5 actions you can take to make your Digital Marketing operation running at the end of the year

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A very famous phrase disseminated among companies is that “the month only ends when it ends.” This is very used mainly for teams who can hit the targets on the last day of the month.

But what about when the month of work just before the end? We’re talking about December, the shortest month for business and provides a huge challenge for companies. What to do with the campaigns Digital Marketing during recess? Pause them or leave them running?


No, we’re not wanting to be inconsistent. The truth is that some actions need to be paused, yes, but others should follow running.

Next, check out 5 actions that you have to do in your Digital Marketing operation before leaving on vacation:

1. Shoot campaigns Email Marketing with materials released during the year

Generally, companies do during the year is to produce content and release it in response to a base.

But this time of year you can enjoy the different and previously released content for new campaigns.

Select some materials with good performances in the year and then sending for a list Leads that were not on the base at the time of the first release.

Here comes the importance of segmentation in Email Marketing you not to send the same content to those already received.

2. Leave running ads focused on generating the contents Leads

A doubt that we see enough is whether companies should pause campaigns paid media during holidays and special dates.

The answer is: it depends on the campaign.

Ads focusing on generating Leads mainly top funnel, can continue running normally.

By leaving these active campaigns in Google AdWords , Facebook ads or other platform, you ensure that the end of the year to continue yielding some results for your company.

But campaigns involving any contact with the seller should rather be paused. In another topic of this article we talk better about the situation.

3. Keep automation flows running normally

Do not interrupt the automation flows during recess. Some people enjoy this time of the year to meet new things and studying about certain subjects.

Historically the volume greatly reduced in the period, but still each Lead is a different person and if you stop the relationship, you may lose business next year.

One of the great advantages of marketing automation is precisely this. Maintain the same relationship when you’re on vacation!

4. But pause any action that may leave the Lead waiting for contact

Unless you have a team of sales call, it makes no sense to leave running some action that requires direct contact of the seller.

Although the chances are reduced that time of year to be a Lead visit the website of your business and ask for a trial or a chat with a consultant. So there is no way around it.

But what can be prevented are focused campaigns in these actions as background ads funnel and automation flows passing the Leads for sales.

Pause these actions can prevent you to lose business, and let no one with the uncomfortable feeling of not being met.

5. Plan your return before you go on vacation

You know what to do so back from vacation?

Even if you are looking forward to a rest, worth the exercise already thinking about next year and the first week of work.

The great advantage to plan the first week of next year before going on a vacation is to ensure productivity in early January and avoid concerns during recess.

Vacations must be used to rest and not to let the mind busy wondering what to do so again. At the same time, leave to plan on the first day can be a big trap, since this task will compete with meetings and a very full email box.

The trick is to make a list of tasks. Know that you will need to back track the results of these actions to the year and re-flows and paused campaigns, among other actions.

Prepared to rest at this end of the year and still leave your machine running to reap results in January?

We hope this post has helped. And what else can help now is technology. You can perform all these actions using a complete platform, as the RD Station Marketing.