12 Tips For Writing A Good Commercial Presentation Email

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The e-commercial presentation is already part of the routine of many Brazilian companies. Initially seen only as a phone replacement in adverse circumstances, this type of contact is already a favorite of many people, especially in Inbound Sales times.

Thus, there are already winning strategies and best practices adopted by professionals who use email for your first introduction into Lead . In this post, 12 separate actions that will help improve utilization rates of your emails.

1. Write an interesting subject

It does not help one email with a killer sales pitch if it is not open, right? Despite being crucial, it is still a part overlooked by many sales reps.

It is an invitation, like the cover of a book or poster of a movie in the theater, which sells content and leads to opening. The subject will be seen with certainty by the recipient, even if they do not click to open.

So it’s very important to be objective and generate curiosity. You can, for example, write “Maria Silva suggested that contact” or “Tips about your new site.” And remember: never lie or promise something that will not deliver.

2. Get to the point in the email

Who gets a high volume of content daily, filters the most of everything that can make you lose time. Thus it is very important to go to the point, without getting too gracing the commercial presentation email.

It is worth exploring the contact reason on the first line and avoid spending that space with presentations or contextualization that will not interfere with the ultimate goal. Look at this opening, “Hi, Maria, all right? I am a consultant in RD and John suggested I get in touch with you so that we could have a quick chat about your new site. “

3. Work with one message

The internet is a fast and endless possibilities for diversion canal, causing you can easily lose the recipient’s attention. So it is important to keep the focus of your email.

If you are writing to suggest a meeting to talk about the new site, this email should not be used to comment on the ad strategy, social networks or your favorite restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

He stopped to think of a cold beer in Ipanema, right? Then back here!

4. Generate value

Your Lead need to realize that your contact is important, and that the main purpose of this connection is to provide a tangible benefit to a possible problem. Explore your tools to get information that has to do with their service.

See, in the following text, how to use it to your advantage:

“I saw that you released the new blog, was visually very attractive. It would be interesting to add the sharing buttons so that the content is spread over the Internet more easily. This helps the page authority and makes you have more relevance. “

5. Provide a clear benefit

Remember, email is a commercial presentation, ie, the sale will be closed later. So that the conversation can move on other means of communication, it is important that the person realizes what you can gain from.

So show how you can help in the solution: “I have other interesting tips that can make the blog winning audience more quickly.”

6. Have a Call-to-Action efficient

Content is very important, but, as we said previously, the purpose of the first email is to get this contact to another medium. It is there that you will be able to extract more information that will be useful at the time of making the sale.

Make it clear what should be the next step to be taken: “If you want to talk some more about it, you can call me” or “I thought I’d call you tomorrow at 15h for a 10-minute talk on the subject. This time is the best for you? “

7. Be kind at the time of farewell

Remember that you are not talking to a machine. It is important to take this moment to say goodbye to more personal way and to strengthen the contact.

Avoid using only the famous “att”, that does not mean anything. Go a little further, with something like “I await an answer from you. Hugs.”

8. Have a full professional email signature

Imagine if you can the person open the email, read the text, interest for its proposal and when looking for your contacts, do not find anything? Put at least your name, phone number, position and company you work.

Use our Email Signature Generator to create your. It’s easy, free and you can have a preview in real time while setting!

9. Avoid being too formal

Make your email sound as natural as possible. The use of very formal words makes your message is a bit pedantic, something you do not want in a commercial presentation.

Unless the situation really requires a specific treatment, please work with only the name of the Lead. Try to communicate as if they were talking directly.

10. Understand the best days and email sending schedules

It is very important to pay attention to the best day and time to send the emails. As the behavior may vary depending on the audience, it is interesting to take advantage of the opening of reports generated through their campaigns.

They can be a great sign, making you go to refine your strategy over time. The best days and times for sending fact vary, but there is a certain standard that you can follow.

11. Personalize the most of email

Whenever possible send email directed to the name of the Lead. Good Inbound strategy will make the marketing team of your company get as much information as possible before sales approach.

But if by chance you do not have this data, avoid sending emails with the phrase “To whom it may concern.” It is better to use just a simple greeting such as “hello”.

12. Beware of the Portuguese

The content of your email shows who you are. It is very important to make a good review to avoid typos or even vocabulary. If you do not feel safe, ask someone at the time of checking.

A message full of misspellings is a bad way to start a contact. It can even cause the recipient to lose interest in your offer.

These tips are just the beginning to a successful work email. To go further and generate more results in this channel download our Definitive Guide Email Marketing .