10 Tips to maximize your marketing strategy before the holidays.

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Halloween is over and we have an eye on Christmas: in meet with family and friends, gifts that we share, and of course, in binges that we will have. But before you get this, and you can enjoy it as it should, we will present the results of this year and plan for the next.

Before making the gift list, we recommend making this list of 10 things you should do in your marketing strategy to ensure positive results in the next year.

To be ready for the holidays and December holidays, we recommend thinking about what can done to stop that are totally relaxing vacation? In your case may be those things so that your boss will not notice your absence, but more importantly, you should ensure that your company does not miss the opportunity to follow up on those leads, and continue to attract traffic and prospects that have to nourishing for the first months of next year.

These are the 10 shares that you implement in your marketing strategy before the holiday season to ensure results. 

1. Creating content time

Creating content is paramount to the Inbound Marketing, with the holidays just around the corner, customers in both B2C and B2B industries are looking ahead and close sales processes or make those purchases before the holidays and year-end. 

2. Design your campaigns according to the season from now

Prepares materials, landing pages and calls to action (CTA) aligned with the holidays, for Christmas this we recommend using images and other parties to communicate your message in a harmonious, fun way and referring to the season.

3. Align your content to the needs of your audience during this season

The first step is to think about who will want to read the content: your buyer person. Put yourself in your buyer person and think what kind of content is going to be interesting to read, what type of content will search the web, in order to appear the first to Google and what a find you in time!

I recommend you read this article that explains how to create effective content based on the decision phase of your buyer Person: Creating content for each stage of the purchase process your customers in 3 steps .

4. Schedule the distribution of content to fit the holidays

Content distribution is as important as creating it. As responable of modern marketing, we have the advantage of being able to program content distribution on different channels. Do not let scheduling publications vacation days, they are still important to generate traffic. We also recommend scheduling the most attractive offers before holidays.

Similarly, social networks may not notice your absence, so it is crucial that you prepare all your posts before you leave and not worry So!

With HubSpot tool, you can not just program your networked publications, but control those of your classmates.

5. Make sure the machine is bearing fruit Inbound  

December may be a difficult month because we have to combine the holiday with the tasks of presenting results. Therefore, the alternative starting Inbound Marketing can make the difference for success.

Inbound Marketing methodology is the best strategy to turn visitors into customers even when you’re on vacation.

The analogy that I use is that of a car: We bought the car ( platform Inbound Marketing ), we put gasoline ( quality content ) and we start to move ( marketing automation ).

There are many ways for marketing automation help you, from the work of early marketing funnel (TOFU) to work hottest leads (Bofu).

6. Send newsletters weekly

If you have to send to your customers or leads weekly notifications, will continue to receive while you’re on vacation. In HubSpot tool, you can schedule sending the newsletter and send it to the list of leads that you have previously defined.

It will not be a mass email to all your contacts database, but a personal message to the segment leads you wanted to select.

7. Nurture your leads through relevant emails

This is where workflows come into play or also called workflows . With HubSpot tool, you will be able to nurture leads during these weeks of holidays in December.

Be sure not to schedule emails on holidays and create lists targeted to direct your message to the right audience.

You can segment using different criteria such as leads who bought a year ago, or leads who sought certain products or services your company. Any kind of criterion serves to introduce a workflow sending automated emails. You can send, for example, a first email and 5 days, another will be sent as a follow up. All this is set according to the person go interacted with the first email, ie, just a second email is sent if the first is not opened, and so on.

For details of the workflows in HubSpot and its benefits, I invite you to read this article: What is Marketing Automation and what are its benefits .

8. Notify your sales team when a lead back to your website

The key to your success as a marketer is to show the sales team (or sales) are implementing actions that serve to close new customers. It is therefore very important to notify them when a lead again showing interest.  

With the tool HubSpot, you can send an email to trade automatically, even when you’re on vacation, so that they know when a lead is ready to buy, so contact you and help you when you need it.

 9. Control your social networks influence on who is talking about you?

Inbound Marketing specialists, we know that social networks are not only effective if content is published. You have to answer your followers, you have to listen or even have to see what is said about your brand. Thus, it is essential to establish streams of words or content that is relevant to your industry, so to mention it and not lose anything on the way.

Control who you mentioned using the “Social” tool in HubSpot, and for holidays, download applications on your mobile phone so you can follow up on them instantly and avoid returning to an inbox-social immense once they last parties.

10. Tell your boss progress on the objectives Marketing

Okay, your boss has approved vacation but you still head the results you promised to comply. Would not it be great that will create an automatic report with the results that you marcasteis and on the point where you are?

This is possible with HubSpot!

 You’ll be able to send your boss an email every Friday about the traffic, lead conversion and client. And even The amount of revenue being achieved thanks to the campaigns you ran a few months ago!


When the machine is set to run Inbound, there is no turning back to show results. You can go quiet Christmas holiday this December and start the new year well and reaching new goals from day 1 Perhaps you approve to get more vacation days next time!

Merry Christmas campaigns!