5 tips to increase your enrollment on the website of your Institution of Education

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When they are looking for a course, whether undergraduate, post, improvement, extension or free, prospective students research on the institutions of education and fall on their websites. It is in this environment that they expect to have access to all important and useful information to decide whether they will opt for the one IE offers or not.

But after visiting the institution’s website and liking the options offered, as these students come to registration? This is where comes the conversion and how it is made.

The conversion, which is the action of turning your IE site visitor in a student opportunity, can be in two ways:

  • Direct: when this potential student will have right to the supply area of a course, for example;
  • Indirect: when it provides some information (name and email) in exchange for some free stuff that your institution has made available as a vocational test.

In indirect conversion, the job of making that visitor in student likely to pass through all stages of the purchasing journey , for he is not yet prepared to carry their registration in a selection process or purchase a course, then you nourish with content and information relevant to him becoming a student opportunity.

However, to perform any conversion, it is essential to think of a format for it to happen, so the importance of conversion pages: the Landing Pages. These pages will be the bridge between what a potential student wants and the effectiveness of a registration in your education institution. Thus, some care and etratégias in the formulation of Landing Pages aimed at education of the public are key and should already be taken in the period  of management and marketing planning .

1 – Select Landing Page template appropriate to the profile of your IE

The structure of your conversion page also reflects the profile of your institution of education and it makes much difference. So, choose a model that is harmonious with the standard of the content that you provide and your website.

If your IE has a more conservative style, probably your audience is already familiar with it, then a very relaxed Landing Page can break a pattern of a not very positive. The same applies if your profile is more relaxed and the choice is for a more formal model.

Part of the model the option to use images, videos, available content on topics in a single block of text, with the form table in the right corner, in the center, among many other options. Fitting the model also to the type of offer you are doing. A Landing Page for enrollment in college entrance can combine nicely with a model that uses video, for example. So your IE uses this space to present the institution, the course or students success stories.

2 – Spread the word objectively and attractive

Who are looking for a course or thinking of signing up for an entrance exam do not want to get lost with irrelevant information. Search can be very tiring, so when he finds something that interests you and information about it are not clear or compelling enough, is a frustration that can repel a possible student at your institution.

Start at the title and subtitle, which are usually the most seen elements of a conversion page. Avoid generic, extensive and confusing texts and leave clear the proposal of its offer. So when a student can get to your Landing Page, he is already attracted to read to the end what that conversion can provide.

Regarding the description of what you are offering, avoid selling exaggerated their institution. Provide the actual information in a persuasive and direct way and let the student decide by conviction and not give up exaggeration of what was presented. Use short sentences, give preference to number instead of writing the number in full, highlight important passages and use the active voice and action verbs are some tips that can help in the preparation of offers of Landing Pages of your IE.

Take care of the chosen language. In a specialization course in chemistry some specific jargon of the area may make sense, but in an application for an entrance exam for graduation this language can be confusing. Understand very well who you are targeting that page and try to approach the language of your audience without leaving the style of your institution escape.

The forms of Landing Pages also need attention, for it is through them that the visitor will leave some personal information in exchange for what you are offering. However, the amount and type of information requested directly influence the conversion rate or the abandonment of your page. Excess questions or elaborate confusingly will tire your visitor. Already shallow or irrelevant questions will not help much in time to qualify these visitors. To help get ideas at this point, check out the post on which information on a conversion request form .

3 – Pay attention to the use of colors and images

The choice of color of a Landing Page is not as simple as it sounds. The color palette of your institution may not be the most effective choice for what you are offering, then you have to devote to make the right choice. Colors have the power to produce reactions in our brain and influence our choices and actions, so that there are studies on the emotional influence that colors have on our behavior.

To choose the right color for your Landing Page , test various options. Search about what each can offer and try to apply according to the profile of the students you want to achieve. There are certain color and pattern, then find out what works best for your audience. Use common sense and watch out also contrast and readability. Using these concepts and elements have their choices based on what will be most effective and functional for their future students.

And to complete the look, use an image on a page can make it much more attractive, as long as it has to do with the offer that your IE is presenting. Use a picture of real students can cause more impact than choosing models with very different from your public profile profile. Create identification with their future students with this device. Your page can also be illustrated with images of the courses, their institution or infographics that present interesting data for their future students. But remember that excesses are bad and the focus of your page should be a conversion, so not camouflage your conversion button with excesses.

4 – Explore the transformative potential of education

History student, examples and animations with the way that your institution offers to the success of students can make a difference at the time of conversion to a registration. On a Landing Page, your future student will fill in some personal data (name, email and phone) towards the decision-making to be part of your IE. Show him how this decision has transformed the lives and careers of others is an extremely positive strategy.

If your institution is new and does not have use cases to understand how their courses can transform the lives of their future students. Based on this, use animations as your IE and your students can build a better future together, for example.

Depending on the Landing Page template that your institution choose, you can use videos to show the story of his students or use short testimonials, but very positive in text format and arrange in a visible session conversion page. This type of content is a way to explore what your IE already have to attract more students and also affirm the image of their institution, so self-respecting the quality and veracity of information.

5 – Provide the Landing Page in strategic places

Where your future student will find the conversion page to be able to enroll in one of your university courses? This strategic distribution of Landing Pages facilitates the conversion of the student, since he will not need to enter different pages of your site to find this option. Distribute their offerings with Landing Pages for courses, areas of the site only for college entrance and tuition or home itself.

If your IE invests in the production of content free, the Landing Pages of access to them will be connected to that session, which will be for students who possibly are not yet at the end of registration process or signup for a college entrance exam, for example, but have already begun to tread this path.

Bonus: Some models of Landing Pages Education Institutions

1)  DL Laureate

2)  North University Center – UniNorte

Landing Page chemical engineering educational institution

3) I am Genius – Learning Solutions

In addition to the above tips, the eBook “Landing Pages in Practice” you can check 10 commented examples of landing pages that have a great potential for conversion. Use these ideas to inspire, implement and increase enrollment in the website of your institution!

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