6 Digital Marketing Tips for Dentists

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Digital Marketing tools  have become great allies of the companies in promoting a more modern, reliable and fun public image. Nowadays, the way a professional behaves in social networks  can result in a huge increase customer or end of a business.

Several market segments are noting that traditional marketing practices are losing effect. Flyers, site promotion and indications may work in some sectors, but in a competitive market is not enough.

Thinking about it, we parted 6 tips on how to develop digital marketing strategies for dentists!

1. Know “where you stand”

Over 100 million people use Facebook every day and more than half of the users access the site using smartphone . In 2016, the same network celebrated the milestone of 3 million advertisers. In 2017, Instagram announced 800 million active users per month!

A dentist seeking new customers over the Internet must first know how to find a difference in the face of so much information and so many people.

In addition to understanding the wide world of the web, anyone who wants to learn in Digital Marketing  for Dentists need to understand some of its limitations.

Marketing in this sector requires the utmost respect to the Code of Ethics Odontológic to , which can be found some rules on advertising.

An example of this is that the code prohibits sales of dental services for telemarketing, among many other rules that can not be ignored. So we must be alert to the Digital Marketing context for dentists and not make mistakes that can hurt you later on.

2. Understand languages

Today, the Digital Marketing is so present in our daily life that can be applied in various formats. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, search engines, blogs … the list just grows.

Each network has its own identity and will serve for a professional profile and client. For example, a dentist interested in winning customers over the Internet can send emails , work with photos, videos, texts in blogs. Or all together, if you have time and a good communication strategy and relationship to be put into practice.

3. Invest accurately

The advantage of the internet is that the common costs of traditional media are cut: print ads, forget it! In online means there is a possibility to maintain direct channels with their patients, exchange messages without intermediaries, making contact more effective, timely and personalized.

The same investment that would go pamphlets can go to paid ads on Facebook , Instagram or Google. With these tools you can segment customers for which your ads will get, know the best publications of time and what kind of content generates more results.

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing allows enough segmentation and precision. Consequently, it provides better use of the money invested.

4. Learn more about the customer journey

Most people who use the internet to find services goes through some stages until the desired professional. Therefore, you need to understand who your persona  and public behavior throughout the process to win it at the end.

Actions done a web search can be summarized in four phases: learning and discovery, problem recognition, consideration of the solution and buying decision.

Buying Turn 1

To learn more about the concept, read the post purchase journey: what it is and its importance to the Digital Marketing strategy .

Initially, it is necessary to awaken interest quickly. An example of how to do this is having a website with good rankeamento  to be one of the first to appear in general searches.

This involves the use of tools that aim to detect and determine the keywords  searched in search engines on the Internet, that is, which are most popular. Once found the keywords, you need to produce related content, but at the same time provides an informative read. No use to create texts that have excess keywords and meaningless.

One way to do this lightly is providing free content. It is common practice of blogging, Instagram and Facebook profiles that provide professional some stuff as an incentive for the customer to look for the full service, which is charged.

You can make use of this technique by providing content on prevention brushing, methods to prevent gum problems, quality of products related to oral hygiene, among others .

After informing about dentistry, your client can then realize you have needs that can not meet alone. From this, seek a professional. At that moment the dentist should be concerned with marketing staff . Your online presence must pass seriousness and confidence.

Finally, we need to clearly present its differential from the competition and facilitate the most of the client’s decision.

5. Take care of your website and networks constantly

Sites that are not updated end up losing rankeamento on Google. What does that mean?

When a customer looking for a professional, the most up to date and responsive sites appear in the first results. We know that most customers today use cell phone, so your site must be adapted to work on all interfaces including computer, tablet and smartphone.

Website and updated and well cared networks can lead to a large number of followers attracted by the quality of virtual presence, thus opening up a wider range of people who seek out interaction of networks, ie, a call to your office.

6. Know the competition

As we are talking about Digital Marketing for dentists, no use watching the marketing strategy of companies in other industries. On the internet originality is valued, and does not look good copy. What should be done is to know the competition and realize their mistakes and successes.

Since we can coolly analyze our competitors, we can create services that will meet the niches created by their failures.


Today, a professional who is not present on the Internet simply “there” for a huge portion of the people.

So it is necessary to work carefully your image. Do not consider the Digital Marketing as an expense but as an investment. Look for experts to help you with images and the generation of content  to develop posts, setting up a website, and of course, keep it all updated!

And remember: c ada dentist has a style  and the  ideal is to test to  better understand your audience and  determine the most efetiv approach a.

Search too, read, study and, if needed, be sure to get help with Digital Marketing agencies . Find your style, know the competition and, above all, be sure to deliver an excellent service to retain!

All strategies of which we speak in this text can be leveraged through the best practices of Inbound Marketing . If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing good practices, download now the free eBook Introduction to Inbound Marketing  Marketing dose .