15 work ideas for those who do not have a college degree

What is prospect and why can not your business live without it?
What is scannability and how to apply it to your content?

The absence of good opportunities, coupled with the advancement of internet, led a revolution in the labor market in which more and more people are seeking jobs without a degree, they are  creative options to generate income, preferably without leaving home .

With this change, the professionals have become much more valued for their skills and expertise than for their formations.  

Of course, having a higher law also helps to open many doors, but that does not mean that the lack of it makes you less able or less professional.

In today’s post, we show without 15 degree professions of ideas and how you can generate income from them!  

1. Cut and sewing

Despite the growth of retail stores, artisan seamstress profession has not disappeared and still today there is a demand for custom parts, which can become a business opportunity. 

Tips to generate income through sewing

Set your subnicho

Within the seam, you can choose several subnichos to act as repairs finished parts, making uniforms, own clothes or parts for trousseau.  

The most viable option is financially work with repairs, since it requires no investment in raw materials. As a sewing machine serve at the beginning.

If your goal is to fabricate own pieces, you will need:

  • define what type of clothes you intend to sew (male, female, child, etc.);
  • create a production line with more people;
  • contacting suppliers, etc.

Something that can help is to develop a minimum viable product, ie a collection with fewer parts to test the reception of the people and find out if your business idea is sustainable in the medium and long term.

Promote your service

To build a steady clientele, you need people to know you. Use social networks like Instagram , to inform you that you are offering sewing services and to promote its brand.

At first, you can do this on your own profile, but as your business matures, it is interesting that the disclosure of techniques become more sofisiticadas.

Youtube , and use these networks to publicize their work.

Remember that despite the internet being a great ally, not interesting give word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, self-respecting the quality of service you are offering, that their own customers become ambassadors of your product / service.

Make partnerships

Business partnerships are not exclusive to high achievers. You can create a cooperative with other seamstresses and share expenses such as rent, taxes and electricity bill.

Another example of partnership that can work is to contact with clothing stores and offer them to sell their product in exchange for a commission on the final value.

2. Craft

Do you like crafts? Have you ever thought about turning your interest into a source of income?

Many people dismiss the idea, believing that art is just a hobby, but if you arrange to set up a business, it is possible to live exclusively on this activity.

Tips to generate income with crafts

Identify an existing demand

Working with craft goes beyond offering beautiful pieces and original, it is also necessary to identify opportunities and offer solutions to existing demands, otherwise no one will be interested in buying your product.

For example, if you live in a tourist town, you can create souvenirs, which are smaller parts that can be transported in the trunk.  

Calculate the profit margin of each piece

Study your market to understand which parts have a good looking and can yield a profit margin interesting. There is no point selling one thousand units of a product per month, if the obtained value does not cover the expenses you had during production.  

Expose your product at craft platforms

Sign up for specific sites for sales of handmade products such as Elo7, Workshop Network, among others.

In this model, you pass on a commission for each sale made by platform, but in return, the chances of selling are higher, as people from all over Brazil are seeing their product.

Another feature of this kind of service is that you do not have to deal directly with buyers.

3. Beauty Professional

Nowadays, it is common to find beauty professionals who have left the room to offer routine services, such as hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, massage and makeup at the home of their clients.

If you know play well any of the above activities, this may be your chance to create a business.  

Tips to generate income with beauty

Have an online portfolio

Create a Facebook page and a profile on Instagram to share photos of their work and strengthen their authority on the subject. Remember to ask permission from your customers before taking photos and sharing them.

Offer service packages

To increase your income, you can offer different packages and combine multiple types of services into a single service, at an attractive price.

Always be updated

To differentiate in a market so competitive, you need to deliver more than your customer expects.

Search aesthetic references in everyday life, on the Internet and TV to offer a more personalized service to its customers. This research makes all the difference in time to recommend a cosmetic procedure for your customers because it shows you know what you’re talking about.

It is also important to take courses to stay current and learn new procedures. That way you will have more services to offer to your buyer.

4. Food production

Unlike previous niches, the power niche meets a basic human need, therefore, the demand for this type of service is perennial.

The options to act in this segment are many, you can open a restaurant, work from home, create a buffet and even cooking at home.

Tips to generate income with food production  

Ask opinions  

List the dishes you like to prepare. Take the opportunity to ask people who know you the more they like you to cook and compare the answers. The ideal is to find a dish that gives you pleasure of cooking and pleasing taste of others.

Bet on ingredients easy to find

It does not help create a wonderful menu, if you rely on ingredients “of the time” or hard to find. Think that your demand will recur and bet on dishes that can be made with ingredients available in any market.

