1 month for Black Friday: how to avoid security and infrastructure issues in your strategy

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If you’ve been following our series of posts on Black Friday, you know the importance of preparing in advance.

But to recap a bit, in the first post we talked about how to structure the campaign and avoid bad practices. Already in the second focus was to define offers, choose the channels to disseminate them and start communicating with potential buyers.

Now missing a month for November 24, shared infrastructure and safety tips for you to ensure a good shopping experience to customers.

Know your ecommerce platform

It is common for sites fall during Black Friday, because many companies hire shared server plans or limit access to end crowding due to the large movement.

To avoid problems it is important that you know the technical capacity of its platform. Find out how much traffic you will get receive because shared hosting can not handle peaks.

We need to talk to the provider hosting company to assess whether it is necessary to increase the plan in the period and how to do it.

Learn more about this post on How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for your company’s website .

Have site in HTTPS

Since the middle of this year Google SSL / TLS certificate.

This certificate is responsible for validating the site and encrypt information that the user sends or receives it. This makes it the most secure visitor.

In Google Chrome, sites that have adopted the appeal show a lock at the beginning of the address bar.


But those who have not adopted, may display a non-secure site warning when the user tries to access the page, especially those that ask for personal information from email to the number of credit card.

unsecured connection

If your site has not yet certified, it run after it before Black Friday, because the non-secure site ad can scare your potential buyers.

Give particular attention to the checkout page, where the user needs to provide sensitive information.

And the problems go beyond the date because the tendency is that the browser also prioritizes secure pages as ranking factor.

Review and set the stock

For an important day like this, it is essential that you review your inventory to avoid problems, for example sell 10 pieces but only able to send seven of them by an inventory error (it happens).

The expectation for the date is great, and you must not disappoint your customers for not having the product they desire.

Then, after selecting the products to be offered at a discount, see the quantities of each in its stock.

And do not forget to take off the air supply when the product is finished!

Have a SAC prepared

It is quite common that people have peculiar questions that are not in the product description. Keep an open channel for customers or potential customers can clear them, it transmits security in online shopping!

If promotions begin midnight, have a staff on duty from the time or even from before. This is one of the most critical moments of Black Friday, as many consumers are prepared to buy in the early hours in an attempt to seize the stock.

It is also important to rotate teams on duty all day.

So, ready for Black Friday?

This is a crucial time. If you have not started your strategy, start right now to chase the game . Take the opportunity to check out the other posts on Black Friday if you have not read.

In two weeks, we will publish the final article of the series, with the last actions you should do.

There and good planning! 🙂