3 Quick Tips on Showing the Value of Your Product or Potential Customer Service #RDSummit

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With nearly five decades of experience, expert consultative selling Alberto Couto believes that today’s buyers are living a moment of fear. In his opinion, either by economic crisis or political upheaval, people are afraid to spend money with unknown products or services.

What a seller can do in this scenario? Show the value of the product or service that sells ! To help in this task, meet three steps presented by Alberto Couto during his lecture on sales that occurred in the RD Summit 2017.

Show relevant identifying critical points

Sellers should meet the customer’s need, but many leave the field as if the buyer were an enemy in battle. “We have to hit the targets, but not ‘killing customers’,” says the expert.

Listen to the difficulties of the buyer to more forward to show how your product or service can help you. Map out his problems – increasing the average ticket, for example.

Give operational improvement examples

Apart from the theoretical level, say so practice what you will lead with your product or service. Give examples of how the solution you offer can help solve the problem – whether to increase productivity, calculate the amount of hours that will be won, for example.

Present cases to gain customer confidence

Show that there are already x business succeeding with your solution. To do this, look for companies in the same segment of your potential customer, presenting the points of improvement they achieved.

It’s a way to prove that your product or service work in practice. This helps to gain customer confidence.

Alberto Couto suggests that a seller ask yourself, want to sell, but what would someone buy from me?

“Stop selling only and help the customer to buy,” he concludes.