Define your niche market

Do you want to meet executives who lunch near your home or making food for weddings? Define your niche will help you to be more assertive in its offer.

Still do not know what to sell? Below, we list some products that can be done in your home and require low investment.

Fruit salad

The fruit salad is an option for people who want to have a healthy diet, but do not have time to prepare meals every day. Sale to college cafeterias or give to friends at work to supplement their income.


Brigadiers, chocolates, pies and cakes in the pot are some options for those who want to work selling sweets. Create a profile on social networks to photograph these delicacies and disclose to friends. If you want to mount a physical point of sale, opt for sites with large flow of people.

ready meals

Make advertising your next service to major shopping malls to attract new customers. You also have the option to deliver to the home meal if you have one own transport for this. Despite being an investment the most, the delivery service is a great attraction for buyers.

5. Blog

There are two main ways to make money with a blog. The first is through paid advertising , that is, you sell space on your page to display banners of third party products. These ads are enabled by Google Adsense, and your blog display them, you need to sign up for service.

In this model, you get a value whenever someone clicks on the banner to your blog, even if that person does not make the purchase.

It sounds simple, right?

But to work, you need that your page has a lot of traffic, which can be more complicated for those who are still starting. A full ad blog is also not attractive anything to your readers.

The other option to generate income from blog is with any product, producing quality content. And it is this option that will give greater focus.

Tips to generate income from blog

Build a relationship before selling products

The biggest mistake of those who are beginning to work with blog is trying to sell a product, before winning the reader’s trust.

Every consumer goes through three different times before making the purchase:

the discovery phase (when he’s researching a product, but not yet identified that it solves a problem);
consideration phase (when he has found it has a problem, but has not yet decided whether to buy from you);
and the phase of decision, which is when he decides whether to buy the product or service.

If you appear to be “pushing” a product, your audience will notice and will not trust you anymore.

But if, instead, you deliver quality content for your audience, help you solve problems and focus on establishing a long-term relationship, you will gain much more time to convince the person to buy from you in the future.

Recommend products

Once you produce good posts and invest in digital marketing techniques, you will begin to attract more audience to your blog.

The blogger’s work is to display products and services to their followers in exchange for a value offered by the contractor, which usually comes out much cheaper than advertising on television or radio, for example.

You can get in touch with brands and companies to offer advertising space or work as an affiliate, it is simpler to start.

Let’s talk more about Affiliates still in this post, stay tuned!

Offer exclusive content for members

If you are an authority on the subject it addresses, people will not bother to pay an amount more to have access to exclusive content, and this may become an option to generate income from your blog.

Create a members area for the blog and offer a differentiated content to their subscribers.

Do you have a post on 10 ways to improve sleep? How about offering a video lesson for their subscribers, deepening more on this subject?

6. Youtuber

YouTube is a social network where people post videos from various categories, but in recent years, no longer just entertainment to become a profession.

Once you decide to be a YouTuber, it is important to set a frequency for the posts to your audience does not forget you. So it’s a job like any other.   

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Tips to generate revenue with YouTube

Run ads in your videos

One way to generate revenue on YouTube is allowing ads to run before or during your videos.

Each time the ad is clicked, the advertiser pays a certain amount to the platform, and if the click was made on your channel, part of this amount goes to you.

By opting for this model of monetization, be careful as many ads create a bad experience for the user.

Optimize your content for search

To make money with your videos, you need to attract relevant traffic to your channel, and this involves an optimization work to search engines, known as SEO .

It is part of SEO work have catchy titles, choose good keywords for their videos, create thumbnails, and other details that will make your content stand out from other videos on the same subject.

Despite these improvements, the quality of the content is still the main factor for the ranking.  

Measure to improve

It is impossible to improve something if you do not know what you are doing wrong.

So periodically track the performance of your videos at YouTube Analytics. This tool can give you important metrics such as retention rate, number of likes and shares, which are useful to optimize your content and deliver videos that engage more.

7. DJ

Like music and parties is the main requirement to follow DJ career, for his routine will boil down to this. The great advantage of the profession is that you have more flexible hours and work on average six hours a day, and fewer days per week.

Tips to generate income as a DJ

Search qualification

Despite being a fairly self-taught profession, there are several courses and tutorials available for qualifying DJs. Look for one that fits your available time and budget. If you do not want to invest a lot of money at the start, you can start learning at home, and DJing at friends’ parties, while improving their skills.

Do price surveys  

A complete DJ can cost you dearly, so we suggest buying used items or rent equipment when you’re DJing at some event. As for increasing their demand, you evaluate the need to purchase new equipment.

