26 Halloween costumes for technology and marketing geeks

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Despite being a very fun day, Halloween does not receive the attention it deserves. No songs or holidays that relate to him, and held at a busy time of year for most companies. For example, here at HubSpot, we are preparing for our big event INBOUND next year.

However, this does not mean you should ignore the celebration of Halloween in your office.After all, how many times a year can go to work in disguise? Probably no.

<< Download photos of Halloween and Day of the Dead to decorate your marketing campaigns >> 

We want to have fun this year, so we will do the work for you. We have compiled a list of Halloween costume ideas that you can design yourself easily. They are economical and suitable for office costumes, and many are oriented marketing and technology, so even if your family and your friends do not understand, your colleagues definitely will.

26 Halloween costumes last minute for lovers of technology and marketing professionals

Costumes for the office that never go out of fashion

1) alt text

This was the costume that chose our content director  Corey Wainwright makes some great years.It is because not even seem to go in disguise if your office has a casual dress code, so you go unnoticed.

All you have to do is dress like in the 90s: black pants, combat boots and a flannel, and stick a piece of paper that says something like img123.jpg. If you want to follow best practices for alt text , you can write something more descriptive, such as “texto_alt”. You choose.

2) SEO Ninja

If SEO is your thing, this costume is for you. Think about it; You could have the most popular post on LinkedIn: the ninja SEO. Get dressed entirely in black, stand a ski mask of the same color and jostle keywords throughout the body.  

3) App (eritivo) Mobile

Ambles with refreshments on hand: candy, crackers with cheese, chips and dips, or whatever you have at your fingertips. Ready! You’re a “app (eritivo) Mobile”.

This costume will also help you meet people at a party.

halloween costume office app

Source:  Opportunity Max

4) Tinder

The  dating apps seem timelessness. Generates making you feel in your own profile Tinder. To do this, put on a white shirt, paste your photo on it and add a little description about you. Then add the symbols of the heart and the red cross, and … good luck! We hope you find your  match on Halloween night.

5) ghostwriter

Take a white sheet and cut a circle for the head and two for the arms. Draw some dots with black ink on the sheet, take a book and a quill pen (or just a pen) and be a ghostwriter.

6) Space

Get dressed all in white. You can use white face paint and wig tone if you are really committed to your costume. Then add a touch of color to the whole, like a tie or scarf, or even a spot of paint. This will make the blank even more prominent.

7) Page 404

You’ve probably already seen a  404 error page fun before; Now you can also turn it into a fun costume. Take a sheet of paper and writes: “Error 404: Not found disguise”; then paste it into your clothes.

8) iPhone X

Do you consider yourself an innovator who is always on the latest technology? If so, we have the perfect costume for you: X iPhone, or rather, the  box iPhone X, since its launch is scheduled for the week after Halloween.

How to do it? Wear a T – shirt and white pants to simulate new iPhone case. Print two pages on which says  iPhone X  and pégatelos on the sides. Then print the logo of Apple and pégatelo on the shirt … and presto! You will be the new iPhone X that everyone will be wanting to have.

9) Facebook

Use face paint or eyeliner to write “book” on your cheeks. That simple. You will be the world’s largest Halloween social network.

We hope that your colleagues understand the joke.

10) Unicorn

This is another technological disguise double meaning: create your own version of a technology symbol , and you can make your own version of a unicorn horn with the help of this article .

halloween costume office

11) E-mail phishing

Phishing emails are no joke may jeopardize the security of your data and your technological devices. However, on Halloween, you can disguise phishing email very easily. All you need is a stick, a piece of string and an envelope. Better yet if you have a hat and vest to complete the set.

12) Copycat

Check out this technological alternative of a classic Halloween costume. You just need to get some cat ears and whiskers to paint with eyeliner. Then, on a piece of paper, write “ctrl + C”, paste it on your clothes and you’ll be a whole copycat.

Copycat office halloween costume

Source:  BuzzFeed 

13) Jim Halpert from The Office

Are you one of those that like Halloween, but are not necessarily willing to spend much time or effort on your costume? Then you’re like Jim Halpert, the popular television series The Office.

Jim is known in the series for their little elaborate Halloween costumes. Despite being very simple, usually grab everyone’s attention. If this year you want  to go Jim , all you have to do is wear a white shirt, black tie and place three black dots on the right side of the shirt. Yes, do not forget to bring a cup of coffee to complete the costume.

halloween costume Office Jim Halpert

14) Nerd

What I like about the guise of “nerd” is that it requires effort and is always unique: there are many ways to be a nerd today. Are you a technology nerd, nerd video game or a nerdy books? This costume has no limits. Ponte glasses and your favorite accessory, like a magic wand, a book or a lightsaber, to complete the effect.

