13 examples of landing pages with conversion rate above 40%

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We talk a lot here on the blog about the importance of following good practice to create landing pages that convert.

In this equation enter characteristics as good titles and descriptions, images that draw attention, a form with the appropriate number of fields , among others.

There are many elements and it is possible that you have already lost meaning in the midst of so much theory.

Therefore, we selected 13 practical examples of companies that have achieved conversion rates above 40% (which is considered excellent) with your pages.

All the examples are customers of Digital results that have created pages using the RD Station Marketing . They are arranged in alphabetical order and you can click on the image to access the landing pages and view them in more detail.

1. Adventure & Co. (49%)

The Leads ) in its first Landing Page.

On the page, the ecommerce offers a guide with places for those seeking contact with nature.

In the custom field, the store asked what kind of adventure one practices so that they could later submit materials segmented according to each sport (fishing, trekking, rafting, mountaineering, among others).

In addition to interesting, the material was beautiful, with the design in line with the brand colors, which creates visual unity.


2. Benfatto (58%)

The company personnel organization Benfatto created a Landing Page hard to go unnoticed.

The pink page, which offers an eBook with organizing tips to keep the house in order, achieved 58% conversion rate.


3. cowboy store (65%)

The Cowboy Store , online store dedicated to the segment country, bet on an unusual offer to generate leads: in exchange for the contact of visitors, offered a personality test to know which singer or singer sertanejos they most resembled.

The Landing Page Total 65% conversion rate.


4. Institute Beer (71%)

To show how to harmonize types of beer with the ideal glass formats, the Institute of Beer , which offers training courses on the drink, offered an educational eBook.

The page got 855 Leads – 71% of people who have visited the downloaded material.

One detail that may have made the difference was the social conversion button, which lets you download with information from social networks, without filling in the form.


5. JesusCopy (90%)

The aim of the portal JesusCopy is to help young people to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Using one of the simplest models from the Landing Page templates available, the site managed impressive figures: 33,000 visitors and 30,000 Leads, which is incredible 90% conversion.

The idea of the Landing Page below is to offer the signing of a newsletter with weekly lessons.


6. BrewShop sludges (82%)

The artifacts shop for brewers Lamas BrewShop opted for informative way, providing a glossary of the terms of the beer world to help producers in the manufacture of their microbrews.

The result was surprising: 82% conversion!


7. Lolipet (55%)

An example of successful Landing Page medium / hopper bottom is the Lolipet , shop toward pets.

The ecommerce offered a 10% discount coupon in exchange for information about visitors and managed to convert 55% of them.


8. Organics Brazil (76%)

The Organics Brazil is a development program that connects consumers and Brazilian organic producers.

The Landing Page offers a case study on organic producers in Canada. The result was a 76% conversion rate.


9. Sefer (63%)

The publishing and bookstore Sefer is dedicated to the publication of Jewish books. But despite well targeted, the business has achieved great conversion rates on your landing pages.

The eBook below, for example, a glossary of Kabbalah Leads 3539 and generated 63% conversion was obtained.


10. SOAP (75%)

Who does not want to make a successful launch of a new product?

Knowing this, the company’s solutions for professional presentations SOAP offered a template to product launch on a Landing Page and achieved 75% conversion rate.

The Landing Page is visually beautiful and makes it clear what the offer is about, bringing even information on use license.


11. Solaser (58%)

The Solaser offers customized products for wedding parties, birthday, among others.

To assist potential customers who need to organize your celebrations, launched an eBook with tips for planning an amazing party spending little.

The call is very attractive and generated 1285 Leads a conversion rate of 58%. The company also used the same colors of your visual identity on the page, which provides unit.


12. Verup (56%)

The Verup is a company that specializes in developing systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP) focused on industrial production, trade and retail.

Exploring a related topic of their area of ​​operation, the company launched an eBook on how to organize and launch a collection of clothes.

The landing page obtained Leads 1009 and 56% conversion rate.


13. Buscatti W (50%)

The W Buscatti is an ecommerce male accessories that bet on a guide of how to use men’s bracelets – one of the products it sells – to generate Leads.

The Landing Page achieved 50% conversion with the offer.


So, inspired to create a Landing Page that will convert muuito?

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