Promote private parties

The best way to become known in this market is making contacts. Make exchanges for their service and promote private parties, until people know their job. If you offer a quality service, will be appointed to other events and, over time, will have more freedom to negotiate values.


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8. Affiliate

The Affiliate is the professional who discloses a product or service in exchange for commissions. It may be an option for those who want to work with sales, but do not want to take the trouble to create a product.

Despite having gained notoriety recently the Affiliate Marketing model is already widely used by brands like Avon and Natura, for instance. On the internet, one of the pioneers was the Amazon.

And how does this work?

  • You are affiliated to a product;
  • publishes its Affiliate link to your blog or social networking;  
  • whenever someone makes a purchase from that link, you get a cash reward.

In addition to simple, the affiliate marketing is a scalable model, that is, you can make more than one sale without increasing their operating costs.

Tips to generate income with Affiliate Marketing

Choose good products

When you display a product or service to someone in your social circle, means that had a good experience, right? The affiliate link on the Internet fulfills the same role. People buy because they value your opinion.

When you advertise a bad product, you may even make the sale, but loses the confidence of its base.  

Write persuasive texts

The persuasive text is one that convinces the reader to take an action (either watch a video, make a download or buy a product) sharpening the curiosity of the reader or making a promise.

Read more about the subject .  

Operates in a niche in tune with your skills

Before you start making Affiliate Marketing, make a list of topics that you approach in its channels, and opt for products that have some relation to the type of content you produce and that interest your audience.

Result: people who click the link are much more qualified to buy that type product, which increases your chances of making the sale.

9. E-commerce

Selling products online is a way to reach more people, in addition to being a cheap business model because you did not spend on rent, hiring employees and other bills that are recurring for those who have a physical store.

It is a booming market, as more and more people are discovering the advantages of buying over the Internet.

Tips to generate income with e-commerce

Define the type of product you want to sell

You will resell products or create your own items? What is the segment of your online store?

Think of a catchy name for your virtual store

It may seem silly, but have an interesting name and preferably easy to write generates a positive impact on their sales, as people find it easier to find your page and recommend it to others.  

Create profiles on social networks

In addition to serving to present your product, these channels are important to maintain constant contact with your audience, publicize promotions and any other action that may generate more sales.

Some entrepreneurs prefer to sell only through Facebook or Instagram. This focus allows a more personalized service, however, can become unwieldy when sales increase.

Establish a logistics for your business

Unlike physical store, buying in e-commerce takes a few days to complete, because the person does not receive the product instantly, unless you commercialize digital products.

It’s the delivery that you gain or lose your customer. So be punctual in deadlines, avoid promises you can not keep and notify the buyer whenever there are some unexpected. You can also send gifts or tickets with the purchase to enrich the experience.

10. Flea

The concept of a thrift store is simple: it is a shop where they sell clothes, accessories and shoes used, but are in good condition. For many years, this kind of business was associated with the idea of “old things”, but with the popularization of culture of “sustainable consumption”, to buy in thrift store turned into something cool .

Tips to generate income with thrift store

Choose a busy place to mount your store

We just talked about online store, but some people prefer to have a physical store and think it combines more with the idea of ​​thrift. If this is your case, there are two features you should consider when choosing the house: people and traffic accessibility.

If you already live in a place with these features, use one of the rooms of your home to set up the store.

Has a diverse stock

The deposit system is a good strategy to build inventory, without spending money. You can get third-party parts and keep on display at the thrift store, in exchange for a commission on sales made. After generating a cash flow, adopt the purchase model of the parts, which has a margin of more interesting profit.

Start selling to people close

If you do not have many resources to create your thrift store, but have interest in this segment, you can start selling own pieces to acquaintances, family and coworkers. So you have time to structure a business plan and start on the right foot.

11. pets caregiver

The pets caregiver service, also known as pet sitter, is ideal for those who like small animals such as dogs and cats. Your job will take care of these pets while the owners are away, providing basic services such as bathing, feeding and take a walk.

Tips to generate income as a caregiver for pets

Search qualification

Of course, like animals is essential to the profession, but you need to go beyond what your client expects to stand out in the market. There are several specific courses for pet care, such as training, bathing and grooming, veterinary and first aid, which add value to the service.  

Use apps to promote their service

Caregivers of animals can advertise their services and find customers through applications like DoggyBnB and DogHero. Besides the convenience, these platforms facilitate the business relationship, providing more security for the caregiver and the contractor.

Set up a basic structure in your home

It is common for people who hire the pet sitter service can take some of the animal accessories like collar, feeders and toys. But it is interesting that you have the equipment at home to avoid unforeseen events that let the nervous animal.  

12. Digital Producer (online courses)

online courses are nothing but educational content that can be distributed or sold over the Internet.

