10 mistakes that end with engagement on your Facebook

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You have created a fan page for your business, but it has not generated many reactions, comments, shares or conversions? So it’s time to turn on the yellow light!

This is the time to stop to analyze your strategy Digital Marketing on Facebook and why it does not bring the expected return.

It can be a problem of planning, quality of published content, lack of investment among other details that often go unnoticed in our eyes.

For this reason, we have prepared a list of 10 errors on Facebook that end with the engagement of the page for your business. We will talk about its consequences and possible solutions.

“Ah, but I have not faced such problems in my fan page …” Read text the same way! By knowing the major flaws, you already know how to avoid them in its management.


1. Do not take into account your persona

When you publish something on Facebook of your company, the profile of your persona is considered?

You check if that content is of interest to followers, has a language close to them or if the approach can please them?

Well, maybe you’re slipping on that point. Take into account their personas is make use of its features to adopt an appropriate style to that of what they like.

For example, a page that speaks to a younger audience and hip will not have the same editorial and behavioral line of a fan page that talks to micro entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises.

For more you can print a more informal tone in the language, both have public profiles and with different interests.

Logo and study their personas and their goals, problems, usage habits of social network (may help to know the best time to post ), topics of interest, among other features.

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2. Ignore the participation of followers

Despite being an unbelievable mistake, there are many brands and companies who insist on committing it. But if Facebook is a social network , it makes no sense not to be sociable with people you interact with.

Most of the time when the followers commenting on their posts, citing publish your page, mark your fan page in other comments or send private messages, answer them.

They may have questions, compliments and suggestions that can generate interesting insights for your business.

An important detail: you do not need to answer everyone! After all, a lot of people doing comment spam and creating unnecessary controversies. Therefore, filter these interests!

3. Avoid or delete the criticisms and complaints

Receive negative reviews are far from pleasant, but they also do not need to be countered with exclusions.

So, never delete any criticism or complaint substantiated. If a follower became dissatisfied with your product or not agreed to the presented content, solve the problem with professionalism.

Try to understand the reasons for these dissatisfactions and assist the public to address them. Show to your audience that your company does not escape the problems and is willing to solve them.

Moreover, every complaint is a way to enhance their offerings and their contents. Appreciate other points of view is important to improve and to expand its presence on Facebook and thereby engage a larger base of followers.

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4. Talking too much about yourself

Publish many posts that exalt your brand, company, product or service is something not always interests the public.

Think about the values ​​that self-promotional content such as these would bring to his followers. Will these posts the fun, educate, inform or entertain?

One must take into account that their publications hardly reach 10% of users who like your page. Moreover, the posts will be vying for space with updates and news from family, friends and closest groups.

The dispute over the feed is very tough not to bring highly relevant content to your followers. Tips, explanations, tutorials, assessments, memes and market news are some types of post that can generate a nice engagement for your fan page.

Of course you also need not fail to promote, but do it on a smaller scale. How about applying the Law of Pareto? 80% of the content that add value to users and 20% more trading posts. It is a principle mentioned and used on many pages.

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5. To exaggerate the frequency of posts

Worse than being narcissistic, it is to be boring! No one likes pages that are spamming, that is, that publish the same things over.

Even if a page does not repeat posts, it is important that control your momentum. Exit publishing something different every time is waste of time and content.

Rather than quantity, consider the quality and consistency of your posts. Better bring valuable content 5 per week than 6 post random stuff a day. The public can get away from your page and fail to follow it over time.

You can create an editorial calendar for the fan page for your business. Set days and previous schedules and, if possible, schedule your posts to ease some of your life.

6. Do not change the formats of publications

This is another practice that often hinder the growth of a page. If you only publish photos and links from your blog posts, how do you know if it would have more engagement with other content formats?

Moreover, people have tastes and different ways to use Facebook. Some users may prefer photos, others may enjoy more videos, others participate more than lives … Anyway, there is a certain heterogeneity in a base of followers.

So, bet on the diversification of their posts. Tailor your content in different formats and explore it with their audience. After a while, you’ll discover which types of publications more cause reactions in the public.

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7. Do not think of mobile users

This is a detail for which many do not heed, but not always the content posted on a page are friendly for mobile.

As you know, the way a person uses Facebook for the smartphone is quite different from those who access the computer.

Besides the smaller screen, there is the factor mobility in history. The public can view your content wherever you are (at home, in the car, on public transport, at school, at work, on the street etc.).

And this is a point that should be taken into account when preparing content. For example, if you post a picture that contains text, does this passage would be read on a smartphone?

Therefore reflect better each time you post something on your fan page. Information on their personas help at that time.

8. Missing timing to address certain issues

Facebook, like other social networks, is a platform that reflected the very issues that are of general interest.

Every now and then you can see a meme, a controversy, a rumor or news began to spread very easily.

For example, who can not remember the viralizado set of “9 truths and one lie” that packed the feed of millions of users in Brazil for a few days?

Many of these topics, as this game can represent good opportunities for your page to create content or offers on them.

However, all that is viralizado has a high peak growth as its fall. So enjoy these innovations and trends as they reverberate as you get little engagement to talk about something outdated, does not it?

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9. Failing to invest in Facebook ads

A very common mistake of many entrepreneurs in Facebook is to wait for your page grow only organically.

For some years now, the organic scope of the fan pages is greatly reduced. The reasons? Facebook, besides wanting to bill some money, want to improve the experience of its users to prioritize content from friends and people nearby.

Therefore, separate a budget to invest in Facebook Ads. You will be able to increase the reach and engagement of their posts, attract followers, convert Leads lead visitors to your website, generate sales … Finally, there are several objectives with which the platform can help.

The Facebook ad tool is also an interesting investment by targeting it offers. You can forward your pieces according to location, age, gender, relationship status, education level, tanned pages, buying habits and other personal interests.

Not to mention control over the budget and operation of the campaign. You spend as he wants and end to announce whenever you want.

All this guarantees more efficiency to your campaigns and makes your page into a productive tool within a strategy Content Marketing .

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10. Do not monitor the results

The reasons for your fan page does not have a good engagement may be in numbers. You know that information tab of your page? Then, there is what might be the solution of their problems.

In this tab, various information on the activities of your business page will be willing to monitoring. They are given as engagement by posts, conversions, ad campaigns, demographics of their followers etc.

You may find, for example, the types of publication that generate more comments and shares. This will help define the best formats, the best times and days of publication, the best content, among other things that will help your fan page to suit the preferences of the public.

If you close your eyes to the performance metrics will not be able to measure the reactions of followers and understand why they do not engage with their content.

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Marketing flaws in Facebook have diverse backgrounds, such as poor preparation of the content or the lack of interaction with the public.

The main problem is in the wrong sizing of these problems, as many page administrators realize a mistake and not notice how it can be detrimental to your strategy.

Henceforth, review the flaws pointed out in this paper and make sure you do not let them disturb more the performance of your page.

After all, you will not want to lose more engagement and business opportunities because desalinhou the content of their personas or because exaggerates the frequency of posts, is not it?

If you like to know the major mistakes on Facebook related to lack of engagement on fan pages, then you’ll love to know more 50 marketing tips that will make the presence of your brand to be more productive in this social network.