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It’s been a long time since it has become essential for a company to have a website. Currently, people are very connected to the internet – more than half of Brazilian households are connected to the web. Ie not looking for more by a company phone list or newspaper, but online search engines such as Google.

And this space is democratic, but we must be prepared. A small enterprise can compete directly with a major industry, since count on a well-designed site with a good design.

Therefore, it is essential for a successful business to keep your website updated with information about the work done, correct address and phones, which passes an image of professionalism and organization. If a potential customer opens a website and can not find such readiness information, the likelihood is that search the competitor instead of wasting too much time “hunting” this data.

To leave the current project and keep you ahead of the competition, you need to then invest in digital strategies such as website, techniques SEO (Search engine optimization or optimization for search engines), conversion rate optimization and Leads capture.

And how to sell more with a website?

With people increasingly connected to the web, it is natural for them to do online searches to find products and services that interest them.

Following this logic, for this reason alone it is possible to sell more to have a website and keep it up to date. Next, let’s talk about some very important strategies for those who need to use the company website to improve your sales.

But remember that before thinking of closing sales, it takes you to attract visitors.

1. Using the website to attract traffic

Your website will not sell anything if you do not generate traffic. People need to know your company. Therefore, work techniques to attract those first visitors.

In Inbound Marketing, a natural form of traffic attraction is the production of content. Therefore, give due importance to this aspect, and create materials geared to the problems that your persona has.

Of course only create the content will not make your site sell more. You need to promote it, your site and its offerings.

There are several forms of promotion, such as email marketing, social media, blog, SEO and media buying. Below we focus on the last two.

2. SEO

To further improve the sales opportunities, develop SEO strategies to optimize your site in order to allow your company to be found in the top positions of search engines, especially Google, which is the most used. Over 80% of people do not visit the second page of searches, and why it is so important to be among the first in the polls.

For this, we must create the best possible content for keywords that users use the search engines. For example, keywords can not just be thrown in the text. They need to make sense in context, and to be included in strategic positions of the page, such as title, captions, text, images, subtitles etc.

This is because by doing a search, Google tries to recognize a relationship between the used keyword and existing sites, and presents the most relevant pages on the subject. But after all, what does the page is relevant?

There are several aspects. One is the relationship with the subject (and therefore use the keyword in some places page is so important for Google to understand that content is related to the word sought).

Another aspect that makes the page is relevant is the number of times it is indicated through links and authority sites. Other page features also interfere in this relevance, as the speed at which it loads and if users turn to Google after access it (this is a bad indicator, since it suggests that you do not find what you were looking for).

It is also essential to think about the issues to be addressed on the site and cause it to be well positioned in search engines, how to choose keywords that are related to your business, make optimized content for Google searches (in the way explained above) among others.

Once the site happens to be found, it is possible to think of strategies to convert visitors into customers. After all, the website is a means to achieve the ultimate goal: increase sales .

3. Media Buy

Above, we talked about using SEO to stay on top of search engines. But as the market is competitive, and you need to show your customers your work and all the benefits of your product or service, may be a good idea to gain prominent positions faster, since SEO efforts usually take time to appear . So, you can invest in buying media such as ads on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, marketing campaigns offline and online, among others.

These options will generate a cost, but it can increase access to their site. With this, you can generate direct or Leads sales, with whom you can relate to what they are at the right time of purchase. For these Leads, you can send relevant content and offers and news about your products or services. With this relationship you can in the future to win sales without necessarily continue investing in Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

4. Focus on Conversion

When the focus is on conversion, you must create situations that draw the user’s attention and encourage the conversion, so-called Call-to-action or CTAs (which are usually inserted in the pages as buttons).

There are several ways to make them more attractive CTAs buttons and stimulate conversion. One of them is to create a color contrast to the color of your site. Another way is to prevent the user has any questions about what will happen when they click these buttons. Then, use texts to convince the user that, when he converted, he will receive something that will like, such as quality content, a useful tool, a discount or offer of a product / service etc.

You can also create Landing Pages (conversion pages), which are intended to cause the user to perform a single action, for example, download a material or make the trial of a product. These pages usually have higher conversion rates than normal pages of a site.

Also, let your cleaner site – or for some, with a minimalist. Remove unnecessary content and facilitates the reading of its user. Show him the value of their service and convince him that you have the best product in the market.

5. Test and ORC / B

After performing the steps above, creating landing pages and other forms that take the user to the conversion, you will reach a new stage. That is, now it’s time to focus on optimizing the conversion rates.

One way to accomplish this is by applying to the CRO (Conversation Rate Optimization) and A / B testing. The first are techniques used to improve the performance of a website and draw more traffic results that already exists. So if you received 1,000 visitors a month and had only 30 conversions, now you will get 60 or 100 conversions from those same 1,000 visitors, for example.

One way to achieve this result is to increase the possibilities for the user to find information, how to create multiple opportunities for him to get in touch with your company. Thus, it is important to create CTAs in your site several sites to take the user to perform this action.

But the A / B test is a model used to test the changes you made on your website. It is a kind of experiment with two versions of the same page in the air, and “A” and the original “B” version to test the changes. After a certain period, you will see which had more conversions and, therefore, know what is the most appropriate model for your site. You can follow this test using a test calculator A / B .

But you should pay attention in the process. It is essential to perform only one test at a time, so you can have the exact control over what impact the increase in conversions. If you make multiple changes at the same time, you do not know what actually generated result.

6. Have a professional website and secure

What is not lacking today are options for consumers research, compare and buy. There are many physical stores around the country, and even numerous websites that serve as a source of research. That is, you need to find ways to beat the competition and, therefore, demonstrate professionalism, credibility and security. So it is important to think in the first place: how I wish it was my research experience and shopping? What draws my attention?

Work the usability of your site . Create a well – designed and responsive layout, so that visitors feel good when accessing the page. Demonstrate that the site is secure. For this, you can have a digital certificate SSL and seals. Another tip is to use https for the user to see that your site is trustworthy.

Tip final and most important

After all these tips, the most important item of all is: Keep always innovating. Invest in technology to improve the performance of your team, stay tuned to market changes and adapt. If you stop in time, likely your company will feel the consequences. And avoid imitate its competitor, because not always what he is doing is the most appropriate.

And if you have doubts about the creation and maintenance of a website, the most appropriate is to look for a company with expertise in the subject, who can guide you in building an appropriate page for your business.


This entry was written by Jakson Ker and Morgana Linhares Guzzo, editors of O Two MultiComunicação .