10 ways to get ideas for your blog content

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The fear of the blank, vacuum folio, becomes common when you spend writing: there comes a time when the ideas seem to have been exhausted, and in the time to plan next content, or write, does not come any idea to the head.

This happens not only to the blogger, but anyone who bases his work on generating content (community managers, writers, etc). There are different ways to force our creativity to come back to our side, so we can create epic content to be shared on social networks and add value.

How to get ideas for creating content for your blog?

Then I’ll show you ten ways to find content ideas for your blog, so that it may be easier to fight syndrome blank:

1. Groups LinkedIn

Discussions and news generated in Linkedin groups are an inspiration. I usually go to them when I block and I do not arise ideas fluently. Prior to this step, you’ll need if any chosen and tested: looking for groups that have to do with your industry (if you write about this), or related sectors: for example, if you work in marketing, communication agencies, Advertising and Networking can pose talks interesting.

If you want to be even more productive and stay not only in reviewing debates, participate, share content and opinions question. Not all Linkedin groups are very active, but in the case of Marketing and Communication, groups frequently updated with contributions from its members. I leave a list as an example:

2. Conferences and events

Congresses and events in your area you can find an excellent source of information for your future content. Please note that if you have a good panel of speakers, you’ll also gain experience of them.

Not only you get information and ideas of conferences: the questions asked by the audience after finishing them, as well as networking sessions during breaks allow you to connect with other people who have concerns and questions to solve. A stimulating conversation at a conference I have taken different ideas for new posts.

Another way to make your attendance at these events is to report on your blog the most interesting points of the congress conference. It’s a good way to check out one or more items of good quality and relevant to your sector.

In the case of Digital Marketing, in 2016 there will be various events in Spain that you can attend, some of them free, or affordable. Here you will find a list of planned events.

3. Comments on articles

If you already have a blog up, or queries industry blog, do not forget that you leave comments in articles. They are an excellent source of ideas, as readers consult doubts that have not been given clear about the article. From these questions you can develop new content, including, creating series on a specific theme.

Included those comments negative you are going to be helpful: Before you take them as they an offense ( it is clear that we anyone like to get us failures), consider whether you really that reader is giving a reasoned opinion, and you can draw from that a new idea for critical content.

4. aggregators and feed readers

News aggregators and feed readers are an inexhaustible source of ideas, if you know to take advantage. Well – known blogs like The Creature Creative , have a good supply of sources that give them information or ideas for future items (if you look at the blog mentioned at the end of their posts always cite the source from which it comes information).

How to take this advantage? For feed readers (I use Feedly), I recommend getting off each mobile or tablet, and add interesting sources (blogs and websites with content that interests you). To find these fonts, you can:

  1. Search blogs and sites that usually read in the reader. You can also add feeds directly, generally they have a format type http: www.dominio.es/feed .
  2. Watching the blogroll of blogs you read: while not as common, many still retain blogs blogs recommendations to friends, who generally have similar themes. For example, in the section of Friends of the blog Advertising time you can find recommendations to other blogs.
  3. Look at the links posts blogs you read: both in content and in the end, we can find interesting sources add.
  4. Find new blogs on news aggregators: as MktFan.

In reference to news aggregators, although you can find blogs to add to Feedly, you can also find items that inspire you to create new content. In the case of Marketing, Social Media and Communication, I recommend the following aggregators:

  1. MktFan
  2. Menéame (in section Technology):
  3. Bitácoras

5. content curation tools

Information overload to which we are subjected has led to the emergence of a new profile, content curator, which is the professional news filtering so that later we read through different platforms.

However, when we can not count on this professional, there are tools that perform similar functions and that can help us with news filtering, to inspire us to create our own content.

Among the tools we can use content curation is:

6. Sources in English

Read blogs, magazines and books from other countries can bring us great ideas. I especially like the US sources, because in them I find ideas for content and very little interesnates treated in Spain.

At the level of Marketing and Communication 2.0, the following sources, which have excellent English content I recommend:

7. Keyword Tools

Keyword tools, such as planner key words Google Adwords, you can bring different ideas about a particular subject.

In addition to the known planner, I recommend some not so familiar tools, which are free and can help you find inspiration from searches you do:

  • Übersuggest : collects phrases giving suggestive of Google and sorted alphabetically.
  • Soovle : find the words related to your search in major search engines: Google, Bing, Amazon, Answers.com, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Youtube.

8. Reports and professional journals

Within reports and magazines, you can find information, articles or whitepapers that inspire you to create your own content. Not surprisingly, as happens with Linkedin groups, these publications often pick up the latest trends and news. Moreover, apart from the paper publication, usually have their own website where updated with relevant news or content added, if applicable. I pointed some recommendations linked to the world of marketing and the company:

9. Training Courses

Creating (good) content is not an exact science, but that does not mean you can not learn. There are many courses in professional blogging or copywriting that teach you how to express yourself better market, and how to get good ideas for your content.

These courses usually stimulate the imagination of who makes them, in addition to improving skills. They are a good choice for those who often have the problem of blank page when planning your content because they provide discipline to the art of writing.

Among the training courses that I recommend, for its practicality, they are:

10. Disconnection

Sometimes our mental block should think too much about the problem, paradoxically: Not surprisingly, the best ideas come after leaving aside the blank page and take a walk, go to the gym or sleeping. Therefore, relax, unwind and stop thinking about the remaining work may be the best solution.

eye! This does not imply Procrastination (yes, that word so fashionable) or habitual laziness have to be disciplined in your search, and, on reaching saturation, stopping to free the mind and resume ideas.

I hope this article has been helpful. If you think you may be interested in someone else, feel free to share!