5 Great Reasons to Target the Leads you Generate in Your Business

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You know what to do with the Leads generated in their campaigns Digital Marketing ?

Many companies have invested in creating content for nutrition and direct Leads to funnel the bottom to close a purchase.

The first action after generation Leads should be targeting. Ie create filters to identify Leads. So, you have a dynamic list to make personalized marketing actions.

They can be considered various criteria in targeting like characteristics (region, area of ​​operation, function) or interests (conversions, needs for the moment, types of materials).

From well – defined targets, you will have the opportunity to create more adequate nutrition flows to their Leads , with its own language, achieving better conversion rates.

Here are 5 reasons why you target your Leads before starting a flow of nutrition:

1. To devote effort to certain Leads

By creating segmentations you can identify Leads presenting the profile of your ideal client, mapped to your persona .

The closer the Lead ideal profile, will be more assertive your marketing actions and less effort to achieve better conversion rates.

You can develop appropriate content for their Leads, providing a better experience, which will facilitate their evolution in the sales funnel .

To understand how to know the stage of your Lead and create an appropriate strategy, I recommend reading the article: Examples of targeting criteria to identify the stage of your Leads

2. To send the right message to the right person

How many emails do you receive daily? Many, not ?!

We have observed that in many cases the content has nothing to do with their interests?

This is because many companies do not target your submissions of emails according to the preference of your Leads.

If you do not know what the interest of its Lead ask. Use conversion forms the ( pop-ups ,  etc.) for information that will allow a better relationship.

It’s no use simply hold a weekly sending email if the content is not aligned with the needs of the Lead.

Send the right message to the right person, in addition to improving your conversion rates, helps your company to create a relationship of empathy with his Lead, with the realization that there is concern about their real needs and not only interested in selling any cost.

Keep at its base only people who want to receive your materials or offers and try to understand what kind of stuff is really relevant.

For Leads that show no commitment yet there is a solution: See how the article How to relate to disengaged Leads without harming your domain .

3. To increase engagement in email campaigns

The more targeted for your Leads base, the more chances of success you will have in your email campaigns.

No use to send the same email to all Leads. Understand the need and in which the hopper stage they are.

Imagine a Lead who downloaded a material on which is fixed income. It makes sense to send an email with an offer of financial advice then? Obviously not. The Lead is an initial moment of learning, he still recognizes that it has a need.

When we conducted a campaign Email Marketing we have three challenges:

  1. The Lead receive email: for this we need to have a sanitized base ;
  2. The Lead opening the email: for it is essential to define issues that are in accordance with the base that was targeted.
  3. The Lead click and perform the expected action: the content needs to really meet a need and complement the initial experience of the Lead.

Evaluate the results obtained for these metrics and realize you’re not achieving good rates, review the strategy.

To better understand these metrics check out the article: How to know if my Email Marketing metrics are good?

Generally, low conversion rates are related to the lack of segmentation. To learn how to create a targeted campaign, read the post: Segmentation: how to generate better results by sending fewer emails

4. To surprise your Leads with personalized approach

I like to use as an example an experience that had to be addressed in a sporting goods store.

Upon arriving at the store to buy a running shoe seller asked if he could help me. I informed yes and I was looking for a sneaker.

He asked me a simple question: “What is your type of bruised?”.

I replied that I did not know and he made a new question / proposal: “want to do a test and find out?”. And he said, “is fast and from it can recommend the best option for you.”

I was thinking he could help me present the most expensive shoes from the store, but preferred understand my need and provided a personalized service generating a WOW Moment .

What the salesman did was to divide the available options according to my profile. Featuring models appropriate to my kind of stepped, that would be more comfortable and allow achieve better performance in my training.

Creating a segmentation allows you to surprise your Leads with content and offers that are really relevant to them.

To do this, think about the information you are requesting the offered materials. Evaluate whether from this information will be possible to direct the next materials and understand the current state of your Lead.

In the RD Station Marketing , you can conduct email campaigns using variables (first name, interest, etc.) obtained from the responses of the Leads conversions performed and let your emails even more customized. This way, you can surprise demonstrating that you know your preferences.

Another possibility is to use campaigns paid media to actions directed at a particular group of Lead segmentation. To learn how to do this, check out the article: Engaging your emails base using paid media.

5. To generate more conversions or sales

When we asked a customer what he expects of strategies Inbound Marketing , the answer is usually, “want to sell more.”

For this to happen you need to know to select the right Leads with purchasing profile.

Analyze how many materials the Lead downloaded and what their stage in the sales funnel. Leads who downloaded more in-depth content show a greater interest in the company.

Conversions can also be used to demonstrate the advancement of Lead in the sales funnel and his interest in certain subject.

The use of segmentation will help in targeting for new conversions (at different stages of the funnel), getting more information on Leads, allowing the evolution to a more adequate nutrition strategy. This will give your team able to achieve a more consultative sale.

Also check out the article: Customization: 5 tips for you to differentiate and sell more


The Leads segmentation will allow you to adopt the most appropriate strategies for content production and nutrition of its base.

Set your goals before you target your Leads. Find factors that are relevant to your business and help to really identify who your potential customers.

Always use segmentations mainly to distribute Leads generated at each stage of the sales funnel (top, middle and bottom).

In the RD Station Marketing you can use various types of criteria in Leads segmentation .