5 Tips for Using Online Videos in Your Business Digital Marketing

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Until recently, the Digital Marketing was still a little explored area by companies and who ventured to invest in its many ways was seen prominently and respect for such action.

Today being on the Internet is the least that any business can do if you want to ensure more success with their activities, and the biggest challenge for professionals is to find ways to stand out in the digital environment among many content, brands and approaches that arise all the time.

It is at this point then you should consider using online videos. Believe me, they can save all your communication strategy .

According to recent research, more and more people are choosing to consume video content online to other types of material , and some say that, if this content was being released in 2019, it would be in video format and not text .

Therefore, more than a great way to escape the traditional contacts with the public, invest in videos is a great way to keep up with the public consumer trends and have better results with your campaigns.

Moreover, contrary to what many preach, produce videos today is not expensive, time consuming or an activity that requires a lot of technical knowledge. With just a little study, anyone can produce videos easily and start working with these materials in Digital Marketing to get more results in different ways.

If you want to understand more about how you can apply this type of format in its strategy and how videos can bring significant returns for your business, just write down our following tips.

1 – Invest in explanatory videos on your site

If your company already invests in Digital Marketing, it must have a website. And if she has a website, you certainly know the importance of this channel is for communication of your business with potential customers for the transmission of information about their products and services and to strengthen its brand in the digital environment.

Most people who are considering a purchase today looks for a reference on the internet and your website is essential for it to take its final decision.

So invest in videos in this environment can be critical to improve their results in conversion and make more people interested by what you are offering.

According to surveys, embed video on a website can increase a person’s length of stay in it within 2 minutes. That means she will spend more time having contact with your brand, your differential and will have a much stronger reference if it really will make a purchase.

In addition, videos are a great way to break language barriers and approaching who has come to your company. Sometimes just texts are not as compelling and impactful as a video can be and invest in this format will ensure that the customer can have an expanded understanding of your business, you feel more confident and prefer your brand time consuming.

2 – Produce content for your blog

Using videos within your content marketing strategy is also an excellent way to work with these materials and explore their full potential.

Among many written content, many people are now preferring to access relevant information that can be transmitted quickly through the videos and you certainly should start betting on this type of format in their publications.

Be as the main content or as a support tool for what you already have written, produce videos will help increase the public’s engagement with its publications . That’s because many people do not have the time or patience, for example, to read very long or complex texts. Produce video content can also cause you to get more relevant through shares on social networks and even on other sites.

3 – Capture contacts with your videos

Allied to all this we have already pointed out, it is important to think of a way to use your videos strategically marketing to generate more sales opportunities , which is a difference, especially if we take into account the time of the current economic crisis we have experienced .

Use your videos as a rich type of material, through which you can capture contact potential customers, for example, it is a great option.

If you use a professional management platform for video content, you can do this very simply in all your materials, just inserting a Leads collector at the beginning or end of each material so that viewers leave your contact details.

Another option is to resort to tactics like webinars on specific topics, in which people need to register to access the content on the days and times combined.

With the data of these people in hand, preferably concentrated in a professional management platform , you can strengthen your relationship with them from sending periodicals content, solving their most recurrent doubts about certain issues, offering relevant services and information , and more .

This will make customers have more confidence in your brand, strengthen your bond with it and start to consider it more representative form when making their purchasing decisions.

4 – Use this tool throughout your sales funnel

The main purpose of Digital Marketing is to generate more sales opportunities for your business using the internet and you should use the videos of all possible ways to contribute to this process.

Online videos are not limited to assisting attraction of content and can be used even in the last stages of your sales funnel .

Have you ever thought, for example, in working with videos to speed up the accounts closing process or as an auxiliary material in your commercial team relationship strategy with the potential customer?

It’s time to start investing in new approaches and not be afraid to take risks! Starting with data showing that only the word “video” in the subject of an email is able to increase up to 13% their open rates here in Samba, for example, we went to use videos to ensure a more efficient contact our public campaigns and today these materials are a key part to the last moments of any negotiation.

5 – Work with videos aligned to the strategy of your company

Investing in videos is increasingly critical to any business, but remember that these actions, as well as all other Digital Marketing should be aligned to the strategy of your company and be done with planning and care.

Moreover, it is always important to have efficient tools to measure the return of their campaigns and be able to see weaknesses and opportunities within what you are doing.

A video also carries the image of your brand, perhaps the most strongly of all, and you should look very carefully for this type of content to get the expected results.

If you want to learn in more depth about how to Digital Results have excellent material that is worth reading. You can make free download here .