11 Simple Tips to Keep Your Blog Alive

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One of the biggest challenges for any professional who is editor or administrator of a blog is to maintain a refresh rate. After creating a blog for the company , we need to feed it, and so you need content ideas to keep pace.

What happens to many professionals responsible for a blog, both personally and from a business, it is that there comes a time when it seems that ideas are over. Gone.

The good news is that this is something quite normal. Many other blogs go or have gone through a similar situation. But some blogs are more prepared to face this time of crisis.

If you are experiencing a similar issue, check out this post 11 insights to ensure production of consistent and quality content.

1 – Answer customer questions

The blog of a business is a relationship channel for both customers and non customers. It is a channel that works for both generation Leads as loyalty to these customers.

Thus, it is important to use the blog of your company to talk about the pain of their customers. One way to find these pains is to take a good poke around in your email, social media of your company in the blog own comments or chat with sales and support teams to find out what the most common problems and questions from customers. Turn these doubts and pains content can be quite valuable.

2 – Seek information and statistics about your market

As was the growth of the automobile industry in Brazil in the last quarter? What is the average price of real estate in major cities in the country?

Add graphics, statistics, indicators, studies and other data about your market and create a post on your blog. that caliber are quite rich information to your audience.

This type of content usually also get many backlinks, helping your site to better position in Google .

3 – Use multimedia content

Blog Posts are not pure text. Although the text is the main strategy to ensure that your website is well ranked higher in search engines, it is quite lucid to use other formats to enrich your post.

Incorporates SlideShare presentations , graphics, image gallery, social networking updates and other formats. Use alternative ways of presenting content escapes the standard and gives greater prominence to his post.

4 – Invite authors to guest posting

Open your blog to guests is an interesting practice to generate content, to relate to other professionals and gain an extra public.

That’s because other professionals may have some different ideas to be said, and possibly talk about issues that you have not thought.

Invite someone to write a guest post on your blog and let creativity on your own. In our blog, we have already published some posts from guests such as:

  • How to outsource the company’s content and get maximum results
  • Why every technology company should invest in Inbound Marketing?
  • The economy of the signatures: generating more revenue from recurring payments
  • How to use content marketing to generate Leads

5 – Post lists

Publications lists, as you are reading this post, usually have high impact and generate enough traffic to your site.

The great advantage of the lists is that it is a relatively simple content to be written. Just set a theme, create topics and develop them.

Here in the blog Digital results, we have published numerous posts in this format. Some list of examples are:

  • 47 seats free images (and paid) you must know
  • Email Marketing: 18 Fantastic Tips to leave your super attractive emails
  • 5 types of lures to generate Leads
  • 7 simple tips and effective to increase the organic reach on Facebook
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  • Youtube: 12 killer SEO tips for your videos

6 – Analyze your audience with a Web Analytics Tool

Do an analysis of your audience with a webanálise tool such as Google Analytics or the RD Station , can generate very useful insights for the production of content for your blog.

Data such as geographical location, most visited pages, internal research, interests, pages with more conversions and other data will help you to better guide the content.

7 – Write book reviews on your market

Show knowledge of the literature of your niche market is a great way to build authority.

This makes it easy if you already have the habit of reading books related to your business or area of ​​expertise. When you finish reading, you can write a good review or a post with some insights taken from the book.

This practice works very well as a personal learning exercise and also shows your audience that you are in tune with the latest trends and developments in their market.

8 – Post news

One of the most valuable practices content without expiration date . Namely that over the years does not become dated. But this is a practice, not a rule.

Publish news can work very well for many blogs. Write news about the launch of a new product, a new law in voting or a new breakthrough vaccine can generate enough value for your business.

In such cases, it is important to be among the first to comment to show that you are updated with the news of your niche.

9 – Interview someone

Similarly you can invite authors for posting on his blog, another interesting way to keep this relationship with other references in your market is doing interviews.

Interviews with experts generate enough value for your blog, especially if the interviewee is encouraged to share this content with your audience.

In the RD blog, as did some interviews with other references in the area, as Sean Sheppard and Sean Ellis .

10 – “Resurrect” old posts

If you climb to the top of this post you will find a disclaimer saying that this post was published in 2010 and updated in 2016.

Why do we do this? Because for more than one post has done quite successfully, there are some issues that may become necessary over time, as changes in context, update features improvements in SEO and optimization in general.

In some situations, as in this case, it is more advantageous to optimize an old post than to create a new post on the same subject. It is important to remember that a disclaimer , such as inserted in this post, it is necessary so that readers have knowledge that this is an update .

11 – Make a spreadsheet guidelines

To avoid “white,” the best thing to do is to create a document to allocate ideas that will emerge over time.

What we suggest a spreadsheet for this purpose is to be created, and that you take the time to fill it with content ideas.

Another common situation is that often the ideas that we have to create new posts are born at times and unusual occasions. When this happens, do not let this idea go away and write it down somewhere. It may be in pad of paper, on your smartphone or on an application in the cloud.

If you want to learn how to be always with the full spreadsheet guidelines, we recommend reading the post “How to get the perfect subjects for your content” , where we talk about six different sources to create an effective content.