4 Digital Marketing Metrics Your Business Should not Worry About

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The job Web Analytics is an important task in Digital Marketing that should be performed periodically to identify failures and successes in the strategy and to know which channels to focus and find opportunities for improvement.

It is common, however, companies that base the success of your marketing actions in no actionable metrics that do not say much about the effectiveness of these actions. Are metrics that can make sense if analyzed together with other, but still can be replaced by more metrics high-level .

In this post, we will show what are the metrics commonly used to evaluate the results of some of the leading Email Marketing , Ad, Site, Social Networks – and for which they can be replaced so that your company has an assessment very better about the stock performance.

1) Email Marketing opening rate

The opening rate of an email marketing campaign is actually an unreliable metric. All email services consider a campaign to open when the recipient allows the display of images. This means two things: the actual rate of opening will always be slightly higher than the rate your Email Marketing tool shows; It does not say if the Lead read only one word of the email, or the entire email.

But that does not mean that the metric is useless. It is a great barometer for comparing two different subjects of email in an A / B, for example.

The fact is, if your company sends relevant emails, with good frequency, keeping the engaged list, there are other more important metrics in which it can be based.

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What metrics look in this case: Click Through Rate, Total Conversions via email, Conversion Rate Landing Page.

2) Ad impressions

In a media campaign paid, either in the Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, a fact that a lot of company cares to look at is the number of impressions, ie how many times the ad was displayed.

This metric is not good because, like email marketing, does not say whether the ad actually been read – or even seen – by someone.

Soon, more important than the number of ad impressions, is the cost per Lead (CPL) of a campaign. If the CPL worth the investment being made, is a sign that the campaign is good and is sustainable (positive ROI).

Soon, more important than the number of impressions, click-through rate (ratio of clicks to impressions). It is she who will tell you if your ad is or not effective, in addition, the CTR has impact on both the quality score of the ads as the cost per click.

The metrics that should be considered in this case are: Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate Landing Page, Cost Per Lead (CPL) CPL campaign and each keyword purchased in AdWords.

3) Pageviews in sites

Pageviews is a metric that makes sense for certain businesses, such as portals and sites that sell advertising.

In the case of B2B companies that depend on the site to attract visitors and generate Leads the pageview is not a given that defines the success of a strategy.

For example, say that a site has 50,000 pageviews does not say whether they are coming from 50,000, or 100 visitors. In each case a different way of optimization would be required.

The metrics that you should look in this case are: New visitors and returnees, rejection rate by traffic source , Site Conversion Rate.

4) Number of followers on social networks

The amount of followers on social media is an important number because it represents the range that your company has these channels. However, that number becomes irrelevant when it is not translated into Leads, real business opportunities and customers.

No use has 50,000 tanned on the Facebook page, if your company has one – tenth that of Leads. Moreover, if the posts of your company on Facebook have little engagement, it affects Edge Rank .

In this case, consider the following metrics: Engagement, visitors by traffic source (social media) and conversion rate by traffic source

Take these tips to change your perspective when evaluating the actions and then comment the results with us!

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