10 “Proven” Strategies to Get Web Traffic

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For any online business, whether small, medium or large, traffic is everything or almost everything. It happens that without traffic there are no conversions . That is, no sales. It’s like having an open 24 hours a day locally and that no not one person. Is it possible to sell if anyone does not enter the business?

Impossible. As it is impossible to sell without getting web traffic . What do the big brands? Pay for web traffic through campaigns in Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so on . This is a strategy. Just one. There are many others that do not require money.

We’re talking about organic traffic , which comes because he knew the product or service through techniques that are not paid. It is a traffic more buying motivation. Let’s see what are the 10 strategies to increase your web traffic without spending money!


But wait a minute, are you already implementing follow-up and analysis of your web traffic?

It turns out that this is the first step before you start putting into practice any strategy to get web traffic: monitoring and analysis of results . To do a good job of tracking , you need to have these tools:

  1. google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Analytics AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Once you have all this in place, begins to track data traffic your website and landing pages. You can find out how many hits you have received and through which sites have landed on your website, among other important information to know how it evolves traffic. 

Now, let’s look at the specific strategies .

1. SEO

It is not a novelty. However, there are many who believe not apply SEO strategies (Search Engine Optimizer) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in digital planning because it requires considerable effort. Some experts advise implement both strategies.

With SEO longer-term results are obtained. By contrast, search engine marketing refers more specifically to advertising on Google (other search engines almost non-existent), so that the results are short-term.

The recommendation is: learn SEO through online tutorials or hire someone who knows what he ‘s doing.

2. Guest Blogging

This is the blogs guest . It is a back and forth process in which it is assumed that everyone should win (Win-Win). Let’s assume you have a blog and want to implement marketing strategy Guest Blogging.

How to start? The first thing you have to do is find blogs of authority on the subject and with a good level of reach. It can be quite complex to accept your request to participate in their blogs when it comes to popular sites, but worth a try. That only one of them will be allowed to participate, traffic your website will benefit.

It might also request otherwise: that a popular blogger that write for your blog site. Or both: you write for this blog and he writes for yours. You see it? Both they win.

3. Traffic Instagram

This is one of the easiest options to reach. For what reason? First, because the organic scope in Facebook has decreased considerably . For you see, you have to pay. Except that in terms of content you can make a very interesting proposal or generate, mostly, audiovisual material.

Second, because Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds . It has excellent range and publications are very visual . This does not mean that you are going to publish content have to be improvised. DO NOT. There must be a specific strategy and you have to really know what you do for work Instagram. Image is everything in Instagram.

But once you give visual identity to your brand and get good results in terms of engagement, Instagram is an excellent way to get web traffic. Your profile should include the address of your site and when you post, you have to submit a “call to action ” so that people are directed to your site. In addition, it is recommended to use relevant hashtags and interact with your followers or other brands.

4. Facebook Groups

In the latest news from Facebook, the groups have had the main protagonist . They have been regarded as the key to generating community . And generate community is the new mission of Facebook . With new analytical tools, groups are becoming places of conversation and exchange between people with the same interests. Great opportunity for brands!

In relation to traffic, you can not only create your own group, but also be a member of those popular groups within your market . Do not abuse the resource comment on your brand. Just do it or directs people to your site when what is of value contributions to the group conversation . Perhaps many of these prospects then become customers


5. Email Marketing

If you are not implementing an email marketing strategy, you’re missing out on green to all traffic that is missing you. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best methods to get web traffic . Some time ago even the effectiveness of mailing was discussed. Postcron in this article, you will find information and techniques to learn more in this resource DEPTH: Introductory Guide to Email Marketing: What yes or yes you have to know before you start your campaigns .

6. YouTube Marketing

Given the reach of YouTube , it ‘s easy to think that can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. However, there are not many who dare to create videos of your brand on YouTube. It is not so easy. To do this, you need to write scripts and be very strategic with what you have to say . It all depends on the brand. The truth is to be encouraged and test.

The recommendation is to create instructional videos that really add value to the audience. And like almost all digital strategy, it takes time and effort. But worth it if it proves successful.


7. Webinars

Web seminars are being really powerful when it comes to attract followers and increase web traffic. In the case of infoproductos, they are the most important to increase visits and sell online courses means. But they can also be used for brands that bring value from its content strategy.

8. Marketing Content

The Content Marketing must be understood as an axis through the entire digital strategy . Despite this very important feature, there are brands that have nothing planned around the content that will post on their social networks. They not think about how or when.

It turns out that the content is still the most important thing in getting web traffic. Any of the other strategies will depend on the way you communicate with your customers and show them how your messages. From the words to the text.

Once you have defined a content strategy as to what, you have to think about how to distribute it so that you occupy the shortest possible time and reach more people . The organic range improves if you post frequently on social networks. And the greater the number of people who see you, the more chance to improve traffic.

For this task of publishing permanently not tedious, Postcron is the solution. It allows you to schedule posts across all social networks and choose up to the time they are published.

9. Optimize your site for mobile devices

Perhaps no longer need to clarify this. But it’s so important that can not be passed high. The Future of Social Media is projected on screen girl. If the website is well optimized for mobile, you’re losing a lot of traffic.

10. Create a Blog

Finally, it is necessary to give the importance it deserves to having a blog to get web traffic. If you do not have one, get to work and do not think it’s easy. It entails a great effort , but again it is necessary to say that if your content adds value, is widely effective strategy to increase visits to your website.

Very good! We have reached the end of this article. There are other strategies to increase web traffic, but we have chosen what we consider more practical to implement and better results. Have you tried any of them? What you implement strategies and which ones you have worked best? We look forward to your comments!