6 Ways to Apply Referral Marketing and Create a Spiral Funnel for Your Business

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Marketing is about communicating . Mainly on the communication value .

Marketing can happen even if you do not perform any conscious investment in this area. If you create a product or valuable service and market it is likely that people start talking about it.

The job of the marketer is to influence this process, ensuring that everyone know how your product or service has value.

So the Referral Marketing ( or display marketing ) is when you can make your customers talk about your business to friends and family.

As the marketing in general, Referral Marketing is an organic process . It happens regardless of their involvement.

We have all tell our friends about our shopping experiences.

In this process, the role of the marketer is to intensify this ” word of mouth “, ensuring that more people talk about products and amazing services they bought.

This involves implementing some incentives. The challenge is to ensure that these interactions are always timely, relevant and useful.

People like to brag about  their good experiences.  And this is an easy way to advertise your business.

Companies that use the Referral Marketing  definitely reap the benefits. Not only is it more cost effective than traditional marketing, but its scope is quite remarkable.

Usually, customers indicated to friends that they think will be interested in your company. That means you do not have to struggle to find these people.

If every indication become a customer and each share things about your business with all friends, you essentially create a new customer community.

Consumers have more confidence in your friends than sellers.

“But how to use Referral Marketing?”

The process for the application of Referral Marketing  has become much more efficient and easy due to various software and platforms for this purpose, as the BuzzLead .

Moreover, these software platforms and can be deployed in your marketing strategy without generating friction with the programs already used.

The importance of creating a spiral funnel

Allison Pickens , the RD Summit  2017, said:

“Your customers have more power than ever.”

And this is true. The Referral Marketing  is an example that customers have more and more power and influence over the success of your company.

Also, there are more and more choices of goods and services to be consumed and shared opinions among consumers collaborate very intensely for the choice to be made.

Thus, it is essential that your business will turn to a great experience of your client .

You can generate this by offering a product that solves his problems with ease.

And people who have obtained a good experience share it with others. It’s simple .

When this starts to happen, you will have created a funnel spiral .

The funnel spiral can be defined as the moment when their customers, s who have already bought and exceeded the bottom of the funnel indicate your company to others , leading them to the top of your sales funnel .

And that leads to a continuous movement. Because?

A satisfied customer may be responsible for generating up to 3 Lead s!

Your marketing should begin with your customers. After all, your customers already use your products or services. If they did not like what they consume, would probably elsewhere.

Thinking about it, offer them incentives for them to comment on how much they like your business.

When a customer calls a friend and takes him to buy your product or use your service, it reaffirms the reason that makes him enjoy your company.

This reason can be anything that appeals to you. Since a friendly salesperson to the huge number of colors you have available for a certain product.

When he talks about it with others, feel stimulated to close major business with your company. And he says his company offers quality, value and a number of other benefits to it .

Thus, the information of consumers can be compared with a slope below snowball that grows as it progresses.

When a person comes to your business through the Referral Marketing it is more likely to comment with others their experiences – positive and negative.

When a customer decides to tell five friends and then those friends tell other friends to, you will see an exponential growth in sales.

This is the effect you want to experience in your business!

With Hopper Spiral, you turn every happy customer in an unofficial vendor.

Applying the Simple Form Referral Marketing

The display marketing is more than one person indicating his company to another.

Creative professionals have noted the need to expand this interaction, increasing the influence of Referral Marketing and reaching more people.

Thus, there are numerous things that you can apply in your business to stimulate the “word of mouth” about what you sell. And this need not be expensive or complicated!

These are six ways to apply the Referral Marketing in your business simply and very effective:

1. Contests facing the indication of friends

Just as Leads  by entering contests focused on indication of friends.

You can encourage the appointment of its customers by making them compete for one or more awards based on nominations. An indication, ten, a hundred, a thousand! You choose.

So you can offer discounts, products or services that are of interest to your target audience . That’s a good way to reach more people with the Referral Marketing .

2. Seasonal campaigns

Using seasonal events or holidays  is also an excellent way to gain a lot of information through the Referral Marketing .

The Naturebox  understood this and asked that its distributors offered ” 50% off ” before the Super Bowl. Use one of the biggest American events to your marketing strategy significantly increased their profits.

Enjoy events to generate a “word of mouth” about your company. There needs to be something big, just something timely!

3. Competition seasonal campaigns indication +

Why not join these two great ideas? You can also take advantage of the seasonal campaigns to launch nomination contests.

You can present your customers with products and services that might be useful on vacation, for example.

The Huckberry (look at her again!) Took advantage of this period to offer a free holiday trip in first class. And taking a bag full of Huckberry equipment.

What the customer must do to compete? Referring friends!

4. Take advantage of viral marketing

The Dollar Shave Club  is a great example of how a company can use viral marketing to promote your services or products and achieve great results with Referral Marketing .

The Dollar Shave Club has created an honest and super funny video that currently holds 25 million views on youtube.

In the first 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, more than 12,000 people have signed the service until the end of the week, that number has doubled to more than 25,000.

Although this is also a result of the excellent viral marketing campaign, the truth is that each of these 25,000 customers was driven by someone who had a pleasant experience with the Dollar Shave Club when consuming your video content.

5. Social Gifts

You can also generate Leads to give your customers the opportunity to presentearem your friends.

You can send codes or links to your customers share with others. So these people can win free products, discounts or testing of some of its services.

Social present, although they do not offer anything directly to consumers, present themselves as a really cool way to be generous with someone.

6. Use an influencer or customer as ambassador

As the main point of Referral Marketing, the best people to promote your business are those that already love what you do and sell.

These people are not only satisfied customers, they are ambassadors of your brand!

Thus, you must figure out how to use these reference symbols for the current generation.

A good way to do this is to invest in influencers. They spread your brand for you, presenting your business to thousands of others.

Also you can look at your customer base and even employees and find micro-influencers able to boost their sales.

Remember, your customers are your best sellers.

Investing in Referral Marketing is one of the best things you can do for your business

Using the display marketing to create a spiraling funnel can bring great business chances for your company, be it large or small.

You must ensure that your customers know that they can benefit to tell about your brand to their friends and relatives.

Try our suggestions and talk about their experiences with customer referrals. We will be happy to know!

Want to know more about Referral Marketing and its benefits? Visit the blog BuzzLead .