19 Google tools for marketing your business

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Google is present in our daily lives in many ways: search, email, advertising – and even on mobile phones, with Android.

What not everyone knows is that there are dozens of Google tools that can greatly help the marketing of a company in different stages – the sales funnel  and the team itself.

To show which are the essential features of Google for marketing, what are the possibilities of application of these tools and how they can improve results, Digital results, the eBook Google Tools Marketing for your company, available here for free download .


Google search engine

google search tool

It is impossible to speak of Digital Marketing  without mentioning Google as the main channel for traffic generation and customer acquisition.

“Ask the Google” has become a habit for most Internet users. Therefore, many of these users will use the search engine to find your company in some way.


Google Search Console

google search console

More important than having a website, you know keep it compatible and friendly with Google.

Google Search Console is a more focused tool for webmasters. Not coincidentally, it is embedded in Google Webmaster Tools – a set of Google tools for website development.


Google AdWords

Google Adwords

Launched in 2000, Google Adwords is one of the largest Google tools in terms of representation – the majority of Google’s revenue comes from it.

Its concept is quite simple: to allow companies to advertise online in Google’s search results and on partner sites directly to a relevant audience for business.


Google Keyword Planner

keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner, as its name suggests, is a tool that assists in the planning of keywords  to be addressed in its strategy Content Marketing .


Google Suggest

google suggest

Google Suggest is the autocomplete  Google, one that suggests words whenever you start typing what you want to pursue.

When starting to write a certain word, you can understand what the other terms that are related to your search and which have a high volume of demand by users.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Have you ever wondered how the marketing team may have trouble choosing an attractive theme to the target audience  of the company?

Of course, be based on guesswork or divinations not consistent with the act of planning. And that’s where Google Trends.

To learn more: Google Trends: what is the tool and how to use it in its strategy .

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be used to monitor the content updates on a particular theme.

The idea is you receive an alert via email each time any term you are monitoring is quoted on the web.

You can, for example, track citations to its competitors, the important words inside your market or even on what is said about your product or service.

To learn more: How to use Google Alerts in your digital marketing strategy .


Youtube is Google’s video platform that stands as the second most used search engine in the world.

In addition, YouTube is among the top three most visited sites, along with Google and Facebook, which means that the demand for videos is a significantly large portion of search engines.

To learn more: How to create a channel on YouTube: full tutorial .

Google Shopping

google shopping

Google Shopping Ads (also known as Product Ads) acts as a sort of shopping aggregator. With it you advertise products on Google itself and makes a connection to your shop.

So the products and prices of their store are up to date at the top of the search page.

Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s free program to review websites and applications.

With the GA, you can analyze all those behavior was at its site: number of visitors, average time spent on pages, where they came from people, among others.

There are even more advanced use possibilities, like watching the funnel, the conversion rates  for categories or even the creation of A / B testing  pages.

To learn more: Google Analytics: What it is and how to make the initial setup .



Gmail is Google’s email. Many people have a personal Gmail account, for its versatility, friendly interface, organization and filter spam  effectively.

In the corporate version of Gmail, you can use the field of voce@suaempresa.com company. br and also the type of email groups marketing@suaempresa.com.br .

Google’s corporate email also has 99.9% availability guaranteed by contract, unlike the personal Gmail. This means that probably you will never be with email down.

Google Calendar

google calendar

Google Calendar (Calendar) allows setting appointments and automatically send invitations to all participants of an event or meeting.

Sharing calendar makes it easier to combine the time people have available to make a team meeting.

Being online, Google Calendar can be accessed from any device with Internet access. In addition, you can program to receive reminders via email, sms and mobile notifications.

Google Drive

Google Drive

The Drive is the storage service and synchronization of Google files in the cloud. With it, you can upload any file and convert certain types of files to a Google format, such as documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

These file types do not take up space on the drive and the application allows 30 GB file storage or unlimited space, depending on the contract plan.

Google Forms

google forms

Google Forms is Google Forms tool to do research. With it you can create a questionnaire with customizable fields. Google then creates a result tab with all compiled, tabulated and contextualized.

To see examples of reports generated from research, go to Overview of Digital Agencies  and TechTrends  for Education made by Digital Content Results and the Rock.

Google Spreadsheets

google spreadsheets

Sheets is part of Google’s productivity suite.

Excel is Google. A robust tool that has great benefit of being in the cloud and can be accessed from any device with Internet connection and without the need for installation.

Google Docs

google docs

The “Google word” is a tool for producing content in the cloud. The big advantage is the Docs document sharing facility with others, is the same organization or not.

The tool also allows them to be made comments and suggestions, contributing to the collective construction of articles, eBooks , playbooks and other documents.

Google presentations

Google has es

Google slideshow creation tool where you can create and edit presentations directly from the browser without software.

Several people can work simultaneously on a single presentation online. It is compatible with the power point and can export and import files.


google hangouts

With Hangouts, you can work as a team with customers, agencies and even team members at a distance.

You can make audio and video meetings with up to 25 people, inside or outside the organization.

In addition, Hangouts has chat that is within the graphical Gmail interface.

Google My Business

google my business

Google My Business is one of the tools that can help potential customers to have a more complete access to the information of your company.

According to Google, “validated companies are twice as likely to be considered respectable by users”.

With the tool you can include information such as site, hours of operation, phone, photos and more.

To learn more: How to use Google My Business and highlight your company in the search results .

Now that you know Google’s most important tools for your business is time to go to practice.

Download the eBook Google Marketing Tools for your company  and see how to use them throughout your sales funnel.