11 behaviors necessary for you to relate better to your followers and to have results in social networks

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Social media are new ways to communicate, conduct your business and to relate to any group of people. It opens doors for conversations, relationships and communities around your brand in ways that were not possible before.

With the power of the social networks of all sizes can share their products and services in real time with those who are connected.

But how to open this new channel of communication in social media authentically?

I assembled this list of 11 tips for building authentic relationships on social media. Start now to change the way you use social media.

1. Worry about your followers

People do not care about you until they know how much you care about them.

When you really have care and concern for others, not just with you, it shows in everything you share on social networks.

2. Be curious

Who do you find interesting?

  • Someone who is interesting;
  • Someone who is interested in you;
  • Someone who is interesting and is interested in you.

The answer may be the second, third, and rarely the first. When you have no interest in what people think about your business, you stop caring about what they speak.

3. Contribute to the community

You need to bring something for the barbecue, and need to have value!

Participation in social media is very good, but make a real contribution is even better.

There are companies that say they do not know tinker with social networks. Usually justified with excuses like “I do not bring results for my business” or “know not to mess with these things.”

They are wrong. Every local business is within a community around you. Make valuable contributions and see increase its connections with people who never had contact before.

Remember: Featured on what others can not!

4. Focus on content

Content is the basis of any participation in social networks, be a blogpost, a podcast, a video, a photo on Instagram – all this is to create content.

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If you constantly produces compelling content that directly reflect the doubts and pain of your audience, you have a winning combination!

Produce interesting content takes time. And produce attractive and content focused entirely on your audience takes even longer.

You can treat it as “work” or understand that this is an “investment”. The second option will bring more return you over time.

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5. Be clear

It is implied that good content is already clear. I refer to clarity in view of the audience.

Its content is valuable if a person leaves the time to “doubt” to “clarity”.

Doubt removes one of the most valuable things a person: time. If your content helps it to have more clarity on an issue, you gave not only information, but a gift.

6. Talk to your audience

In social networking, your goal is to gain more engagement. Engagement is the highest level of emotional connection.

This begins with the conversation. The conversation is when two or more people are listening or sharing. These two actions are very important to participate in social networks.

The more you are engaged in conversation, the more it increases the collective capacity of the participants.


7. Be creative

There are almost no barriers to entry in social networks – this means that anyone can join a social network at any time.

You need to do something to stand out from others and that’s where creativity makes the difference.

Exercise your imagination and let your creative side flourish. Spend more time to see if there is a different way to say what you want to communicate.

What can you do to make your message more interesting? Make that extra effort to get better rewards.

8. Help the Community

No one can achieve great results alone. You need the community around you to help you.

If you look at it another way, in fact the community needs you – as well as others within the community can not reach long distances alone. Anything we can do to help the community to be stronger will benefit everyone.

Things are intertwined when it comes to a job within a community. Your level of influence rises when their concern and contribution also increase. As these qualities become increasingly part of you, it is easier to make even more valuable contributions. It’s a vicious circle.

If you want to test your level of engagement within a community, ask yourself: if my company disappeared today, what the empty size I’m going to create?

There are no right or wrong answers to this question, but whatever the answer, it should give a good indication of the value you bring to the community.

9. Have courage

There are different ways of being in social networks – one in the stands and another in the field.

Things tend to be more interesting when you are on the field. The best way to get the field position to take something really significant. This requires a lot of courage.

Take the position on something that has meaning has advantages and disadvantages.

On one side, you automatically belong to a tribe that has ideals similar to yours; on the other, you can alienate people who do not share their views.

You need courage for it. Remember, we can not please everyone.

10. Do not be afraid of change

In a world that is changing so fast, the social networking system also changes at the same speed. The only constant thing in social networking is changing.

What was really cool yesterday, is a commodity in today’s times and history tomorrow.

Tools, practices and engagement models change. The philosophy and principles remain, but the way that they manifest changes rapidly.

11. Engagement

Because of the low barriers to access to social media, it seems easy to succeed in this environment.

Unfortunately, things you see are only a small piece of a universe of billions of people. Simply create a fan page on Facebook is not a synonym that things will be easier, you need to invest time and commit daily to achieve good results.

Think of social media as an amplifier of the things you do. If you have any significant contribution to make, social media will amplify this contribution. However, you need to strive to be able to make a contribution that has meaning. For this, you need commitment.

It will also be more exposed, since it is the main asset within social networks – which means you need a high level of commitment to continue to fulfill the implicit promises you are making your personal brand. If it disappears for days, without contributing value to its base of friends, you will seriously weaken the visibility of your brand.