But do not worry because you do not need higher education to be an online teacher . Any knowledge you dominate, and to help someone solve a problem, can be transformed into an online course, including all professions that have cited in this text.

Tips to generate income with online courses

Solve a problem

Contrary to what most people think, the problem is not always a bad thing, but only a situation solvable. When a user makes a generic Google search, it means he wants to solve a simple problem, which is lack of knowledge. If it is just curious about it, a page on wikipedia can help you.

The user who uses the specific keyword “how to invest money without risk”, has recognized that it has a problem and is looking for solution in this case, it is the perfect client for the economist who has an online course on finance.

The first step in becoming a digital Producer is to identify a latent demand that can be solved with your knowledge. Use tools like Google Trends to discover the most searched topics; join discussion forums to know the pain neglected by their market; visit sites like “Complain Here”; and chat with friends.

Ideally, after all this research, you stand in a niche that dominates and at the same time has enough demand to generate income.

Record videos

The videos are the best format for transmitting educational content as they allow you to use editing features, gestures and simulations to enhance the explanation, especially when it is denser.

In addition to enhancing the teaching, the video generates more empathy, because the student gets to know you, and as a result, increase the chances of it interact with its contents.

Make tests before launching your product

A good way to test the receipt of your audience is record a video lesson and make it available for free on YouTube.

But do not think, to be free, the content must be less quality. The idea here is to create a close that you intend to provide product and submit it to the feedback from others to identify what can be improved.

Understand how the Hotmart .

13. Photographer

Currently, there are several options for those who want to work with photography. Some of them will require a higher level of knowledge, but, in most cases, you can learn techniques of self-taught way.

In Hotmart Tips, we give tips of the best cameras to work. Take the opportunity to get your questions answered on the best equipment.

Tips to generate income photo

Inove in a saturated niche

Demand for photographers of events is high, but there are other subnichos to specialize, such as photo babies, pets tests and photos to e-commerce. By opting for less saturated niches, you are more likely to innovate.

Create a virtual portfolio

You know those pictures you took on family celebrations? What about those images made in your last trip? If the material is good and the pictures are in high resolution, consider creating an online portfolio to present your work. Over time, you can replace these pictures for the work it is doing.

Have your own domain on the Internet  

Create a blog about photography is an excellent way to reinforce your authority on the subject and pave the way for new business partnerships. You can also use this channel to Affiliate marketing and earn commissions on advertising products photography.

14. stylist

The stylist advises about fashion and style, according to customer needs. It is part of this professional display clothes, shoes and accessories that express the personality of the person who is using the parts.

The advice can be on time (eg what kind of clothes to wear for an important job interview) or involve a complete overhaul of the client’s wardrobe.  

Tips to generate income with personal stylist

Give lectures and workshops

The consultants are not the only option for the professional who wants to work as a stylist. You can also offer lectures and workshops on fashion and teach people to express themselves through the way to dress, how to use trends on a daily basis, among other topics.

Work in fashion editorials

The stylist is also suitable for professional working in magazines and fashion blogs, selecting the clothes, shoes and accessories that use models in photo shoots. Look for vehicles in this segment and offer exchange for their services. This will help give visibility to their work.

Diversify your services

You do not need higher education to be a personal stylist, but people who want to work in this area must be prepared to work all the personal image of their customers, not just the clothes. Therefore, we suggest taking supplementary courses including hair, makeup and even photography.

15. Hostel

The Hotel is no longer the first choice for those who wish to travel. Hitchhiking this trend, creating a Hostel can be an interesting option for those who have a broad and various rooms unused property.

Tips to generate income with Hostel

Regulate your business

To register your Hostel in search of sites like booking.com, your company must be properly registered in the hotel sector. Contact the regulatory bodies of their city and find out what documents are required for this purpose and, if necessary, hire an accountant to help you in this task.

This type of project also requires the inspection of the fire department to certify that it is in full working order.

Offer tour packages

One way to attract more people to stay in their Hostel is offering personalized services, such as tours of the main sights of the city, deals dating couples, airport transfers, among others. Search Valley Traveler blogs on the internet to find out what are the most frequent demands of the public.  

Have a site

Despite the very people use social networks, have a page on your Hostel helps to provide credibility for anyone who is searching for stay. Your website should contain basically photos of the rooms (high resolution), description of services, phone and email contact. It is also important to use SEO techniques to your page gain relevance in the rankings. Soon, we will have a full post about it.  


This text was not written in order to devalue higher education, but to show that there are several options for those who want to generate income and build a successful business out of conventional labor market.

We hope that this content has been helpful to you. Take the opportunity to share with friends who might be going through a similar situation!