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To be a smart entrepreneur is necessary to fully understand the market in which you intend to work. Learn about the web pages that are almost mandatory reading for those who want to take in the digital products market.

Good reading!

Blogs in Portuguese 

Endeavor Brazil

The Endeavor Portal is one of the most comprehensive blogs about entrepreneurship in Brazil, with subjects ranging from the development and management of people to finance tips for small to medium size businesses. Altogether there are six fixed sections, including a tab with rich materials for visitors to download ebooks and infographics that will be useful in his entrepreneurial journey.


The Sebrae is often the gateway to the entrepreneur in business since the institution is present throughout the country and offers consulting and lectures (many of them free) to micro and small entrepreneurs.

What you might not know is that they have a super blog updated with themes focused on small business management and inspiring cases of people who decided to give up the conventional labor market to work on their own, doing something they like.  

Blue account

One of the biggest challenges for those starting a small business is to manage cash flow. For these people the Blue account is a great alternative! Addition to providing a financial management software 100% online, they also have a blog to share tips for the small business owner you want to optimize the expenses of your business, and news about the market divided into editorials such as Human Resources, Financial Management, Marketing, Technology , among others. 

As in previous examples, the Blue Account invests in rich materials such as spreadsheets, e-books and video lessons to enrich the learning of its members. If you have any further questions about financial management worth doing one service test, which is offered for free for up to three days.


The Accelerator is a project created in 2008 by Yuri Gitahy to support startups , but the blog emerged in 2009.   For their expertise in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship page has become an almost must – read for anyone who wants to engage in technology.

By being focused in the digital environment, expect a lot of news on the internet trends, coverage of the main event technology and outstanding professionals testimonials of this sector.

News monitor

Despite being a news monitoring service and digital clipping, the News Monitor blog also shares content that can help small entrepreneurs to increase the branding of your brand on the Internet.  The blog shares tips to monitor your competition and prepare intelligence reports that will be useful to improve their products and services.

Small business, big business

Based on the television program broadcast by TV Globo, the site “Small Business, Big Business”, as the name implies, is focused on microenterprise. Among the shared content we highlight the cases of people who had good ideas and decided to invest, which can be quite inspiring for beginners.

Visitors also have access to interviews with all Brazil’s experts on topics such as financial management and management of people with video and text posts.

Arata Academy

The Arata Academy is a YouTube channel, as well as a teaching platform for distance learning, with courses taught by Seiiti Arata. The videos on YouTube and the video classes cover topics such as personal productivity, career, personal finance, entrepreneurship, accelerated learning, communication and relationships.

The channel is an interesting indication for entrepreneurs who are starting as shares tips to optimize your time, relating to the agents of your business and deal with professional challenges that eventually may arise.  

Project Builder

The Project Builder is the largest blog Brazil’s Project Management with a base consisting of 100,000 followers, and a YouTube channel with over two thousand subscribers. Despite the name, the blog is not focused only on project management, containing tips for making a good business plan , cost management and people management that can be applied in different sizes.

Romero Rodrigues

Romero Rodrigues is one of the founders of Buscapé Company, which is a digital commerce platform responsible for creating large online stores like Buscapé. In his blog, he shares lessons he acquired throughout his career as an entrepreneur / investor news on the major technological innovations, its various applications in the routine of business, among other topics.

guide entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur’s Guide is the site content channel vouclicar.com platform that offers applications for the automation of marketing and logistics services. Posts range from indications of reading errors that every entrepreneur must avoid in their day to day and texts focused on the small business sustainability.  

first Sale

The First Sale share content to help your visitor to make the first sale on the internet, either as a producer or as an Affiliate. Within the themes online entrepreneurship universe are many: how to sell on Instagram , tutorials for using ad tools and how to approach your audience on social networks are some examples.

All this with a simple and accessible language for people who began researching this market recently.


Of course, we can not but speak the Blog Hotmart, after all, it is the largest purchase platform and selling digital products from Brazil, to reach more than 160 countries. 

Despite being the official blog of our platform, the posts are not restricted to our features, most of the targeted content for people who have thought of working with the internet and are curious about this market, whether they have a product or not . Currently the blog is available in four languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish.

The Hotmart also has a YouTube channel and video series as Hotmart Tips and Digital Makers (Spanish and Portuguese) seeking to encourage ordinary people to live their passions.   

Neil Patel

Considered one of the main references of digital marketing, Neil Patel proposes a communication able to arouse the desire of purchase in the users through quality content.  His blog (which also has Portuguese version) shares insights valuable to those who want to start selling products using only the internet dissemination.

Out of place 

The Exit place is a blog which includes tips on entrepreneurship, tools you can use to sell over the internet and even motivational posts to encourage people who want to literally leave the place and work on their own. The blog also shows the pros and cons of having a business.

foreign Blogs

Consult references from other countries can also help the entrepreneur to create an even more comprehensive language and expand their business acumen. So, we have listed some references blogs (in English) that can inspire you time to undertake.

entrepeneurs Journey

The Entrepenerus Journey, which in literal translation would be the Day of the Entrepreneur is a channel that teaches all the methods and techniques required to take your idea of ​​the role and materialize it into a business. The blog is great for those who are still building an online business and want to learn how to market their products on the Internet.

They also have a podcast about the world of digital entrepreneurship, from the perspective of different professionals working in the area.


In the same style of Neil Patel blog, Backlinko is a page sharing SEO tips to improve the positioning of your website in major search engines and consequently increase your online visibility. The Blog is not updated daily, but has valuable materials for you to enhance your digital marketing strategy and attract more qualified traffic to your page.

After all, is not the goal of those who want to sell online?


If the name does not seem strange to you is why is not it: Forbes is the largest business publication in the world, available in multiple languages, including Portuguese. With content focused on large companies and multinationals, their blog has the fixed columns on leadership, people management and sustainable business that can also be applied to routine small entrepreneurs.

Have any other blog statement that you did not see on our list? Leave your suggestions in our comments and continue to follow us to read more news about the digital products market!