5 Steps A Pre-Sales Professional Must Follow To Have An International Career

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When we talk about career, we realize that job satisfaction is directly related to the possibility of working with something that causes satisfaction, for the development and is in line with ethical principles.

At least that’s the perception I have been building since I joined the course of advertising, for 14 years.

Since then, seek professional positions focusing on relationship aimed at finding solutions to challenges of people and businesses. Also, try to reconcile this with an old professional profile personal interest: to know and relate to the different cultures in other countries.

And so I jumped at the chance to join the sales team of Digital Results as SDR in international expansion team.

I’m sure, like me, there are many professionals with the same goal. So, I share some tips of what I learned in the six months I participated in the inbound sales of DR operation, such as direct sales team of the SDR, with a focus on Latin America.

How to start an international career in the pre-sales area?

First of all you must understand well what the SDR team’s role in direct sales staff of a company.

In a team of Inbound Sales, the professional pre-sales , known as Sales Development Representative (SDR), whose main function qualify potential customers attracted by the marketing and engage them in the business process.

In practice this means identifying whether that company that marketing opportunity out as meets the conditions necessary objectives and budget to advance the purchase journey for a negotiation and closing stage.

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Now that you know the job understand steps that you must have to perform well in the commercial area of ​​a process of international expansion.

1. First step: speak the language of the countries you will meet!

Fluency in the language of the country you intend prospect is key! If you have any questions about this, it is important to be clear that fluency is not synonymous to speak perfectly.

Fluency in a language means mastering the process of listening, have good writing skills, extensive vocabulary and potential enough speech for communication to happen clearly and without noise.

So if you need to communicate professionally in a language that is not your home, a good practice would be to intensify the contact with the language through films, TV series, books and news, as well as training the most of the conversation.

The higher your difficulty, the greater must be their efforts to overcome this challenge.

2. Do not just talk, you have to know the context!

One day, I tried to communicate with a Mexican company at an inopportune time, after an earthquake had happened in the country. I managed to talk to the company representative, but the experience that contact was negative for both me and for her.

This is because the communication process did not consider the current context of the country, who had recently been through a natural disaster that impacted strongly on the reality of small and medium enterprises.

Not to make the same mistake, always read the news of the countries that will act. Understand the social and economic context. Learn about the geography and the factors that influence the economy and the business world.

After all, how will you deal with a company inserted in an economic context of high inflation rate? How will suggest growth to an entrepreneur who has just lost all thanks to a natural disaster?

Therefore, to have an international career, one must be willing to learn. And our next tip is all about one of the best learning practices: look at the steps taken by the company, which is certainly full of lessons and challenges already overcome.

3. Be a professional data driven ever!

A company decides to expand when certainly is already in an advanced stage of consolidation in its home market. Thus expansion is almost always a step further.

So if you want to have a good performance, particularly in the commercial area, whose goals are and will be aggressive, you also need to turn their attention to the procedural capital accumulated by the company.

Give value to the processes and have the humility to learn the existing experience, what ways and best practices that will help you have a high-performance performance.

Understanding the development of ways in which the company has passed will further contribute to the international expansion process, especially if it is a channel test stage, when the operation is in testing the applicability of its product and service.

In the team of pre-sales of Digital results, we follow a structured process with time to work on the organization and contact meetings with the opportunities generated by marketing, for example.

We also have an ideal volume estimate calls per day to perform well in time to qualify the opportunities that the team needs to achieve the company’s goals.

This model is tested, proven and is replicable. To understand this is as important as knowing the time and conditions of your company in the expansion process.

4. Have patience and resilience!

These are perhaps the main features that every professional shopping area need to have: patience and resilience.

Especially when you are in an initial process of international expansion, in which the authority of your company is in less advanced level than in the home country.

So do not make the mistake of entering new markets and also unknown with the same authority and posture you have to approach a company in its home market in which your company already has a recognized and consolidated trajectory.

Similarly, strengthen your emotional intelligence and understand that international expansion is a “start over” with all the challenges that this process requires.

The big difference is that you are starting over with a different baggage and a favorable scenario for those who already have a proven model! Knowing this will help to climb good results much faster.

5. Last but not least, invest heavily in their qualification

Imagine now that you are an entrepreneur with all the characteristic daily challenges of entrepreneurship.

Then in the middle of your routine, you receive a call from a new business consultant to help you with the challenges of your business! How would you react?

In an Inbound Sales operation, it is true that the contact occurs after the identification of an interest of the company is prospecting phase. However, you can not only never prop up the company’s authority.

You really need to understand about the product of your company and about the challenges in the market with which you relate. So make the most of all the available equity in your company (and beyond) to develop.

Results in Digital, we have an educational platform called Digital Marketing and sales.

In addition, there is a significant production of educational content , success stories , webinars that help not only to accelerate their knowledge, but understanding about the materials that attract the audience you will prospect.

The more you learn, the more conditions will have to help the companies with which contact has to overcome its challenges.

This authority, manifested in the initial contact of the pre-sales team, is strategic not only for the business process, but for customer satisfaction at all stages of the relationship with the company.

Final considerations

This post was written with the intention of helping people who want to develop an international career in the commercial area of ​​a company. However, the tips and shared experiences are not limited to sales area.

After all, the reported challenges are common to any area involving relationships and caring for people and companies from other countries.

If you have been through similar situations or have different arguments to existing in this post, be sure to share with us your insight in the comments.