12 Essential Tools for an Inbound Marketing Strategy

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You already know that the Inbound Marketing is one of the strategies most used today. You’ve probably heard the wonderful things that he can bring to all types of enterprises, attracting, converting, closing deals and creating loyal customers.

But if you still have any questions, see some interesting data on the subject:

  • 92% of industry professionals consider their inbound marketing tactics as essential;
  • this strategy costs up to 62% less than traditional marketing;
  • It has a Return on Investment (ROI) of 275%.

You are really impressive numbers, agree?

Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs still have doubts, thanks to the variety of resources available on the web to assist them in this task.

If you are one of them, do not worry! In this article, you will know what are the indispensable tools in implementing its action digital marketing .

Follow the following text!

1. CRM Tools

The Customer Relationship Management (in Portuguese, Customer Relationship Management) is a management software responsible for managing all customer interactions.

In short, this tool stores the data relating to customers, like specific information such as address, phone, email, and other relevant references to the company.

It also stores data on interactions, buying preferences, payment etc. All this, of course, in an organized manner, integrated and easy to share with the entire team.

Thanks to that, a CRM is essential for companies of any size or market niche.

2. Automation Tools

As its name says, the tools marketing automation are responsible for automating processes within an inbound strategy in order to make them more effective and safe.

Think of a small company with about 70 employees. It would be very complicated to make them work as a team without a program to assist them, is not it?

Now imagine that the same business has a booklet with about 330 customers. Impossible, right? But wait, things are even worse.

When performing an inbound marketing strategy, the company will have to deal with social networking, email marketing , SEO strategies, sponsored links, lead nutrition, lead scoring, blogs. A knot on the head to think, does not it?

automation solutions exist to avoid such problems, optimizing processes and making complex collaborative tasks become simpler. With it, you gain agility, precision and power of decision.

3. Tools for social media

Social networks are one of the great phenomena of the information age . Thanks to this, are one of the most important communication channels, customer interaction and support on an inbound marketing strategy.

During his run, you have to plan, monitor consumer behavior, make use of the SAC 2.0, analyze the metrics and develop changes regularly.

And remember: most likely, your business will use more than one: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube , Pinterest, Google+ and others.

Therefore, tools that help these processes are critical in the implementation of each of the above steps, maximizing the use of social media in your strategy.

4. SEO Tools

The Search Engine Optimization (in Portuguese, Optimization searches Mechanisms) is the term used for techniques to position the pages of a website in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Certainly, it is one of the strategies that require more work on inbound marketing, but on the other hand, generate extremely satisfactory results.

They are the gateway to the visitors. In short, the goal is to attract them through SEO, then convert them into leads and ultimately customers.

However, for its high importance, there is also a high level of complexity. You will have to search for relevant keywords, identify opportunities, observe the competition, create useful and enjoyable content and analyze the results.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that, for each of these steps, we must rely on powerful tools as allies.

5. Tools ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that aggregates all the company information such as financial data, cash flow, inventory, stock, people, processes etc.

Before the creation of this technological solution, companies had a hard time to deal with the paperwork, one for each segment or specific process.

Today, thanks to ERP, you can gather all this data simply and distribute tasks to the responsible sectors.

Usually it consists of several modules that interact with each other, facilitating troubleshooting and optimizing time management.

6. Tools CMS

We know that one of the pillars inbound marketing is the marketing content . Ie the creation of articles, e-books , posts on social media, among other formats.

But how to manage this vast amount of production?

Simple, with one of the Content Management System tools (Content Management System).

In short, they have come to facilitate planning, publishing and analysis results of the contents disseminated on a website or blog.

There was a time that command a website was a complex task, as it required a degree of knowledge in programming languages. Today, however, a CMS solution can turn it into an extremely simple process.

So it is essential to have this kind of tool, since the actions of their inbound marketing strategy will be favored.

7. Productivity Tools

You’re wrong if you think to get the best out of your team, just hire the right people.

Apps and productivity software will certainly upgrade the team’s efficiency.

Its features are many, such as the facilitation of writing processes, creating spreadsheets and presentations, organizing tasks by priority and assignment of responsibility.

There are even time management tools, useful content for professional growth and reminders.

8. Tools for creating landing pages

When you run an inbound marketing strategy, which is the ultimate goal of each stage?

If you answered “take the user to the next stage of the funnel”, right!

Therefore, the landing pages are essential, and there are some tools that can help you in building your landing pages.

They can not only help you create a user – friendly design, position the elements in the right way and create CTAs with high conversion rates, but also allow you to perform A / B testing for possible adjustments.

9. video editing tools, sound and image

We already talked about the importance of content in a inbound marketing strategy. But it is misleading to think that content is synonymous only text.

Other formats are also highly relevant, such as videos, podcasts, infographics and images.

As later in the sales funnel, the greater the need for more and more specific and in-depth content.

So editing tools are certainly much needed. After all, it is necessary to perfect that which is delivered to your visitors and leads.

10. Email Marketing Tools

You still send emails manually?

Well, my friend, this can be a serious mistake. Calm, no one is doubting his ability, but as the company grows, you have to deal with more and more leads in your email base.

Therefore, e-mail marketing tools need to be combined in the execution of e-mail marketing actions. They automate processes, create customized layouts, issue reports. Ie save much of the effort you have to nurture your mailing list.

11. Analysis Tools

You may have noticed that in this post, nearly all such tools are used to measure the results.

Of course! After all, this is the great web of advantage over traditional marketing. With technological tools, you can collect metrics to analyze and improve business performance.

Through them, you can adjust your strategy, understanding consumer behavior, discover mistakes and successes and directly reach your persona through a set language.

Of course, the vast majority of resources cited here have data collection systems, after all, this is the essence of digital marketing.

However, there are other more specific tools that can bring better quality and quantity of information.

12. Communication tools

We all know that team communication is a crucial factor in determining the success of any action.

More than that: the dialogue with other stakeholders such as business partners, suppliers, service providers and even competitors can mean the difference between success and failure of your strategy.

Because of this, we strongly recommend the use of communication tools to facilitate the conversation between those who make the company progress.

And we’re not talking about the famous “cell phone.” The technologies available today accelerate communication processes and represent savings for the company.

In this text, you find out what are the most important marketing tools when it comes to the application of an inbound marketing strategy. It’s technology working for development organizations.

By choosing the right platform, you will have a much easier path to the top. But after all, what are these tools? If you want to be a little more specific and look at some suggestions of applications, see what are the 47 best marketing tools !

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