30 actions you can take before the end of the year, starting today

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We are in the final stretch of 2017 and already beats that feeling of having to run out of time to do all that is behind us.

But although it seems little, 30 days is enough time to do many things transformative

Here are some ideas of small amazing things career – related, organization, Digital Marketing and personal development that you can do now!

1. Thank someone who helped you a lot in this year.

2. Make a maid at his desk.

3. Zero to your email inbox (inbox zero!).

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4. Adopt once a personal organization tool.

5. Learn to prioritize tasks and try to stay focused.

6. Start to put on paper a career plan.

7. Organize once your own site.

8. Choose a friend or someone you admire to be your professional informal mentor.

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9. Sign up for a course on that subject you want to know more.

10. Read a highly recommended book for your area.

11. Organize the files on your computer or in the cloud.

12. Back up all important files.

13. Stop Procrastinating and write that article to the company’s blog.

14. Write a guest post on the blog of a business partner.

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15. Organize and update your LinkedIn profile, even if you are not looking for work.

16. Plan your trip to that amazing event in your area next year (as RD Summit 2018).

17. Study on keyword.

18. Plan your day the night before him.

19. Organize finances and choose something to invest.

20. Experience the benefits of meditating for five minutes a day.

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21. Adopt a simple technique: all that take less than three minutes to solve, resolve time.

22. Get involved in volunteer work.

23. Delete the applications that do not use and opt for to help you troubleshoot.

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24. Seek to know your professional profile in order to enhance the positives and improve the negative (your friends can help it).

25. Stop running away from work! Energy at work is all about the mood and exercise.

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26. Sleep! Your body and your mind also need rest to work.

27. Mark a happy hour to celebrate the achievements of his team.

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28. Prepare an end spruced year campaign.

29. Just do it! Put an old idea into practice taking the first step.

30. Appreciate more small achievements and celebrate.

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Like our list? If you have any other tips, leave in the comments!

Take the time also to chart your digital marketing plan for 2018.