6 Techniques to harness the power of influencer marketing

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Did you know that only 3% of participants in any conversation on the web generates 90% of the impact online ?

If we consider this startling statistic should not be surprised that harness the power of this select group of influencers serves as a valuable strategy for companies that want to expand their scope.

HubSpot worked with Traackr , the expert influencers marketing platform, with the aim of creating marketing guide how to influence you to become familiar with this concept. This free guide contains everything you need to achieve identify the right influencers, promote them and leverage these relationships to enhance the growth of your company.

But that is not all.

Below, you’ll find six essential techniques you should try to get influencers to share your content and obtain the greatest possible impact in each material you you elaborate.


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6 ways to get influencers to share your content

1) @ name them.

If your content is useful, inspiring and relevant to the influencer audience, mention your Twitter username on posts from your social networks usually enough to get your attention and possibly get a retweet. If the content is about the influencer, the chances increase. 

In an attempt to capture the attention of Ann Handley a content marketing guru, the company Shareaholic mentioned his book Content Rules  in a tweet. In return, Ann retwiteó the message to its more than 221,000 followers, creating the perfect opportunity for Shareaholic reach a wider audience than would have been achieved without your help. 


Knowing why your industry influencers, with whom they interact regularly and share their social networking profiles can be useful for both debug and develop content that appeal interested.

To facilitate this process, you should start developing an investigation. Analyze in detail the social networking profiles of influencers will help you better understand your interests and habits to share content.

Then you only need to choose some of the issues that have been sharing in their publications to create interesting content and send a brief message to communicate.

2) Include them in a refined list.

A good way to create content that will share the intellectual leaders is likely to produce a refined list that includes them. Clearly we all have ego, but learn to work with them increases the likelihood of obtaining benefits.

Larry Kim, founder of Wordsteam, is a great example of how these situations should be addressed. In March, Kim wrote an article for recommendations Inc.com showing marketing experts to follow on Twitter . Then you can take a look at the publication:


Articles like Kim are easy to structure, but we can not deny the value of potential opportunities to share that these publications are trying to generate.

If you want to find out who the best players in your industry you can find lists as just mentioned above or use a management tool influencers as Traackr , which gives users a simple way to analyze the interactions of their influencers. 

When you create the publication on the refined list, be sure to send a tweet to the aforementioned influencers so they know that you’ve included. Besides being a good way to attract the attention of influencers, this strategy also creates ongoing conversations.

3) Ask them to participate in your blog.

Making an influencer participate as a guest in your blog has many benefits.

First, you get great content for your blog, without any doubt, your audience will enjoy and not have to draw on your own. In addition, this kind of participation helps to enhance the credibility of blogs; if you get an intellectual leader prepare a publication for you, possibly you’re doing your job well. However, perhaps one of the most valuable benefits you can get with the participation of influencers as guests of your blog is likely to share the publication in their social networks, which means another opportunity to reach a whole new audience. 

If you want to increase the likelihood that an influencer agree to participate in your blog it is a good idea to limit the amount of work that should actually do. Expert interviews are a great way to create great content without writing an entire article.

Zazzle Media , a marketing agency in the UK, publishes a monthly interview on his blog known as Big Interview, where they talk with the intellectual leaders of the digital world. To draw the attention of a wider audience and improve its credibility, the company asked Ann Handley conduct an interview, and she accepted. 


4) Includes comments or phrases.

Add comments or quotes from experts in your content is an effective way to add credibility and inspiration strategy. Thus, the reader feels that get benefits from the opinions and advice of the best experts in the field, and thus perceive that the content has more value.

A great example of using comments from experts to make data reports more interesting is this report content marketing that HubSpot conducted with Smart Insights . In this report we include the views of 12 experts on the meaning of data and, in response, each expert shared it with their audience.

Then you will see an example of one of the comments we include the SME area manager in Twitter, Brian Lavery:

Brian Lavery-cita.jpg- 

On the one hand, you should try to integrate their comments in the text of the article to ensure that the content and story flow naturally. However, we also recommend adding a contrasting background for the comments stand out from the text. 

If you want to have a similar effect without the influencer is too compromised, you can bring sentences of your existing content. When you find an optimal phrase of an expert in an article or Twitter, just add it to a spreadsheet for future use. We have gathered 101 phrases incredible marketing in SlideShare so you can begin to add in your content.

When you take advantage of this approach, just make sure you link the original source and notify the influencer you used the phrase in your content.

Professional advice.  If you include quotes from experts in your protected as ebooks and reports, make sure to sell the value of your contribution to your landing page content. Also, remember to ask your influencers a photograph of her face and put their data under the text of the sentence. If you put an extra to your web site or Twitter profile link, thank influencers and also this action will help convince visitors to download content.

5) Keep a session of questions and answers.

If you get an influencer spend 30 minutes of your time to answer questions on Twitter, you can significantly expand your audience and your brand recognition. All you need is a good hashtag, the right influencer and solid promotion plan.

Then you will see the example of a chat on Twitter Truebridge Capital , who worked with Forbes to offer advice on everything you need to be a venture capital investor; an issue that was relevant and interesting to your audience.


You are looking for inspiration? Check out some of the best sessions of questions and answers in Inbound.org .

6. Get a testament.

If you share a previous version of your content with influencers before performing the main promotion will have the opportunity to get your opinion.

You can add this testimony to your landing page and promotional materials to convince people to download your content. Give them only the content and solicits comments or offer them one tweet  you can share on your social networks and include it on your landing page. 


If you monitor the keywords related to your offer in social networks you’ll know when influencers discover and share your content organically. If you are a customer of HubSpot, you can easily control these processes with customized flow Monitoring social networking tool.

I found this tweet from Jeff Bullas , professional leader of content marketing, which recommends one of my creations on SlideShare, so I made sure to capture your tweet on an image to use his testimony in order to further promote the content.


First steps to promote with influencers

Remember that usually trust our friends, colleagues and experts rather than on marketing and advertising.

Marketers who understand this situation devote time and resources to create authentic relationships with the most important people for their businesses; who have influence on your customers and mold industry.

Your job is to find the most important influencers for your brand, whether among your prospects, current clients, industry experts or people who are passionate on the subject.