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You probably already know all the benefits that content marketing can bring to a company. You can even already carrying out the activity in its business and reap the rewards of a good application.

After all, creating content regularly is not easy: it is a task that requires effort, dedication and hard work.

The good news is that you are not alone in this challenge. There are several resources that can assist you in routine tasks of digital marketing .

In this article you will learn the best tools for a successful content strategy.

Follow the following text and facilitate their actions and everyday tactics!

CMS tools

In addition to the domain , layout and hosting service from a website, you need to choose a CMS tool, through which you will manage all of your content.

Basically, a Content Management System (in Portuguese, Content Management System) is a set of features that facilitate the process of creating materials for your website or blog.

1. WordPress

The most known CMS platform in the world is WordPress . In addition to the organization, updating and analysis of the content, you can use various plugins ranging from Optimization searches mechanisms to gather leads.

2. Joomla

Another very popular on the Internet manager is Joomla. With it, you can manage all the posts of a website, as well as scheduling posts and determine the hierarchy between managers.

Automation Tools

The digital world offers a number of benefits to blogs administrators. And certainly, the automation is one of the main advantages offered by web platforms.

A content marketing strategy involves several factors, such as gathering leads, lead scoring, mailing segmentation, sending newsletter , promotion on social networks, among others.

An automation tool will facilitate the execution of all these processes, being a valuable device for any entrepreneur. It will save your efforts, causing spending on people and resources are optimized.

3. Leadlovers

The Leadlovers , sales automation tool and digital marketing, is a great option to help your content strategy. It is ideal to attract new leads, turn them into customers, create a list of e-mail marketing, build custom pages, among many other advantages.

4. Hubspot

The Hubspot is one of the largest companies in the world and Inbound Marketing has its own deck. It is very complete and provides data and reports for analysis at each stage of the sales funnel and automating all processes that start with the publication of content and culminate in another customer for your business.

text editing tools

You also need a resource that will help write and edit the content to be created, is not it?

Despite the good old Word have its advantages, there are other tools for content strategy that have different features.

They can not only be useful in the making, but also in reviewing and sharing content with other users.

5. Google Docs

The free text editing application Google has great features for creating content. You can grant access to other people at different levels, in addition to having much of the mechanisms available in other editors. Oh, it can also be increased by means of add-ons specific to what you want.

6. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free software that allows a wide variety of tasks. With Writer, you can create and edit text in different formats, including images, notes, tables and other features.

SEO Tools

After creating your content, it is very important that you leave prepared to rank well in Google and other search engines. This is done through SEO (Searching Engine Optimization), a set of techniques aimed for good positioning on these platforms. They are the main source of traffic on the Internet, hence the importance of investing in this strategy.

7. SEMRush

The SEMRush was created to monitor competitors, find valuable keywords for your business and analyze the performance of your landing pages. Therefore, it is the perfect tool to add, in one location, all your SEO actions, ensuring the performance of their digital strategy.

8. Google Keyword Planner

Google also has its own tool to find keywords, the Planner Keyword . In this sense, it is very useful to find terms of long tail, which is more specific, but they bring good numbers of visitors to your site.

Email marketing tools

Among the good tools for content strategy, are also included gadgets to generate leads and use email marketing as an ally in the nutrition of their subscribers. After all, this is the best method to ensure that they pass to the next steps of the funnel.

Some of them have messages limit, which can be increased according to your need.

9. MailChimp

The MailChimp is one of the best email marketing solutions available on the market. With it, you can build different layouts, perform A / B testing and have access to various metrics related to the performance of their campaigns.

Enjoy to watch our video with step by step to create a contact list using the MailChimp:

10. Infusionsoft

The Infusionsoft is another extremely viable tool for sending newsletter. The automation of campaigns certainly ensure greater efficiency in the content actions, allowing segmentation of simple and practical way leads.

Tools for creating landing pages

The landing pages are the ultimate goal of a marketing action. You use various settings to determine what will your conversions but, whatever, it will have a landing page intended.

In this sense, the tools for creating landing pages may come in handy, since they are an easy way to produce them and evaluate them.

11. Unbounce

The Unbounce serves specifically to manage landing pages. In this tool, you can easily create them through an intuitive editor, using a wide variety of prepared templates, create forms or apply overlays to further improve conversion rates.

12. Klickpages

With the same objective, Klickpages allows you to create landing pages for various platforms. This includes capture leads, checkout pages, pop-ups and even Facebook Ads Ads.

Monitoring tools

Observe and analyze the performance of your social networks is another binding factor in a content strategy. After all, that’s where your audience is and you should use them to engage, interact and convert his followers.

Monitoring tools offer great opportunities for managers who can schedule posts, respond to comments or analyze the analytical data collected in multiple social media.

13. Scup

Created to facilitate all processes involving the actions in social networks, Scup tool scans the network for social mentions, program posts at specific times and also serves as SAC 2.0, a sort of personalized service to consumers.

14. HootSuite

With some different features, HootSuite software allows the administrator to monitor the behavior of their customers in the digital environment, in addition to serving as a support for content curation, marketing teams and management include options to create promotions and contests.

metrics analysis tools

The Web’s largest advantage is that everything can be measured and analyzed . The figures bring valuable information for the actions taken to reach their maximum potential with minimal resources.

The metrics analysis tools extract important data for evaluation, that can mean the difference between success and failure of your content strategy.

15. Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is a free platform that offers several advantages. The collected data includes demographic, geographic and behavioral information on websites, blogs, social networks and sponsored links campaigns.

16. KISSmetrics

An alternative to Google Analytics, KISSmetrics is based on the composition of reports ranging from simple to more complex. Through them, you can analyze your audience and identify behavioral profiles to target campaigns and increase engagement.

Tools A / B testing

Tests, tests and more tests. Only through them you can achieve your goals with your online marketing. One of the most common ways of doing this methodology is A / B, which consists of comparing two elements.

The tool A / B testing oppose campaigns, ads, conversion pages, email messages and more.

17. Optmizely

With this tool, you can cross various data, including performances across different platforms, content types, devices, among others.

18. AB Tasty

Designed to increase conversion rates, AB Tasty has proposed to function as a platform for websites pages. In it, you can edit, select multiple comparisons, reporting and adapt to how your audience receives your messages.

Tools imaging

Images can supplement or be the main element of a content, as in the case of slideshows and infographics .

To create them, some knowledge of design tools is required. But some of them are easy to use and try to untangle the lives of its members.

19. Canva

The Canva is considered one of the easiest to use image editors. To create them, just select some of the many templates available and photos and drag and drop the elements intuitively.

20. GIMP

Another option is the Gimp, which has provided the most basic tools, such as brushes and filters, to more advanced since it allows the installation of plugins.

And then, like to know more about the main tools for a content strategy?

Now it is time for you to start putting them into practice in your routine!

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