Office themed costumes

15) Pokémon Trainer GO

GO Pokémon managed to nearly 45 million users to walk through the cities glued to their smartphones in the summer of 2016. To pay tribute to this technological trend, you’ll need a red or blue shirt, yellow. With fabric paint or a permanent marker, write any of the names of teams Pokémon GO, value (red) Instinct (yellow) or Wisdom (blue color), on your shirt. Halloween day, walks with your phone pointing object and be the spitting image of a Pokémon trainer GO. Trap them all! 

16) Beyoncé singing “Hold Up”

If you work in marketing on social networks or content, you already know that the video of the song Hold Up is highly popular among your audience, and Beyoncé knows it too. This topic is part of his second visual album, Lemonade . Take on the role of Queen Bey in the music video using a completely yellow set and carrying a toy baseball bat everywhere.

halloween costume Beyoncé office Lemonade

Source:  SheFinds

17) Peach

Peach was presented in early 2016 and never prospered . Pays tribute to this social network that quickly faded dressing up peach or peach. If you do not have a completely orange hand set, print the image of a peach emoji that was your logo and you’re ready.

halloween costume peach office

Source:  The Next Web

18) Barb  Stranger Things

This is another idea sponsored by Netflix. Barb character of the hit Netflix Stranger Things  is universally popular, and is a convenient and easy costume to create. Dress like Barb with your best plaid shirt in high – waisted pants, glasses, hair pulled back and your laptop.

halloween costume Barb office Stranger Things

Source:  Bustle 

Group Costumes Office

19) Updating a Google algorithm

Join some officemates to customize a panda, a penguin and a dove. You probably think: “What is the algorithm update pigeon?” First, we assure you that there is, and secondly, we look at Amazon costumes birds, but found none economical. 


Source:  Opportunity Max

20) SEO white hat and black (with characters from Westworld )

This is another costume related to SEO, and I do not need much more description. I recommend a completely black for one and one completely white for the other set, but the hat is the most important part.

If you’re a fan of television like me and want this costume work on two levels, make sure your white hats and black cowboy hats are to pay tribute to two great characters from the science fiction HBO  Westworld.

21) EMOJI dancers

If you have one of the more than one billion of Apple iPhones worldwide, you probably know the emoji dancers:

halloween costume dancers office emoji

Source: Brit + Co

The simplest version of this costume is achieved by finding a partner and getting dressed both black. If you want to be faithful to this emoji , buy black rabbit ears to complete the set.

22) days of the week with emoji

We all passed on Mondays we feel more identified with emoji tired and Friday, with the euphoric emoji. For this original costume, you will need six other officemates with those who will form the days of the week (a good idea to wear a shirt of the same color and write on it the day of the week each). Then each must be placed on the shirt the emoji that best represents that day of the week. Are they especially fun Wednesday in your office? Or maybe Thursdays are the most dreaded day? Use this opportunity to express the feelings of your classmates about every day of the week with this costume group.

23) Filters Snapchat

Here is another idea that pays tribute to the characteristic of filter Snapchat

This costume you can use with your team has many variants . You can filter disguise rainbow with cat ears and dog, with a wreath or simulate the exchange faces, and you can make the costume yourself or buy, as you prefer. E hese are some ideas dog filters:

halloween costume filters Snapchat office
Source:  PopSugar

24) Reactions BuzzFeed

This is a simple group costume for many people. All they dressed in yellow and write one of the following phrases with black letters on their shirts. 

Just make sure you choose your reaction quickly or you’ll end up with a “Fail”.

Halloween costume reactions office BuzzFeed

25) Ghosts of Snapchat

The popularity of Snapchat has been boosted this year, so give it a twist of marketing the costume classic Halloween ghost and get dressed as the ghost of this successful application. You only need a white shirt and choose the one you like ghost. 

halloween ghost costume Snapchat office

Source:  YouTube

26) filters Instagram

Costume for this group, you’ll need white shirts and fabric markers. Draw a picture frame Instagram on the front of the shirt, and each team member can type the name of a filter Instagram different within the frame. You can also create proposals for frames with different filters as did the following group:

halloween costume office Instagram filters

Source:  Nails Magazine

Did they disguise themselves in your office this year? What will your costume? Share it with us in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in October 2013 and updated for the purposes of accuracy and completeness.