13 Examples of business mission and vision that motivate customer loyalty

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How customer loyalty generated? Take a moment to think about the brands you buy over and over again, even when there are other cheaper options. Do you usually travel with a particular airline? Do you buy coffee in the same establishment every morning? Do you recommend a specific restaurant when someone asks you a suggestion?

This is the result of companies committed to its mission, vision and values, where in a few lines, they manage to summarize what products and the future of your company represents.

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In general, why are loyal to a brand is its set of values. The best brands are working hard to combine physical, emotional and logical elements in an exceptional experience for both customers and employees.

Correctly when you create a connection with your customers and employees, there are many who would remain loyal to your brand for life. This way, you will have the opportunity to increase your overall profitability, while you build a solid foundation for promoting your brand. However, getting there is not easy. The most successful companies are those that remain true to its core values ​​throughout the years and create a company where employees and customers feel proud.

This is where mission statements and corporate visions of companies come into play. The objective of a mission statement is to describe the “what” and “who” of a company, and the vision statement adds the “why” and “how”. As a company grows, its goals and objectives may change. Therefore, vision statements should be reviewed whenever necessary to reflect the corporate culture constantly changing as different objectives are achieved.

Check out the following vision and mission statements to find the inspiration you need to create a perfect statement for your brand.

The difference between mission and vision

Before you start with the examples, let’s define the difference between each of the concepts:

Consider the following examples of business mission and vision that inspired the loyalty of customers:

13 Examples of best mission statements and corporate visions

1) Google

Examples of mission and vision 

MissionOrganize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

You cuand have a question what is the first thing you do? You and other trillions of people go to the same place to find the answer, Google. Larry Page, co – founder and CEO of  the company , once described the perfect search engine as being able to understand exactly what you want and give you exactly what you need. The company is constantly working to better understand the intent of the people using its search engine while regularly updating their algorithms to deliver the most relevant and useful information,


2) Life is Good

Examples of mission and vision

Mission : Sharing the power of optimism.

Life is Good brand is not only contagious optimism, but it’s hard not to smile with their shirts slogans as “seize the day” or “forecast: Mostly sunny”.

There are many companies worldwide shirts, but the mission of Life is Good itself apart with a mission statement that goes beyond creating fun garments, as it focuses on spreading the power of optimism. This mission could be somewhat confusing if the beneficial actions of the company are not known, and could end up wondering how a company shirts can help spread optimism. Answer this question in front, where they explain in more detail what it means their mission and include links to programs that have been implemented as support for his mission: #GrowTheGood initiative and page Life is Good Kids Foundation. What we like most about your mission statement is that it is idealistic and, at the same time specific – and that’s a very difficult combination to achieve.

3) Sweetgreen

Examples of mission and vision

Mission :  To inspire communities for a healthier life – from the way people think about what you eat. Connect through our restaurants and suppliers, our community and the social impact of our work. 

Notes that the mission of Sweetgreen is raised so that attempts to align with your values and not merely be something that the company believes. We love the inclusive language they use in their declaration, which states that its main goal is to connect its growing network  of farmers who produce local and healthy ingredients, with us (customers) because we who want to have more options healthy food sourced locally.

Its mission to  connect people  is what makes this so powerful statement. And that promise has gone beyond your website and walls of their premises, as the Sweetgreen team has made significant progress in the different communities where they opened their shops. First, they provide information to young children about healthy eating, physical activity, sustainability and origin of food. Sweetlife its music festival annually attracts 20,000 likeminded people, who gather to listen to music, eat healthy foods and contribute to a good cause: his charity FoodCorps.

4) Patagonia

Examples of mission and vision

MissionCreate the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental problem.

The mission statement of Patagonia combines the values that support its success in the market (creation of safe and high quality) and  the values that contribute to a better world (philanthropic efforts to help the environment). For them, “the love of the beautiful and wild places required to participate in the fight to preserve them .” In support of this cause, the company donates their time, their services and at least 1% of sales to hundreds of environmental groups around the world.

If your company has a similar approach to growth  in combination with the contribution you make, make reference to your mission statement to offer benefits to customers and at the same time, the value you bring to a greater cause. 

5) American Express

Examples of mission and vision

Mission :  To be the best service provider in the world. To achieve this , we have established a culture that supports our team members so that they can provide exceptional service to our customers.

“Customers will not like a company if they do not like their employees first.” That’s a phrase Simon Sinek repeated here at HubSpot all the time. American Express is distinguished from other credit card companies for their mission and values with an ode to exceptional customer service, which is what most identifies this company. We love to emphasize the need to support their employees so that they can support their customers.

6) Warby Parker

Examples of mission and vision

Mission : Provide glasses with exceptional designs at attractive prices, while being leading socially responsible way to do business.

