5 Habits for Sellers Reaching Their Goals Every Month

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The ideal world of anyone who works in sales is to reach the goals projected for the month, or hit the target.

Only it’s not always possible to achieve the results consecutively, if you are not prepared for what can happen during the month, is not it?

Every salesperson listening daily to answer “no”, “I have no interest,” “is not the time.” Who sells may also have some personal problem that may worsen your performance or believes that the opportunities given are not ideal for sale.

For some problems do not become constant, there are some tips and habits to vendors who can help in time to pave the way for the achievement of 100% of target.

Learn how to be a good seller applying these habits:

1. Start each day with disposal!

Nothing better to start the day as if you were in a commercial margarine, is not it?

One tip is to end the day by programming the following and analyzing possible holes that could happen. For example, you have an early meeting the next morning? Confirm the meeting at the end of the day, so you can get a greater commitment of its Lead .

So plan up so you do not get lost in the middle of easy processes without organization, they may seem more complicated than they really are.

2. Organize your schedule …

… or better, organize your life!

Find out exactly what you will do from the moment you enter the company until the time comes.

Just so you’ll be prepared for any unexpected, knowing that you can adjust. It seems incredible, but it is not. When there is a sudden you will only get around it if you organized your time before.

For example, if you had a meeting and his client gave a cake , anticipate something Administrative next day to that time is not lost.

After organizing your day, make sure there is still something you can improve on their order of priorities.

3. Improve your emotional intelligence

Understand how you feel in certain situations that make you waste time or control.

When you get a not your day does not end, you need to prospect new customers, negotiate, relate to people within the company.

If these negative did you get discouraged and lose the day, you will lose all productivity that moment and probably will influence people around you.

By understanding how you feel and develop emotional intelligence , you can prepare for the negative moments of your day.

4. Focus on Lead during the conversation

Stay tuned to everything that can take your attention and get it out of your eyes!

Have distractions throughout the day is normal, but they can not take their attention from what really matters.

For example, if you are producing an important proposal and is with your social networks open, your job will be interrupted a few times and it does not help to make the best design for that customer.

5. Study

The corporate world is changing every day.

Books , courses and productivity tips are close to our eyes every day. Take the opportunity to study them and improve their productivity.

Do you believe that with just 10 minutes a day it is possible to acquire new knowledge? Enjoy close your schedule 10 minutes and read a good article, hear a podcast related to your area and test this new knowledge with Leads you talk daily.

Some study references:

I hope you enjoyed the tips. I’m sure that if your day is organized, focused and if you use your day wisely your goals will be easier to beat.