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Search keywords to optimize your content and generate organic traffic to your website is simpler than you think.

I have seen many articles on how to optimize content to have a good SEO positioning. Although, I’ve never read anything that explains step by step how to search for keywords and select the words that actually have relevance to write content.

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In this post, I want to explain the process that we use in Splash to generate our posts and seek to generate organic traffic.

I confess that we did not invent these steps. After reading a thousand blogs online and tried a thousand ways in search keywords, these are the steps we have more worked, so they are tested by ourselves.

It is a process that can be long but effective to position your website in search engines. I hope you will also help you to find best keywords, optimize your articles and generate more organic traffic.

1) Create a new worksheet Google Sheets

The first thing to do is enter Google Sheets and create a new worksheet. Give it a name and type “Keyword” or “Keyword” in the first column and row.

how to improve SEO

Now that you have a new document, it’s time to start working on your keywords and understand what to choose. This document will help you in each of the following steps.

2) Identify your ideal buyer

I would like to talk about ideals buyers ( buyer person ) and no potential customer. Customers can be many. But your ideal buyer, you should only have one!

Ideally I bought is the person with the greatest urgency in solving a problem, who has a higher purchasing power and the sales cycle is as short as possible. Looking to create your Buyer Person .

search by keyword

Also, you have to find a niche that is perfect for your ideal buyer.

Do not want to make the typical mistake that many entrepreneurs: Find a problem that we only have one person or a group of people very small!

It is extremely important that you take the time to think about your ideal buyer before moving on to Step 3.

3) Think like your customers

It is important to identify this person to think like they think. Think about the different ways on how they can find the topic of your content or blog post.

You never start using the Google Keyword Planner! It is a grave error and limit you to find different keywords that may be essential to generate organic traffic to your website.

Example of why not use Google Keyword Planner as 1st Step …

I’ll give you an example of why you should not use the Google Keyword Planner as a first step to search keywords and optimize your SEO content.

Takes paper and pencil. Now think of all the words that come to mind you about football. write them.

There are no bad or good answers. It’s brainstorm. We perform this exercise Splash with the team, and the keywords they said were:

  • Real Madrid
  • Messi
  • Stadiums
  • Spain
  • Pep Guardiola to Man. City
  • etc.

Now if you enter the Google Keyword Planner and write “football” as keywords, you will notice that as many searches focuses on the following words:

how to do keyword research

None of the words above we do in the exercise appear within most Google searches Keyword Planner (GKP).

Most football Search focuses on finding “resutlados of futblo” but when you ask people about it, they will use other words.

This is a huge mistake! Many times we go straight to search for keywords rather than put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and think like them. To really understand the issues that are of interest to them, it is a fundamental step.

4) Think of the search terms that your client uses

Define the topic of your blog post or content before searching keywords. To facilitate the exercise, I will use this post as an example.

Enter the subject of the post

For this blog post, I thought to write something about “keywords” into Google Keyword Planner.

Be more specific

I do not want to talk about using GKP to generate ads or search only long-tail keywords.

I want to talk about how to search for keywords or choose to write blog posts that have a good ranking in Google. I want to write a process that helps to you to be able to write better content to generate more organic traffic.

I want to write something that explains step by step how to search for keywords before writing a blog post and help people improve their positioning SEO on their websites.

Google it

How would the good Latin, now Googolealo. At the end of the search, Google will recommend more words or queries related to your keywords.

When you search for “keywords” you will notice that many of the changes probably will not help as they have no relevance to your blog post.

as to rank in google

If you type ” search keywords “, you will notice many variables and options related to the topic of your blog post searches.

how to do seo

This is key. Now write all these new ideas in your Google Sheet sheet. You can perform this exercise whenever you want or necessary.

The idea is to have as many variables of potential keywords and ideas before searching your keywords in the Google Keyword Planner.

generates synonyms

Look for different ways to say the same. I do not consider myself a person with a large lexicon. I have not the words come so fast. So I always support my good friend the dictionary. I am seeking synonyms of my keywords.

In this case, I am interested synonyms for ” select “, “seek ” and “process” .

Write each of the words that are relevant and can be used as synonyms for your opening words.

To choose

  • Select
  • Prefer
  • To opt
  • Choose


  • Ask
  • Rummage
  • Inquire
  • Find out
  • To explore
  • Take
  • Research


  • Development
  • Process
  • Phase
  • Process
  • Technique
  • Course

Some options are good, others not so much.

