4 reasons not to display full posts in your blog’s Home

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We have said many times here and in our eBook “Blog for Business” that blogging is one of the centerpieces of a good strategy Digital Marketing .

One of the tips we have for those who are already convinced of this and created a blog for your company is not view the blog Home posts by all but a fragment only.

There are great reasons to recommend it, ranging from user experience to the company’s ability to make a good analysis results.

In this post we explain best four of these reasons and show how to solve the problem:

Increasing page load speed

When all posts are displayed in full on the blog Home, loads up a much larger amount of text, images and videos, which in turn increase the page load time.

The Google already speaks for a long time that speed is an important aspect of a page and is giving more and more importance to this as rankeamento factor.

Moreover, even if unconsciously, the loading time of a website is one of the most important aspects in the visitors’ experience and has a direct impact on the probability of conversion.

Offer a better browsing experience for the user

We have already indicated here on the blog that a very common behavior of users on the Internet is “scan” the text to quickly identify what is most attractive or most striking.

The same goes for the blog homepage: go through various integers posts can be a very long task and prevents the user can quickly identify the main issues addressed.

This also helps to avoid confusion, as indicate the Home link to a friend when the intention was to indicate a specific article, among others.

Allow proper measurement of how each post has been read

When the posts are on the whole for Home and no need to click to read more, are also completely distorted views the numbers of each post. This is because reading the posts in the Home instead of post page causes the display is not identified and accounted for.

This problem hinders much in identifying the posts and subjects that have brought better results for the company.

Avoid duplicate content

When the contents of a post is displayed in the whole Home, is repeating exactly the same content as the specific post page.

This ends up being a bit confusing for the search engines, which can not identify which is the ideal page time to display it as a result.

Even with the advancement of search engines, which are slowly learning to cope better with this kind of question, there is still the human confusion that may make them less effective SEO efforts. An example is the case of the blog Home receive links that should be targeted to a specific post.

See (in English) which recommends Matt Cutts, the team’s head of quality of Google itself;

How to solve

The solution is to display the blog Home just a preview of each post with a link to continue reading on the specific post page.

To do this using WordPress, CMS most used in the world, just click the icon highlighted in red to indicate the point where the text should be cut to the insertion of the “Read more” button (More tag).

You should then see a line in the text as follows:


However, it is essential for the strategy to work well, this passage clearly shows what the post is and be attractive enough to be worth the click.