Emphasizing its uniqueness, this mission statement of Warby Parker uses words that reflect a young and bold personality, “rebellious”, “revolutionary”, “social commitment”. In one sentence, explain the underlying reason why they founded the company, while revealing his vision of a better world.

The longest version of its mission, write: “We believe that buying should be easy and entertaining spectacles. After purchase, you should feel happy and attractive, and have money in your pocket. ” Thus, Warby Parker continues to demonstrate its unique personality. All the success of this mission statement is based on the excellent choice of words. 

7) InvisionApp

Examples of mission and vision

Mission :  To question the hypothesis. Think deeply. Repetition as a lifestyle. Details and more details. Design everywhere. Integrity.

At present, it seems that all pages of B2B companies are identical. However, InvisionApp has one of the best commercial sites I’ve seen. If you go to the website of the company and the go to “our core values” section, place the cursor over each of the symbols and find a short excerpt of its overall mission. We love how they present the statements below each symbol. Each description is short, authentic and contains complex technical language, which helps InvisionApp think that is a direct and trustworthy company.

8) Honest Tea

Examples of mission and vision

Mission :  To create and promote excellent flavor drinks, healthier and organic. We work to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity that we use to create our products, sustenibilidad thinking and good taste for everyone.

The mission statement of Honest Tea begins with a simple key phrase implies that the tea they produce is real, pure and without artificial chemicals . They target people who are tired of finding ingredients in teas that can not even pronounce and looking for a tea that contains exactly what its label.

Honest Tea is not just a clever name, but the company focuses its mission based on the game that includes this name. Even they publish a report of its mission every year with the aim of “being transparent about our business practices and to live up to our mission of creating and promoting great tasting organic and healthy drinks.”


Examples of mission and vision

Mission :  To improve the daily lives of many people. 

IKEA conform people who dream big. Its mission might have been the promise of making beautiful and inexpensive furniture, but instead decided that his mission would  improve the daily lives of its customers. It is a cooperative relationship: IKEA Airfares worldwide and buying in bulk, then customers choose the furniture they want and buy them in one of their self – service establishments.

“In this way,  together we save money to improve our daily lives , ” he explained.

Using words like “together” and “all” as large as IKEA company becomes more accessible and attractive to customers.

10) Nordstrom

Examples of mission and vision

Mission : To provide the best customer service and variety, quality and value products.

As for the commitment to the customer, not many companies focus on both the client as it does Nordstrom. While the selection, quality and value of the items are reflected in the mission statement, the company expresses quite clearly that the most important is the customer. It does so as follows: “Nordstrom works tirelessly to offer its customers the best shopping experience possible.” If you’ve ever bought something at a Nordstrom store, you’ll know who respect the excellent customer service that mention in its mission statement, because employees constantly roam the sales floor, offering assistance to customers and doing everything possible to customer experience unforgettable.

11) Cradles to Crayons

Examples of mission and vision

Mission :  To work with underprivileged children, from newborns to age 12, to provide them with the tools necessary to be successful at home and at school. 

Cradles to Crayons divided its mission statement into three sections to be read as a plan of action: the need, mission and model. The “rule of three” is a powerful rhetorical device called “tricolon” which is often used in speech writing to help an idea can be remembered easily. A tricolon is a series of three parallel elements of approximately the same length, similar to the Latin phrase veni, vidi, vinci .

Also, we love the graphic representation used to expose your model in a nutshell. Graphics like this make people who see the publication can get more information quickly.

12) Universal Health Services, Inc.

Examples of mission and vision

Mission :  To provide health services high quality: patients recommend to family and friends, doctors qualify as the best for their patients, buyers choose for their customers, employees feel proud and investors looking for returns long term.

A company progresses when satisfies its customers, employees, partners and investors, and Universal Health Services strives to achieve, as explained in its mission statement. As a company that provides services for health care, Universal Health Services does a great job to satisfy their patients, physicians, buyers, employees and investors. We love how highlight every aspect of the organization using uppercase font and red for easy reading.

13) JetBlue

Examples of mission and vision

MissionIn the air and on the ground, we are committed to improving the lives of our customers, employees and community. Looking inspire others to do so too.

JetBlue is committed to its founding mission through elements of lovely marketing, partnerships with influential charities and programs. We like the simple language used to describe these tasks. For example, they write how settled ” in 2000 to bring back humanity to heaven.”

For all who want to know more about any of their activities, JetBlue offers details about Soar With Reading program, its partnership with KaBOOM !, JetBlue Foundation, social and environmental reports, and more. Separate all these initiatives in an excellent manner, with big headlines, bullets, images and links to other websites, customers can select for more information. Finally, they end with a call to action that invites website visitors to volunteer or donate their TrueBlue points.


What is the mission or vision that transmits more inspiration to you? Share your opinion in the comments.

Editor’s note: this post was originally published in August 2014 and has been updated for the purposes of renewal, accuracy and completeness.