10 errors that are preventing conversions from a landing page

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The beginning of a strategy digital marketing is not easy, but brings promising results! Having a good public social networks, post content on your blog and invest in email marketing are great choices.

All these efforts are geared towards a final goal: the success of your business.

Therefore, they may be being wasted if you do not pay attention to one key metric: conversions.

If users are enchant with their strategies, but at the time of conversion, they do not complete the action, it is important to identify what is happening.

One of the most common problems are errors in landing pages . There are many mistakes that can hinder the performance of landing pages and the profitability of the business.

The landing pages are important elements in inbound marketing strategies, as they are responsible for making the user go to the next step of the sales funnel. So they should not be overlooked.

If you have this problem, you came to the right place!

In this article, you will know what are the failures that can disrupt your conversions and play all your planning down the drain. Read on and see!

1. Lack of A / B testing

The concept of A / B testing is straightforward. Basically, you compare the performance of one page to another. Just like you do in front of the mirror when trying to decide between two outfits to leave.

In the digital world, this simple process can mean the difference between success and failure of the strategy. They can reveal valuable data on your landing pages, and allow small adjustments to be made.  

The use of this feature opens an extensive range to establish parameters between page elements separately. For example, comparing two different colors of a conversion button and analyzing them.

Thus, you will be well aware of the behavior of your audience, making adjustments and checking what is the perfect format for your page.

2. Various offers within the same landing page

According to studies by MarketingSherpa, 48% of the landing pages contain multiple offers .

Think about it, you really want competition for their goal within your own page?

Many professionals insist on inserting menus, links to other articles, register of plugins for different tools.

Stop right now! A good squeeze page must be clear and objective.

This practice can increase up to 100% conversions of a landing page. And no, you did not misread. The numbers are really scary.

One must keep in mind that a landing page has only one goal, which is to take the user to perform an action. Whether it be a purchase, subscription or viewing a video, remember that you must have focus.

Many pages have multiple goals and calls to action .

Imagine how much a player can be distracted to find a place at the same time, there are elements inviting you to enjoy the Facebook page, commenting on the product, visit the partner sites and finally test the free version of a software.

3. Non-application of SEO

The optimization for searches Mechanisms (in English, Searching Engine Optimization – SEO) is a great way to make your conversion pages crawlable by Google and other search engines.

This further goes for e-commerces , as many users search for a product or service through the search bar. And, of course, you want to be among the top results, is not it?

The absence of SEO is the loss of a great opportunity to bring more users to your website. Therefore, the use of features such as choice of keywords , using alt text and meta tags is extremely valuable.

4. Forms complex

One of the most common formats of landing pages are those that provide content to the user and, in turn, requested some information about it. This type of action usually yields good results.

However, there are some classic mistakes, such as the little relevant data request or even other data.

This can ward off potential lead conversion. Hardly anyone answers a form with questions that do not make sense or are too long. Therefore, it covers only what is right for the content offered and necessary to its strategy.

To increase your conversions of a landing page, determine what information that really matter and be sure to ask only them. Later, you can provide other content and thus ask for further references.

5. Lack of optimization for mobile devices

The use of smartphones in Brazil grew 3.5 times in just four years . And it is speculated that, next year, there is a device for each Brazilian citizen.

Internet access through these devices also shows high rates of development. Therefore, you need to optimize every page of a website for mobile devices, including tablets and notebooks.

The reason is simple: you want the user to get to the main page in your strategy and you can not access it?

Of course not! Therefore, the responsive design is essential.

6. insufficient Landing pages

During the execution of a strategy inbound marketing , there are several steps.

Between phases of attraction, conversion and closure of business, there are several expected goals, such as signing a newsletter, downloading a rich material or simply a purchase.

So why should you have a unique landing page on your website?

The math is simple: specific objectives require specific ways. So create separate capture pages for different goals or personas. After all, you need to customize to meet in full its audience.

7. confused Design and excess elements

In this post, you’ve seen that complex forms tend to have poor performance. The same goes for the other elements of a landing page.

The page design should be clean, considering the blank spacing, positioning elements, amount of related items offered, color balance and navigability.

Thus, the user can focus only on what really matters, without distractions.

To be clear, here’s a tip: Generally, a landing page consists of:

  • an offert;
  • a form;
  • one CTA.

That’s enough to convince your potential customer and not cram his mind with unnecessary information that can prevent further conversions from a landing page.

8. Disregard the persona of problems

Even if you have an unmissable offer, people always have other options to consider.

Therefore, the customization of absence can become a big problem, and it is possible to lose some business opportunities.

You need to communicate with his persona . Show that you have the solution to their problems.

Some methods well known to cause a sense of empathy are:

  • period of free trial;
  • Guaranteed money back after a certain period of use;
  • variety of payment methods;
  • clear privacy policy;
  • favoritar possibility of a product to buy later.
  • ease of registration by Google or Facebook;
  • online support.

In this way, do you foresee the difficulties of persona and reveals that cares about their problems. This will surely be a great advantage to convince her.

9. High-page load time

One of the most important elements for the performance of a landing page is the page loading speed.

You may be frightened by the following revelation, but 74% of people give up the conversion when the landing page takes more than 5 seconds to load.

So it is strongly recommended that your page loads almost instantly, in the blink of an eye. Bringing this to the numbers, it is best if it takes less than 1 second to be completely open.

A good tip to check that element is through PageSpeedInsights , which not only provides details on the page, but it also suggests some modifications and applications to improve factors that hinder the speed.

Also remember to check it regularly, as each modification of the site may represent new parameters. As stated in the first topic, the A / B testing can help you here too.

10. Calls to weak action

One of the reasons why your conversions of a landing page are not having the expected results may be your call to action .

CTAs have a key role in landing pages, as they are the last barrier to the conversion or lead generation.

The choice of words may seem basic, but the truth is that only creativity is not enough to make them effective. You need to do tests. Small changes can make a big difference.

It should have focused on the persona, a consistent language and, more importantly, must be unique. Nothing to confuse the reader, remember?

So test the sentences that ensure greater impact and bring the best results and adapt them as needed. Thus, certainly your conversions are optimized.


In this post, you saw that there are some easy to repair errors that may hinder the execution of their digital marketing strategy.

Now, you are ready to solve your problems and adjust your landing pages!

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Guest post produced by the blog team Content Marketing .