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The advertising Camilo Coutinho has produced videos for traditional media and worked in large companies such as  American, Buscapé, Shoptime, Submarino and Young & Rubicam. But he found it was on YouTube.

Owner of a consulting on online business management and channel Silver Play , professional specialized in the largest site in the world videos and came to RD Summit 2017 to share tips on how to stand out among the thousands of hours of videos posted daily.

Meet some of them:


Content, strategy, quality and consistency, or CEQC (pronounced sexy !), Is a formula that Camilo Coutinho brought the United States to explain the components of a successful video.

To be seen, it is important that you know what you’re saying, produce content with strategy, have some technical quality and solve the problem of the audience.

Start by answering the following questions:

  • Who is your video? Who is your audience, what her online search and how does this research?
  • Which solution these people need? How your target audience will use the solution you offer to solve a problem?

script whip

After thinking about the answers to the above question, it came time to record the video. For this, Camilo Coutinho suggests whip script, which, according to him, serves to “95% of things.” Your video should include the following information:

  • Who is the customer
  • What he does
  • who buys
  • when you buy
  • What is the advantage of the product or service
  • What happens if you do not buy

What is the ideal time of the videos?

Camilo Coutinho, this question does not make sense. There is no ideal time. It varies according to your strategy. “The short videos are for people who do not know you, as long is for those who already know him,” he explains.

One idea is to answer more general questions making short videos of 30 seconds or 1 minute, attracting interest to your channel. If people like it, seek to know more through long videos, such as lectures or training.

Or, put another way, the optimal duration “is the time it takes you to tell your content, and not a second more,” he summarizes.

An example of success

Camilo Coutinho brought the example of a video that helped to optimize and who got visits in a few minutes.

When Lady Gaga had to cancel his performance at Rock in Rio in September 2017, the speaker did not think so many people would care. However, looking at the volume of searches, we saw that many people were looking for more information about fibromyalgia, a disease that prevented the artist to come to Brazil.

The channel Health in Routine then recorded a simple video talking about the disease.

The difference was not striking images, but the optimization: they worked the description, tags, thumbnail, among other items.

After only 13 minutes in the air, the video had 400 views, reaching the top of YouTube search position.

Thumbnail (thumbnail)

The thumbnail (or thumbnail), that still picture we saw before clicking the video, is one of the two elements that Camilo Coutinho considered the most important to optimize. “It accounts for 60% of click intentions,” he says. The other 40% are by title account, and it is fundamental and marry the two components.

Professional spoke of what he calls the thumbnail anatomy. Imagine a rectangle horizontally. Here you need to have several elements. The upper right corner, for example, is ideal for placing a numeral (1, 2, 3 …) if your video is part of a series. It may also contain an icon or logo of the channel.

Already the lower right area should be without important information, because it is when will the time counter. The information to include in this corner will not be visible. Use the left half of the rectangle to put important information such as the title.

See how was the thumbnail successful video about the illness of the singer Lady Gaga:

“I entered the world of Lady Gaga to do this,” he says. “I watch TV, listen to funk, need to know everything that people do – and if you work with communication, should do that too,” he advises.

Camilo Coutinho also recommended a tool called Vidiq that shows the ranking of videos.

peripheral content

Ok, you posted the video. You think it over? None of that!

Now it is the time to reclaim the audiovisual content, transforming it into other formats. Camilo Coutinho calls this peripheral content.

You can f aking a GIF or teaser calling for the video on other social networks, a square video with subtitles to Facebook, printar a frame image, producing a meme based on the content, record and publish the making of … The options are endless .


Another good way to resurrect your channel, give up the engagement or release a new video is making a live – live broadcasts that for Camilo Coutinho, are “engagement farms.”

But do not expect many people to get the video to start giving your message, or thanking name by name the people who enter. It is best to choose a short time at the beginning or end of transmission for such compliance. Show soon as it came!

To succeed on YouTube you need to briefly consider hearing, searches, content optimization, spraying, measurement – and in the end, start all over again.

“It’s simple, but it’s still,” he concludes.