6 Tips For Writing Introductions Of Attractive Posts

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“Clear thinking becomes clear writing: one does not exist without the other,” according to the writer William Zinsser. Thus, if you have clarity on all the points that need to be handled in an article or blog post – and, even better, organized into topics – just write the content you have in mind that your text will be a success , right?

However, it is not that simple. You can even be very clear about the content that will transmit and probably even has passed through the process of “filling” each topic with a very well-written paragraph, but the difficulty is usually on how to enter it. Has this happened to you?

And then, not knowing how to present your quality content to the visitor of your website or blog, all the information of survey work and writing content can be wasted because you just can not make it to remain on the page.

The mission of this post is to provide practical tips to help you produce an attractive introduction, able to hook the reader’s attention. So here we go:

 1. Use statistics to start

A good way to capture the reader’s attention and convey credibility is to start the text with statistics related to the topic. This feature, widely used in journalism, in itself guarantee a good deal of information to the reader. But make sure that the information is research and trusted sources.

9 out of 10 people checking emails every day. This data shows that …

2. Ask a Question

In introducing the article with a question you do with the reader to put the situation suggested. This creates empathy and causes him to be interested in the reasoning that will come as a result.


You usually check your emails every day? But know that this is a habit …

3. Use analogy

Starting the text by an analogy that can be compared, metaphor, or a parable, for example, you can capture the attention besides, be more didactic in his explanation. This feature can be especially important if your content is mainly technical.


Check emails daily is a habit as common as brushing your teeth for most people …

4. Tell a story

Increasingly, the art of knowing and telling a story has been recognized as an attractive tool to share knowledge – see the success of storytelling currently among large companies.

Start a text in this way tends to be even more effective. If it allows, talk about your personal experience or tell the story of some known that allow the reader to view the message related to the content you are offering.


The year was 1994. The Internet still crawling when I opened my first email. I, who used to exchange dozens of letters with friends and relatives living in other states, when first received a message, I was deeply moved. Added to this the fact that it is the email from a dear friend who was on exchange in Australia. Today, receive e-mails is so common that …

5. Play a quotation

“The basis of emails is one of the most valuable marketing asset a company can have.” As well says Ricardo Palma …


Using an effect quotation is an interesting way to start. The more known for the author, the better.

You can, for example, using an interesting point of view of an authority in its field. Surely, it will bring more credibility to your material. But remember to mention the source and to develop their own idea from this statement.

6. Write a controversial sentence or controversy

Want a killer way to hook the reader from the start? Start with a controversial sentence. Deny that most people have been talking about it. But, of course, you need to be able to support the theory. On the one hand, you can gain a lot of fans for the boldness of the statement, you can also get several critical so.

A good example is:

The e-mail did not die. Contrary to what most people think …


The idea of this post is that the tips serve more or less as templates that can be adapted and used in any content, just as we did when we teach to write bond posts .

As we said in relation to bonds, it is also possible to mix different options. How about back to the top of the post and to identify which of these options I used in the opening? What did you think of the tips?