5 Rich Snippets Techniques to Increase Your Business CTR in Search

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Understanding how Google works

You know the phrase: “If you are not on the first page of Google, you do not exist on the Internet”? Well, the idea may be too radical, but in fact we can not deny that having your page in the first Google results for the main keyword of your business can be the difference between having a website that daily generates many leads and have a not leverage your business.

So if your goal is to reach the first page of Google, you need to develop some SEO techniques to your pages become highlighted to its competitors.

But it is also necessary to have some other extra care to make people actually click on your links, which is precisely what we will explore in this post.

“Ready! My site is positioned on the first page of Google. And now?”

Well, the positioning of your website on the first page of Google is not the last step of a killer strategy of SEO , as being among the top 10 sites on the SERP (Google results page) does not guarantee that the outcome will be the most clicked in some cases, even being in the first place.

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According to a study of Moz , the volume of clicks on the SERP’s works on average this:

Study MOZ - SERP (2) Study MOZ - SERP (1)

When the user starts the search process on Google, for example, it goes through three practical steps:

Search by keyword> Evaluation of Options> Select Option

Being on the first page of Google makes you be present in the second stage (evaluation of options), but not necessarily in the third stage (choose option).

To finally get many visits to your site, it is necessary that he gets a good share of the percentages shown in the chart and know that it is indeed possible to increase the volume of clicks on your result on the SERP. For this we use a technique called Rich Snippets.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippet, in a literal translation means:

Rich: Rich
Snippet: Fragment (we can translate in a more targeted manner couple SEO, as a page displayed by the search engine)

Basically, every action performed in order to let their most attractive and striking snippet for the user who accesses the SERP can be considered a Rich Snippet technique.

The most common techniques of Rich Snippets are based on information inserts in the site’s HTML (Web Semantics ). These codes come to take the sort of function and organize the content of the site, so when the search engine robot (crawler) inspect the page, it understands the “messages” inserted and decide whether or not relevant in view these information on the SERP.

Importantly, once entered this information in the page’s HTML code, is search engine criteria display or not your suggestion in the SERP. For this reason one must always act with enough consistency when working with this type of Rich Snippet.

Ways to apply Rich Snippets

There are many ways to apply the Rich Snippets technique to thereby increase the volume of clicks on your result on the SERP. In this post, we will quote the five ways that we believe are the most useful and beneficial for your business.

1 – Sitelinks

There is a method used by search engines aimed at finding shortcuts to some important links of the website and thus available on the SERP.

Rich snippets in SERP (4)

The sitelinks display in the SERP is a rich snippets technique advantageous for both the search engine and to the site as the user accessing the site through one of these shortcuts, try for the search engine the effectiveness of the results it displays and ensures greater visibility and door entrances to the site.

This rich snippets is effective only for those who already occupies the first place and is almost 100% of the time used in word-keys related to branding. And you can leave the outcome of your site up to 4 times!

2 – Local Search

You can show up in Google searches through information on the location of your business. The algorithms of search engines are evolving every day and this is already visible to all users who use these tools.

As a result, it is increasingly common, searches which refer to a region, state, city, neighborhood, etc.

Rich snippets in SERP (3)

After conferirmos the image above, the increased visibility of a business on the SERP through the Local Search is evident. Thus, the visibility of their business in the SERP is increased significantly.

To ensure maximum chances of appearing on one of these results, you must create an account on Google Business and follow the directions of the tool itself.

3 – breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs is a rich snippet that works as a guide, showing you at what level of depth in the categories of site it is.

With a correct application on the site, they may end up appearing in the SERP making the result a little more seen.

Rich snippets in SERP (5)

In addition to this great advantage of visibility on the SERP, the guiding function for the user can by no means be ignored. Sites that have breadcrumbs spend a good impression to users, and help a lot in a conscious site navigation.

4 – Reviews

Reviews, or evaluation, are a way for users to evaluate a particular product, specific service, etc. They are great to increase the conversion rate of a website because their main function is to provide credibility to the product / service.

In addition to this functionality, the reviews can also be a great way to highlight your snippet in SERP.

Rich snippets in SERP (1)

The stars are highlighted in bright colors and this makes the user’s eyes quickly realize its presence. The symbol of “star” also involves a sense of reliability and this ultimately results in improved volume of clicks on a result of your site in the SERP.

5 – CTA usage in Titles and Meta Descriptions

Title and Meta Descriptions are elements that all SERP sites will always have. What few know is that there are numerous optimization possibilities of these tags. Use expressions that call the user for an action it is always a great option to attract looks for your snippet.

Rich snippets in SERP (2)

Using words like “See here,” “Know now,” “Click,” “More,” can certainly increase the volume of clicks on your snippet.

Another way to increase the attractiveness of your snippet is always using the keyword in the title and description, as when the user evaluates the options, there is a tendency that it click a result that use the keyword that he researched.

It is important to remember: Your title and meta description should contain a maximum of respectively 63 and 156 characters. Any number above that causes the content does not appear fully in SERP.

To learn other ways and their respective codes,  visit this link . And to learn how to install the main of them,  see step Google step .

For those who use WordPress, you can apply actions  to the plugin All In One Schema Rich Snippets . Finally, to test whether the application is running, use  this Google tool .


Any suggestions of rich snippets can result in some kind of increase in CTR on its results in the SERP. It is important that there is always consistency in the use of each of these techniques according to the type of business that your company offers.

Optimizing your website for SEO and combining some of these techniques mentioned in this post, the success of your business in search engines is just a matter of time!