I now use these synonyms to describe the different ways to search on the same term. I write a column synonyms and I select to generate more potential keywords and themes for my blog post.

how to do seo

Looking for a relevant article in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the least used websites to generate content for many bloggers. And one of the places with the greatest resource of ideas for your articles. 

It can be used to see structures posts or languages you should use in your post.

For this blog post, I found the title “Keyword (search engine)”. In that same post I can see other words that can be interesting to look: importance of keywords, optimize a website, search engine optimization.

Write all these new words in your Google Sheet.

search by keyword

5) Generate a list of changes for your keywords search

Ubbersuggest is a tool that reviews the autofillers the Google search bar and will help you generate more ideas on your keywords.

An important thing to consider when using Ubbersuggest is that you want to be as specific as possible. Enter a keyword shorter, concise and relevant to the topic of your post.

In this case serious “keyword search” or “find keywords”

as to rank in google

Copy and paste the terms to add to your Google initial Sheet sheet. You ‘ll probably have a long list of your keywords. There are no bad or good ideas at this point.

6) Understand your competition (not direct) but content

Yes now! We begin to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. But not to search your words. Before we must understand our competition.

Using the Keyword Planner Google



Enter your keyword in Google and see the results within the search engine. Now, enter the Google Keyword Planner, and enter the URL’s of your competitors to generate more keywords related to your article.

By entering the first link, these are the results I get:

as used keywords google

Now write the results of words related to the topic of your blog post in your list. Do this exercise as often as necessary to understand.

At this point, the more ideas the better.

7) Enter your keywords in the search engine Google Keyword Planner

Select all the words in your Google Sheet sheet and copy them  the option to write your keywords.

how to do keyword research

This will facilitate the pursuit of all those words you found in the previous steps. Do not take the time to review the information yet. Instead download it all.

To download your data, select “Download” .

how to search keywords

A new menu will appear on your screen.

Select “Excel CSV” and open a new sheet in Google Drive. Thus to download all the data on your keywords, you will find all the necessary information without having to download and upload the file again.

as to rank in google

8) Select the keywords

Erases all information you do not need. Stay only with the columns with the information of your keywords, monthly search volume and difficulty of the same words.

Now select the first column and filter your results to higher volume words appear first.

as to rank in google

Now comes your work!

You need to select words with these three characteristics to have a good SEO positioning your post:

  1. Relevance: It is important that there is harmony between your post and the words you choose. Do not use words that have a high volume but have nothing to do with your content. This alone will result in a high bounce rate of your page.
  2. Volume: Look for words that have a high search volume. Or high enough to be attractive volume. Better if the volume is a keyword on your niche.
  3. Difficulty: Keywords with less than 0.25 difficulty are pages with low authority on the first page of Google search within.

Look for words that have low competition, high volume and are highly relevant to your audience.

There is no right formula for this exercise. For each industry and content of your website is different. This is where you have to use your good judgment to select the right words.

9) Research keywords again

Once you have selected your words, you need to dig deeper into your competition. Specifically with those words you ‘ll use for your post.

There are paid tools as Ahrefs that can help you automate this process. In this case, I’m assuming you do not have money to invest in these tools and you want to look for options at no cost.

Download extension MozBar for Google Chrome. Install it and performs the search again for each of your keywords.

This process may take time but is equally effective. Write each of your keywords in the Google search engine and check the results.

How to improve your seo

Having installed the plug-in MozBar, you will see the ranking of each page and backlinks for each of the results. This will give you a better idea about your competition as well.

Looking results with low competition and where pages have a low authority. This will make your article is one of the best – ranked searches on those specific keywords.

10) Choose your keywords

Once you’ve found relevant words, with high volume and low competition, write them down on paper.

These are the words you’ll use to write your post.

and … voila! Nowjust have to start writing.


In this post I have not explained how to optimize your article or blog post, because  I’m more interested to understand the process of how search keywords to write content and have a good SEO positioning your website.

These are the 10 steps that we use to select these words before writing our content . We have learned that quality is better than quantity.

I understand it’s a long but effective process. Splash, we have seen that 70% of the time to write a good article, is not able to write, if not all these previous steps of research and preparation before writing the first word of your article or post.

I hope these steps will help you as well to generate more organic traffic to your website.

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