more keywords;
  • Google Keyword Planner – To find out the monthly search volume of keywords;
  • Ubersuggest – For new ideas for keywords;
  • SEMRush – To monitor positioning, analyze the volume of searches and get keyword ideas.

5 These tools should be part of the utility belt of all who work with digital marketing and content production.

Do you know some other trends in the world of keywords? We will be happy to hear your opinion in the comments!

This entry was written by Maria Chizhikova , communications analyst at SEMRush .