5 Essential Tips to Decrease Abandoned Carts in Ecommerce

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Growth estimates for the Brazilian e-commerce, in 2018, could not be better. Apparently, the industry’s revenues will reach near 60 billion reais . But with it also come the challenges. In the case, the manager will have to map out specific plans to reduce abandoned carts .

Unfortunately, this is still one of the setbacks faced in everyday life of a virtual store. To give you an idea, the average of abandoned carts in 2017 was over 80%. That is, a very significant factor for retailers who want to get an important share of this market.

But do not fear, for this article was prepared thinking of you who want to circumvent this obstacle and sell more. Want to see? Read on!

1. Rethink freight

The high cost of freight is one of the reasons that lead many consumers to give up shopping. This is because, depending on the region, it ends up exceeding the price of the product.

In addition, some stores often include rates above what is practiced in the market. Therefore, try to be as transparent as possible in this regard.

Another interesting tactic is to work with the free shipping, either in seasonal promotions, either on purchases above a certain amount.

2. Simplify registration

The consumer research today more before buying. Moreover, it is also impatient. So do not enjoy the idea of filling lengthy forms, either wait for loading from one page to another. So it is their role to improve the accessibility of the cart.

In other words, adopt a transparent checkout, reducing the steps of purchase. Ask only what is necessary for the realization of a secure conversion. Let the search for another time!

3. Use remarketing

The strategy remarketing is essential for virtual shopkeepers, as it also helps to reduce abandoned carts.

This is because, to identify people who visited the site, the changes to display tool, often several ads. Thus, they are invited to periodically return to the page that came out.

That is, the solution sought by the customer continues to be displayed while they browse the Internet or in social networks . Thus, when it is prepared to purchase, remember you.

4. Extend Payment Options

The online store should offer various payment options if you want to reduce abandoned carts.

Today, retailers have different formats , such as bank, deposit, installment, among others. Offer discount for cash payment and point out the number of interest – free installments will also help in converting sales.

Thus, the customer is free to choose the best option to complete the purchase.

5. Send Email Marketing

As in remarketing, you have the possibility of keeping the brand name in the consumer’s mind through Email Marketing , a valuable channel in relationship strategies and customer loyalty .

Contrary to what many people think, Email Marketing is much more than send promotions to the customer base. Use the tool to motivate the customer to return to the cart to complete the purchase, encouraging to leave your opinion on the in-store experience.

Among the possible actions to retrieve the cart, offer free shipping, show similar products that might interest or send a discount coupon for use in purchasing the product.

Email Marketing is also a great channel to help you improve the store’s strategy. With the right tool, you can measure click and opening, for example. What’s more, you can target e-mail address for the client even more exclusively, according to his actions in his shop.

E-commerce is expected to grow further in coming years. Therefore, retailers should prepare to decrease abandoned carts and gain competitive advantage. After all, there is an urgent need for professionalization of the sector, which still suffers from conversion-related barriers.

These tips have helped you? So tell us what you do to reduce abandoned carts in your virtual store. Leave your comment!

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