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Currently, more than 1 billion people worldwide are on Facebook. This makes the social network a powerful channel to disseminate content and strengthen the brand of your company. However, not all companies know how to effectively extract actual results of this social network.

We are looking for some time various practices and data in this channel for insights terms of small improvements that can be applied in our page and that will have a significant impact on results. Based on this, we write this post to share some good practices identified and that you can apply today to leverage your business page on Facebook.

1 – Identify the best times to publications

You know what times people who enjoy your business page on Facebook are more present in the social network? This is a very important to analyze data as one of its business objectives in social networks is certainly reach more people with their posts.

Facebook has a fairly comprehensive analysis tool. This tool provides various types of data, including a graph showing the size of the audience who likes your page in different times of day.

Facebook Statistics

This graph generated by Facebook itself, identifies the time peaks where your audience is online social network. In this graph, for example, the peaks are: 15h, 20h and 23h. A first insight can already be taken just beating the eye in this chart: it is more likely that the scope of its publication is greater in the afternoon than in the morning.

From this analysis it is also possible to identify the weekday where your audience is more present in the social network. This graph shows that Thursday is the day with the highest audience.

This data is very important to develop a planning posts in social networks. To access the chart, just click “Information” in the menu page on Facebook, then “Publications”.

2 – Create calls that awaken curiosity

Amidst a plethora of different pages on social networks publications, your company has to arouse the curiosity of the public. One way to do this is to create compelling calls to your post.

One of the strategies we use here at Digital results is to use questions to arouse interest in reading.

Programming in Digital Marketing

This post , for example, which has a call “You know why?”, Generated 1013% more clicks than the average clicks of our publications in 2016.

Another interesting fact is that among the more than 150 organic publications (or who did not have paid media) we made so far in the year 2016, the four that best performaram balanced by the number of clicks on the publication of the link had the following calls:

  • You know why?
  • You know the difference?
  • You know the answer?
  • Do you know?

These data show that short and direct calls really arouse the interest of the public.

Another page that does very well this is the exam .

WhatsApp iPhone feature for Android

In this post, for example, they do not speak what the resource or the title of the report, or the call of the post. But readers want to find out what this feature and are required to click to find out.

Another strategy we have adopted in some of our posts on Facebook here on Digital results is to use the posting of the call as an addition to the title of the post. See this publication:

Myths Email markeing

The so-called “See what these myths and improve your Email Marketing campaigns” serves as a complement to the post title, which is “6 Myths About Email that may be damaging their campaigns” . This publication had a rate of click 18% higher than the average of all 2016 publications organic.

3 – Use evergreen content

First of all, you know what an evergreen content? In a nutshell, it’s content done without expiration date, as explained in this post . Using these contents in your planning of publications on social networks is critical because they will always be useful to your audience and this will encourage it to share content.

However, it is important to note that this strategy should not override in any way, the practice of developing time posts, ie that make sense only in the period in which it was written (the example of post World Cup, made by Digital Results ).

The evergreen content of publications should be scheduled at different times and days of each other. The reason for this is that in this way, the publication will reach different audiences who follow your page.

In his blog, Neil Patel brings some examples of evergreen content:

  • Common questions;
  • Guides “how to”, such as our “Practical Guide of the Call-to-Action” ;
  • Tutorials, as our “Tutorial How to make an infographic” ;
  • Glossary of terms and phrases such as our “Glossary of Social Media” .

4 – Pay attention to the publication of photos

Photos are resources that directly affect the interest in its publication. What many people do not know is that there are several ways to use the image of the post.

One is related to size. Facebook displays two types of images with links, they are:

Tips for organizing the company's growth


Facebook Analytics ebook

Doing some studies here at Digital Results realize that the larger images with the title of the post below them, have a click through rate 4% higher than the publications with smaller photos and post title next to the image.

Facebook allows you to change the image of a link fairly easily. So if you insert a link and this display a small image, you can change it.

It is very simple to change. First, you must insert the link on the Facebook text box. Facebook will load an image that is in the post (if you’ve selected a share image, this is what should appear).

Digital Marketing Planning

You can delete the link from the text box that, even so, the image will be indexed. If you want to change the image, simply click the plus sign “+” below the image. Remember, the images must have linked the size of 1200 x 627 pixels (or the same amount) so that they are aligned perfectly.

In these analyzes we are doing here in Digital results to increase our results with social media, we find another very interesting factor.

People tend to click more on the images with people than in the pictures without people. When we share a rich material with a person in the image sharing, the click rate increases by 91%. When content is a blog post, the click rate in a sharing image with people is 21% higher than in an image with no people.

This is undoubtedly a psychological factor that affects the performance of their publications on social networks.

5 – Make your most personal language

As I noted earlier, there is a plethora of content being shared throughout the day on social networks. Many of these publications have a stamp seller, but the vast majority of people are on social networks in order to relate to others and not to be bombarded with advertisements. So when you bring a more personal approach, trying to help the audience in some way, the effect tends to be more positive.

We here at Digital results, for example, we announced our content as a way to disseminate to the market everything we have learned about Digital Marketing here within the company. This does not mean we do saleswomen posts, but posts with this nature account for less than 20% of all our publications (according to an insight of Neil Patel).

A page that has gained a lot of attention on Facebook and it does very well the use of a personal language in the social network is the City of Curitiba . Threads are relaxed and that approaches the public.

Curitiba City Hall

In this publication, for example, the City posted a music and involvement with the publication reached very high levels.

It is important to mention that involvement is not everything ( read more about this post Myths of Social Networks ). However, greater involvement entails a greater range of your page. This in the long run, may bring interesting results, as higher conversions originating from social networks.


There are several small improvements that can be applied in their social networks and to improve the results of your company. It is important to have a clear goal and set to focus their actions on it.

Do not expect a big change that will be a water divider for your page. Look focus on small improvements, which together represent a major advance for your page.

This precept Growth Hacking is what we use here at Digital results and has provided significant growth of our numbers on social networks.

To learn more about how Facebook can generate real results for your company, download our eBook “Introduction to Marketing on Facebook” .

If you have any interesting tips to share with us about its performance on social networks, leave a comment 🙂