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This post was written by Luiza Drubscky, the Community Content Rock .

Many companies have already understood the importance of blogs to the digital marketing and, therefore, they are no longer a novelty. And one way to stand out among so many people writing is varied in the choice of content formats.

After all, after a while publishing the same types of articles, your blog will likely look to your readers. And it can reduce its recurrent sitting.

Avoid sameness, by the way, it’s good to to keep you motivated when creating content. No one can stand many months repeating the same formula, is not it?

Today, we will give you some tips to end the boredom in your blog. Are no less than 11 options of simple shapes to put in place for you to start now vary. Follow:

1. Lists

You are reading a list, you understand? You probably like them because soon know at first how many options will give you.

And because each intertitle corresponds to one of these options , which speeds up the reading. If you want, you can even pass the eye quickly by each of them and voila, you have your 11 new formats in seconds!

If your blog is like most – and if you measure the results of it, an indispensable part for those who make digital marketing – will end up coming to the conclusion that the numbered posts are the most read.

2. Tutorials

A good portion of people who find your articles in Google is looking for solutions to very specific problems.

That’s why the tutorials are so clicked, read and shared on the Internet and beyond. They are a type of very detailed content and guaranteed to increase the average length of stay of your blog.

And if you do not know, length of stay is one of Google’s criteria to evaluate your site and you put up there, on the first page of searches!

Think about it, depending on the problem that your readers want to solve, they can spend a good time with the page open for reference while solving.

The tutorials are also good opportunities to create deeper content, even if your buyer persona is not to read very long texts, for example.

3. Reviews

The reviews are videos or texts with a technical analysis of a product or service. It is interesting that they blend expert information with personal opinions.

If your business is an e-commerce , it is almost mandatory to publish reviews of the products it sells. But not only for those who make virtual sales they serve.

People love to hear from bloggers about all sorts of things. So if your blog has a more opinionated character, find a product that has to do with the content of your blog – even if you do not sell this product – and make an analysis.

Many people will be interested in your opinion and this will generate clicks.

4. searches

The big reason to use research is that the numbers are the best arguments that exist. You publish data favorable to the use of a product or service, for example, and has a greater chance that this text convert into sales.

But for this it is necessary that such research there . If there are, it’s yourself who should order them and it does not come cheap. It may even be incompatible with the budgets of digital entrepreneurs who are starting.

A practical and inexpensive solution is to write texts that publish and comment on research conducted at the request of other companies. You target the most interesting data for your audience even if it was not you who raised them.

5. Infographics

And speaking of research, the best way to present them are infographics . Ever noticed how images and colors help memorize information much more easily?

In addition, most people learn in a very visual way. If you can create content with a good design, color combination and strong appeal to the eye, a good chance that it will be perfectly assimilated.

And that generates more results, in the end.

6. News

Some events related to the main subject of your blog can generate a lot of traffic for you, if well exploited. So it may be worth News them.

By doing this, start by presenting the subject more generally, that is, changes that this new event entails. Then send your opinion or make an analysis.

Remember to include a link to a respected media outlet that reported the issue before you. Websites of newspapers and magazines have a lot of authority on the Internet, and link to them will be very good for your SEO .

And do not forget to make the part of the analysis. It is what will make your special post, compared to many other sites that are writing about the same topic.

Just one detail: when analyzing posts like this after a few months, do not be alarmed if you notice a sudden drop in the number of views.

The news is contents of “short shot”. They are very successful when they are published but lose strength after a while.

7. Podcasts

The audio content are still relatively uncommon in Brazil, but I do huge success in highly respected sites out there.

Together with the texts, perhaps podcasts are the cheapest options content. All you need is the microphone of your smartphone, a quiet place, a good subject and a briefing not to lose the thread.

And, of course an account on SoundCloud , which is the platform where you will store your recordings and use for embedá them, that is, enter the audio pages of your blog.

8. Video, the most promising among the content formats

The videos are the big trend content for a couple of years. According to research , more and more people will access this type of content, from now on.

They are a bit more work than the other formats that quote, but remember that the most important thing is not always the technical quality of them. To create videos to your blog , prioritize a certain frequency and the content itself.

Of course, if you sell online courses in this format, for example, they must be of excellent quality. But it is not necessary to post videos in full HD every time you update your blog.

If they are useful to your audience, people will not mind if they were recorded with the camera of your mobile phone or latest generation lenses. The important thing is to have a strategy and use the videos to solve the problems of your persona.

9. Guest posts

That you are reading right now is a post guest. The blog of the Community Content Rock was asked to tell you all about the main content formats here in the Hotmart blog.

Invite experts to write on your blog is very good for several reasons. For example, you exchange links, which leads traffic from one blog to another.

Also, can you give a “refreshed” the content of your blog, leaving the sameness and still offering a different point of view from outside.

10. Interviews

By the same token, you can attract traffic to your blog when you interview someone who has something interesting to say to your audience.

In fact, called “interview” can pass an overly formal idea of ​​this type of content. The interviews in blogs are more relaxed chats where views are exchanged.

The organization of this type of content should also give rise to certain informalities. It is interesting that you have a general line to follow, with some questions of ideas.

But if the thing takes other paths, do not worry. For those who watch or read an interview – it can be published on video or in writing, by the way – a dose of surprise in the development of the conversation is key.

11 Serial Posts

All types of content we mentioned can be condensed or extended. That is, you can determine the size of a post only by the idea that has the importance of that content.

For example, a post about digital marketing can be divided into 4 parts. More generally, with the theme, followed by another that talks about creating content for blogs, then a third on social networks and on the latest email marketing.

Split your content has so many advantages: you generate links between content and the next course, which helps in SEO. Moreover, deepens the approach generates authority and still goes that idea of “scenes from the next chapter.”

The important thing is always to create new experiences for your audience . By doing so, you push in your readers that good feeling of something unexpected, as if each piece of content was unique.

If you can join this new flavor to effective solutions to real problems of them, your blog will stand out of course! Vary your content pieces with videos enlightening, entertaining podcasts and objectives, lists, guest posts, infographics, reviews, lists …

And if you want more tips on each of these formats, just enjoy the Page Community Content Rock on Facebook. We let you know about each new article that appears!