35 news on social networks that impacted the Digital Marketing market in 2017

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2017 was a year of many new features on social networks, and publish on many of them here on the blog.

If you missed any news and want to stay up to date, or if you want to remember what happened, check the summary we did.

The topics are separated by social networks.


When it comes to social networks that have implemented innovations in 2017, Facebook reigns sovereign. Only here in the DR blog, we talked about at least 18 of them!

In the year that reached the 2 billion mark users around the world, the largest social network has invested in videos, new formats and updates the infamous algorithm that decides which publications will be displayed in the news feed.


Throughout the year, it introduced a series of innovations to encourage producers to produce video content on the social network.

Video production applications were launched, as the Creator , which serves to users improve their content with graphics, interactive tools and useful information for analysis. It was released in conjunction with the site Facebook for Creators , which provides tips for creators.

To enhance the experience of video on the social network, it was announced Instant Videos , a feature that allows the user to download audiovisual content over Wi-Fi previously to watch when no connection or only with access to mobile data. Functionality is important especially for countries where mobile internet costs are still high , or where the data are selling fast, as in Brazil.

Facebook also launched a targeted application to TV sets . With it, you can watch videos shared by friends or pages you follow, live videos most watched around the world and recommended videos based on your interests.

But the Facebook Watch was launched as a new video platform to compete with YouTube and Netflix.

Watch Facebook

Finally, to assess the impact of their video campaigns, the company made an improvement in the analysis to create the flap Highlighted Shares , which shows data on who has shared your videos.

highlighted-shares videos on facebook


For those who advertise on Facebook, also no lack of news.

In April, Facebook announced the Mobile Studio , a website with tips for small and medium advertisers create their ads on the network more easily. The company claimed to be this mobile solution for 65 million businesses that use Facebook fanpages and 8 million business profiles on Instagram.

Also released the Collection , a new ad format to make brands sell more through immersive ads and fast loading.

In November, it announced that four new tools aimed at internationalization ads were available. The news would make it possible to create targeted campaigns to audiences who speak different languages, find a target audience that is in another location, among other possibilities.

Another important point was the launch of Excel extension named FAME, which aims to create ad reports, exporting data from multiple ad accounts for a single report.

Also retired 17 bit options used in driving publications and began testing ads in the middle of the videos .


The year began with an update algorithm that aimed to give more space to long videos in the news feed. Already slow sites lost ground.

Facebook also made a controversial test in the news feed of 6 countries. Suddenly all organic posts of fanpages are gone, leaving only ads and posts from friends and family. It opened precedent for people to believe that this would become reality everywhere.

In an attempt to educate the public about the operation of the Facebook algorithm , the professional responsible for the news feed shared the criteria that Facebook uses to display publications to users.

Other news from Facebook

Other features included a project to journalism , which should influence the content production and promotion on Facebook; the Facebook Polls , which allows polls using GIFs and photos; and, of course, the Facebook Stories .

facebook polls

Facebook Polls

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories


Facebook in 2017 remained the largest social network in the world, Instagram proved to be the fastest growing numbers of users.

The Stories tool, launched in 2016, had its use for consolidated companies in 2017, Instagram has increasingly invested in it.

Various features that can be used in Digital Marketing were launched, such as the ability to add hashtags and location to photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, as well as the possibility of live broadcasts with guests .

The ability to create polls , which allows companies to interact with followers on the social network, has also been implemented in 2017.

polls instagram stories

At the end of the year, Instagram also launched the possibility of following hashtags , an update that promises to extend the reach of publications on Instagram by allowing people who do not follow certain profiles are impacted through hashtags, both in the feed and in Stories.

follow hashtag instagram


Twitter launched in April 2017, a new tool dedicated to companies in order to facilitate communication between businesses and consumers.

The new tool – the latest in a series of updates focused on helping businesses meet customers via Twitter – lets you share your location with the company and vice versa.


The year 2017 began full of updates to LinkedIn, which launched on 19 January 1 complete redesign in its version for desktop seeking to give more attention to conversations and content. That was the biggest update since the launch of dedicated social network for professionals, occurred in 2002.

The launch of LinkedIn Trending Storylines brought customized feeds daily that show the most interesting posts from the professional area of each user.

Already forms Leads generation represented a new marketing solution, as already happens on Facebook, as well as Matched Audiences , a solution that offers similar segmentation options to those available on other social networks, which allow marketers targeting ads based on email addresses or websites visited.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Two updates to facilitate conversations also made the friendliest network to make contacts and more like other social networks.


Like LinkedIn, the YouTube introduced its biggest change in visual identity , the highest since its inception. In addition to the new logo, it was presented a new interface and a number of updates to the application

youtube-New Identity

And for those who think that all possible applications already had a tool of videos that disappear after 24 hours, the YouTube announced on its blog that content producers will have access to a similar tool, called Reels .

youtube reels


In April, what was only the Facebook application talks took a turn toward to become a marketing tool as well.

The launch of Messenger 2.0 includes updates to targeted companies and users, such as the development of bots, intelligent answers, parametric codes, among others

Later, in November, the Messenger entered the wave of bots and presented a plugin to be used as a chat tool for websites, a new bet that promised to facilitate the relationship between social network users and businesses.

chat messenger for site


Spotify announced the launch of Ad Studio , a platform that allows companies to create, edit and convey your audio format ads to users of the music application.

According to the company, the novelty is geared towards small and medium enterprises and prices will be flexible.

spotify ad studio


2017 was the year in which the Stories feature is applied to all possible applications, and WhatsApp is no different. Called status , the version was released as a possibility to insert ads in WhatsApp, but was little used by most people.

Longer a novelty that has been much discussed among those working with Digital Marketing was announced in September. The company announced on its official blog that a version of focused application to business was being tested with a group of selected companies.