5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

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The Internet has radically changed the way companies can find and communicate with their customers. Before, they were forced to spend large sums to advertise in traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and leaflets, as these were virtually the only ways to find someone offering a product or service.

However, today people are exposed to more media options, products and information channels, and at the same time are more efficient to ignore intrusive or irrelevant advertising.

Also, when you want to buy something, consumers have relied on the Internet as a way to help in decision-making, seeking information about the product or company, comparing prices, consulting reviews from other users and accepting recommendations from friends on social networks .

This has meant that any advertising is only really effective when generating real value to your audience, where relevant, accurate and based on permission.

The Digital Marketing has some features that assist in this task, allowing high return on investment.

Check out what are these features!

1. It is measurable

With Digital Marketing, we can measure in detail the results of each campaign and know what works or not, and then continue to invest in actions that give better returns.

You can easily calculate the CAC (Subscriber Acquisition Cost) and use this data to assist in decision making.

2. It is targetable

Separate Leads as their interest and from that promote actions with much greater focus is the second Digital Marketing differential.

In addition, we deal only with the public who are curious for what we have to offer.

This feature makes Digital Marketing a much less intrusive strategy and more accurate than traditional.

3. Allows free attraction

Whether through organic Google search, email, ads or social networks, potential customers are drawn increasingly to the website of your company, increasing the chances of sales.

4. Generate audience

The production of relevant content enables the construction of a base, such as registered mail, blog subscribers, followers on social networks etc.

Over time, these contacts become a key marketing asset for the company.

5. It has great value for money

The combination of the previous four features makes the Digital Marketing generate good results even from low budgets.

Combining the use of resources with smart tools and good ideas, the investment on the Internet has a lot more return compared to traditional media.

Opportunity for entrepreneurs

For all these features, several companies have experienced excellent results and therefore are increasingly invested in Digital Marketing.

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), these benefits are even more evident, since in general these businesses have few resources to promote their products and services.

The internet is the medium where good ideas (simple and objective) and a good execution have much more value than money.

However, several entrepreneurs and responsible for the marketing of companies still do not take advantage of this potential, whether through ignorance of techniques and tools, either for fear of the complexity of the environment.

Bonus: cases of companies that are having results

Here at Digital results, we help demystify the Digital Marketing and prove every day to the country’s entrepreneurs that the Internet strategy can be simple, affordable and effective.

More than ten thousand customers experience this experience. Below are some examples:

1. How the Citizen Dog grew 30% in crisis

The Citizen Dog , dressage franchise chain and animal behavior, was founded by zootecnista Alexander Rossi . The company carries out trainings at home and conduct consultations in order to educate the dog to integrate it in the family and in society.

With the RD Station Marketing, the company experienced a 30% growth in 12 months in a period when the country declared economic crisis.

dog citizen

2. How Impacta began to convert 80% of opportunities for students

The Impact is now the largest training center and certifications in Latin America, with more than 1 million and a half students.

To support the digital marketing strategy, the company has the RD Station Marketing.

The results are impressive: the opportunities identified and actively prospected, around 80% are becoming students. The EAD portal revenues grew 10 times in one year. In addition, the cost of acquisition of students already had a 30% drop.

3. As SBTUR Travel tripled the result of your referral program

The SBTUR is a travel club that helps people keep money to travel. It works as a subscription plan where the customer choose the package that best fits into your reality and paid monthly.

The company restructuring and adaptation to use the RD Station Marketing and Inbound Marketing methodology brought quick results.

With quality content and frequent posts, the blog of the company transformed the organic channel, which jumped from 40,000 to 80,000 unique visitors. Today also the volume of incoming information is three times higher and the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) the referral program was reduced by 85%.


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