25 tips to create an irresistible email campaign

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How many mails received this morning? How many you opened? How many you read? Do you read to your desktop or on your mobile device? How long did you stop them? Do you remember any of them?

Since 2000, the inbox is one of the favorite places of all Internet users. By newer digital channels arising around, email does not die; but quite the opposite: it maintains a privileged place in the confidence of people worldwide.

Its effectiveness is such that today hundreds of companies still consider one of the most effective means of advertising and sales. The good news is that your company can also increase your income, presence and customers through this channel. 

The bad news is that if you do not implement a strategy in the right way, your emails will advance to the tray spam. 

Together with experts from HubSpot, we have created a guide called E mail Marketing Irresistible where you will find more than 50 tips that every email you send has incredible results.

25 tips for implementing a successful email campaign: 

1. Optimize your emails to different mobile devices. More and more devices to send emails,  from desktops to  smartphones and even  smart watches.

2. Make the user experience pleasant and easy to follow. User Experience (UX) is increasingly relevant: What do you say to whom, when and how?

3. Be brief, clear and precise. The average reading time of a mail in 2011 was 15 to 20 seconds, while iPhone users read their emails in just 3 seconds. 

4. Your business must not exceed 50 characters. Remember that people only spend a few seconds on each mail, so be brief.

5. Includes a text preview. This is the text to be displayed just after the affair and again should be be brief and straightforward. 

6. Do not use programs to shorten the URL you include in the mail.  Many emails have the ability to detect if there is shortened URL in spam emails received classifying them as. 

7. Adjust your emails according to the shipping schedule and the audience you want to reach . For example, 7 am to 12 pm more mails are read through a tablet.

8. Always think that your mail will be read first as small as a smartphone screen . In 2009, only 4% of people checked their inbox on a mobile device, while today the percentage is over 80%. You can download our guide on email marketing to see what the optimizadsos post .  

9. It is very important to optimize images, text and resolution . Sometimes mail servers like Gmail, ask users before displaying an image, so you should take this into account when configuring your email. 

10.  Think about the type of mail service before writing an email.  In 2011, Hotmail was mail service most used today is Gmail. Check what are the main differences you should consider

11. The content should be focused on the user, not your products. 

12. Allow the content of your emails easy to share on social networks . Today users want descubirir and share relevant information, should facilitate this possibility. 

13. Use less text and more enumeration . As people increasingly spend less time on each mail a good way to deliver a more complex message is through lists and titles. 

14. Integrate email with your other digital campaigns . In 2015, e – mail is already part of inbound marketing strategies

15. Forget making announcements for email. Create specific messages to specific audiences.

16. Your email campaigns should meet three following objectives : brand awareness, traffic to your website and generate sales opportunities.

17. Esucha your audience before creating content for your emails . Blogs and social networks are good places to listen to your audience before creating a mail.

18. Personalize your emails with intelligent content . Personalized e are read 14% more than generic mailings. 

19.  Make sure that your database has the names written correctly . A recipient name misconfigured can affect your email marketing campaign.

20. Try different types of email to reach your database . Examples include welcome messages, newsletter (content), direct sales, etc.

21. Do not send messages to people who have not accepted that you contact . 68% of people immediately erased an email when they do not expect to receive it . Others may mark you as spam and never receive yours mails.

22.  Avoid using promotional words . Words like “free” or “guaranteed” can lead you straight to SPAM email.

23. Include a call to action to increase conversions . A call to action (CTA) is a key to succeed in a mail campaign item.

24. Perform A / B tests . You can do A / B testing in your emails to see which elements work best

25 . Find out about the elements of a successful campaign. Download Email Marketing Irresistible guide to learn how to make a campaign impulará your business.