10 books that every marketer should have in his library

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In the fast – paced world and constantly evolving, the key to success is to always observant, adapt and learn. Especially if you’re a marketer, n ecesitas learn endlessly about the industry and its changes.

There are a lot of books  available for beginners or professionals with marketing experience, but with so many options, it can become difficult to know what’s worth reading deserve.

In this article I share a collection of ten books that every marketer should have in your library to keep up with industry trends and Inbound Marketing.

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Each title addresses essential elements of the inbound methodology; from the positioning strategy and copywriting to performance and public relations. With them, you can get a comprehensive understanding of these issues.

I share these 10 books (with a degree in Spanish) that every marketer should have in your library:

1) The Purple Cow: Differentiate to transform your business by Seth Godin

When I entered IMPACT, everyone was talking about this topic. I remember I used to think  “seriously, am I the only person who has never seen a purple cow?”

Well, not exactly. I never really thought about that, but I would have done if we consider the popularity that had the book in the office and across the sector.

In The Purple Cow , Seth Godin, marketer and world-renowned author invites large and small businesses to create products and offer extraordinary ; things that would remain on everyone ‘s lips in the area and come to promote themselves and sell themselves.

While the book offers a wealth of inspiration and examples worthy of mention, also it ends with a list of feasible elements to create an extraordinary product.

Overall it is a must read for any entrepreneur.

2) Inbound marketing: attracting, interacting and delighting customers online Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

No one has more experience in inbound marketing Brian Halligan and Dharmesh that Shah of HubSpot. In this mandatory reading, technology giants describe the complex inbound methodology an easy way to understand and follow.

This reading Halligan and Shah is a wonderful introduction to the world of inbound marketing for any beginner because it addresses issues on how to use your website as a core marketing, sales opportunities and attract even on the sales funnel.

3) Do all commercials are liars? Seth Godin

Another book you can not stop reading Seth Godin.  Do all commercials are liars? talks about the importance of telling a true story as a brand and its role in inbound marketing.

It is scientifically proven that humans react to the stories they hear, since they make messages are easy to remember and have a deeper emotional impact statements independent. Therefore, despite the title of his book, Godin calls all great marketers “storytellers” and not “liars”.

Then use examples of organic products , Goodyear Blimp , and even Cold Stone Creamery to show the picture of the power of promoting a true story and how to achieve effectively.

4) Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

In the Blue Ocean Strategy , W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne analyze the idea that success lies in making your competition irrelevant. In other words, companies need to create “crystal clear” that are free from competition to grab your market and prosper.

As the team explains, this can be achieved by offering unmatched value with four principles:

  1. Create a space without market competition to rebuild the limits.
  2. Focus on the big picture.
  3. Making the most and go beyond existing demand.
  4. Able to execute the strategic sequence right way.

5) Hacker marketing growth by Ryan Holiday

Similar to “The Purple Cow” the Hacker Marketing Growth begins to climb from below, as it argues that you can create a great marketing when you have the product at your fingertips. If you create a product that people actually want or need, and then half of the territory conquered in your battles; You not have to sell the idea to the masses, as people asked to increase demand.

To begin with this solid Holiday teaches that companies need to abandon traditional marketing strategies and be creative with the use of low cost digital alternatives. It also shows the picture of his argument with examples of his own meteoric rise in the world of marketing, as well as stories of the giants of technology, such as Hotmail, Dropbox and Instagram.

6) The preset performance marketing model Paul Roetzer

Roetzer Paul speaks of view of an agency in recounting his experience in PR 20/20. The preset performance marketing model has a lot of valuable information for marketers in general.

In addition to his research and personal experience, Roetzer you shared processes, tools and strategies you need to create successful organizations oriented performance, while produces extraordinary customer experiences and settle a solid team.

7) The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott

This addition to our collection already reached its fifth edition, so I think we can say that it is very good.

This required reading, the author highly successful sales and marketing professional, David Meerman Scott, teaches traditional marketing professionals to use new and old methods to get to modern shoppers. From social networks and blogs, through press releases and online video, Scott has all the basics you need a marketing professional if you want to balance the inbound and outbound worlds.

8) Everyone writes Ann Handley

This book I must admit I am a fan, so much that I searched the writer in  marketing events to talk about your book.

Inbound marketing success depends mostly on the quality of the product that you generate and to be honest, nobody produces higher quality content that Ann Handley in his book.

In its flagship project, all write , Ann teaches his readers how to write more valuable and credible texts that really resonate with your target audience and increase conversions. In addition to these tips for creating content, Ann also includes a long list of resources you can use to keep learning and make your message reaches more people.

(Not to mention that with his unique sense of humor and references to popular culture, their book is full of quotations for publishing on Twitter).

9) Youtility Jay Baer

Do you help people or you are selling a product or service? That is the question posed Jay Baer companies in this bestsellingNew York Times.

As explained, Baer believes that if you sell a product to someone, you gain customer for a day, but if you help that person with valuable content, has unique experience and offer them a high quality product, you earn the customer for life .

If we take this into account, the book teaches companies how they can be “genuinely useful by nature” to stand out from the competition. In an era where everyone can create and share content, this is the only way your brand will stand out from the others, and Jay wants to make sure you will.

10) The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Last but not least, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing try to investigate the “science” behind the success of marketing. According to the authors, all successful marketing campaigns can attribute their achievements to the 22 laws described in his book.

Ries and Trout used the examples of brands like Nordstrom and Crest to prove their argument and show you how you can apply the 22 laws to the marketing of any company.

What other books have helped or inspired you as a marketer? Leave your comments below.