6 steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile for social selling

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Now that you have a profile on Linkedin, chances are you have it configured to seek employment. However, Linkedin is not just a place to look for work and therefore your profile in this network is not a simple online CV.

If you work in a company that sells products or servicics, your Linkedin profile should be a place to develop your professional brand and position yourself as a leader in your sector. Therefore, in this article we will show a series of steps to teach you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to sell more. 

To begin, go to your “Profile” in Linkedin and click “Edit Profile”. Then, follow these steps:

1. Use a professional photo

The best option is a photo type card where you show up with a professional outfit. The data show that a profile photo receive 40% more response to InMails.

Forget or social background scenery, scenes unless you devote a specific topic and want the logo or product appears behind you. However, never use only one company logo as your profile picture, and you dehumanize completely (reducing the trust of your prospects to you), plus it goes against the policy of using Linkedin and could erase the photo.

2. Use a descriptive and catchy title

After your photo, the title that appears under your name is the first thing visitors to your profile will look. Therefore, you must use keywords in your industry, as well as a brief and clear description of what you do.

First of all, conducting a study keyword to define the most relevant keywords in your industry to your prospects. Always put yourself in your prospect’s feet and think about what exact words they will use them to find you.

3. Write an extract tell your story

 Write an extract tell your story. The extract is your cover letter where in the world should summarize 200-300 words who you are, what you do and how you will add value to your prospects. Also, here you should use keywords that allow you to be found when your prospects are looking for professionals in your sector. 

4. Make your public profile and customize your URL

Under your profile. URL where you can click and edit appears. In the menu that appears, choose to make your profile public profile and make all sections of the visible. In this way, people outside your network or even those with no presence in Linkedin, can see your profile. 

On the other hand, customizes the URL and make itself resembles your name to make it even easier to find (eg. Https://ie.linkedin.com/in/mzapatero). You should also add this URL to your email signature and your business cards.

5. Optimize your profile with keywords

Useless to have a frameable profile if nobody finds. As you optimize your website for SEO, you should optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords that allow you to appear in search results for your prospects. 

Be sure to complete all your experience to show your prospects not only your accomplishments and current knowledge but also how your past experience can also bring them value.

In addition, it is appropriate that keyword which you used initially in your title, again use a few times over your profile to increase your chances of appearing in searches.

6. Be recommended by co-workers, customers and other relevant professionals.

To gain credibility, it is essential that your existing customers to recommend and give credence to everything you said over your profile. It is also interesting to get influential people in the industry recommend you.

For even get recommendations, you can bring yourself to recommend to other people with whom you have already worked.