12 Tips to Win Tanned on Your Facebook Page

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Every beginning work on a canal in Digital Marketing is a bit difficult. So it is with a blog, with a profile on Twitter, with entries for a newsletter and is no different with Facebook pages .

Always we receive comments from people wondering how to market or how to get the first people to enjoy a new page. So apart some tips for your business can overcome the barrier of the first fans.

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1 – Ask individually to friends, family and other staff members or to tan and disseminate

It all starts with your family, close friends and associates or employees.

Even if some dessaplus people are not the target audience of your company, it is important to have the first tanned to generate some credibility for the next people who fall there. Users will notice that there are other people who know and trust the company.

Also, when these early people like the page, friends can see the timeline causing new people to discover the page. This should not significantly increase their numbers, but it is important in the beginning.

Another important result of this first action is to collect feedback from people nearby is on the page, what is missing, what is not legal etc.

2 – Customize the name of your fan page

Create a custom URL for your Facebook page greatly facilitates the disclosure on other channels, especially those who can not count on a link or a button.

However, it is worth remembering that Facebook requires at least 25 people enjoying the page so that it achieves the right to use a custom URL. So it’s important that people closest to you are invited to enjoy the page (tip 1) so you can change the URL as soon as possible.

3 – Spread the fan page in your social networks

If you asked your friends to share, nothing fairer than you also share publicly.

Share the link on the timelines of the social networks in which you are present and write what it is about the page, it can change in their lives and for whom it was created.

Another idea is to create a post of welcome in their own fan page (preferably with a picture or a video) and then share this post on your personal profile to increase a little more the scope of this first update.

4 – Invite your Facebook friends to tan your page

Facebook has an option where you can invite your friends to your page to tan.

Despite the possibility to invite all your friends, we need you to select one by one who you would like to invite your list. This invitation will in the form of notification and it is common to be lost among so many notifications that users receive daily. Anyway, usually it works very well and is highly recommended its use.

However, as stated in tip 1, it is important that your closest friends are invited directly by you and not by this automated option.

5 – Use other social networks to promote your Fan Page

If your company already has profiles on other social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, among others, use these channels to promote your fan page. Followers engaged with your brand will follow you on other networks as well.

The reverse is also true. You can use Facebook to promote their profiles on other social networks.

But do not abuse. It is very uncomfortable for the user to watch again and again the same request.

6 – Use other contact channels that your company has available

If your company already has an audience, as a base of subscribers to a newsletter, a good number of followers on Twitter or even some range in offline channels, use it to communicate the creation of the page.

As these people already know your business, there is a greater chance of them like it and deepen the relationship.

7 – Fill out the “About” page

It’s unpleasant to open a fan page and not find the necessary information. It is often possible for the user to close the page without even knowing what it is.

To avoid this error, be sure to fill out your fan page with information about your company. Thus, whenever someone accesses your page you know “face” on their area of ​​expertise.

The main tip for after you create your fan page is fill out the “About” with:

  • The overview of your company;
  • The link to your site;
  • Any other information that will help your audience understand better about your market.

8 – Place a page plugin on your site

People who already visit your site and enjoy the content are the most likely to enjoy.

Put the Plugin page (usually placed in the site sidebar) is a good way to show these people that your page exists and makes it easy to click enjoy.

Another side effect of the box is to convey more credibility to site visitors by showing the face of known people who already likes the page (called “social proof”).

An example of this plugin can be seen below:

9 – Create promotions

Promotions usually work well in social media and spread easily.

Just be careful, however, with the use of Facebook rules. Many people do not know, for example, that tanned can not serve as voting arrangements. There are several other details you can check out the Facebook promotion guidelines .

10 – Keep a publication frequency

Social media never sleep. Therefore, you must have frequent presence on the timeline of your users to your fan page does not fall into limbo.

Just do not confuse quantity with frequency. Not publishing more your company will have more results on Facebook, but publishing with a predetermined periodicity.

Adjust according to your content production how many publications are possible to be made per day.

Results in Digital, we have fixed times for publishing posts, eBooks, events and other types of threads. Create your calendar and start testing!

11 – Interact with the audience

It sounds silly, but many companies simply fail for some interact with the audience.

Think of your follower as a person and not as a like. Look respond as quickly direct messages.

Too short or reply comments from his fans in the publications of his fan page. Do not make it be talking to himself, particularly if a question is asked. Not only will it feel ignored as all other fans to realize that your page has no return will also think the same.

12 – Buy Facebook ads

If done right, campaigns with Facebook ads can work very well on the page of leverage. Like any type of advertising, however, we need to study the subject and not to quit wasting money.

If you are thinking of advertising on Facebook, read here our eBook on Facebook Ads .

Bonus: Want more marketing tips on Facebook?

Test images and texts in the ads, offer content only to a very targeted audience, have a professional logo and share relevant content are factors that make the difference in success.

Incidentally, none of the tips will work if the page is not attractive and not to post relevant content frequently.

To learn more about how your company can get success in this social network, read here our eBook Introduction to Marketing on Facebook and meet the best practice tips for your company start generating results today!