Wix or WordPress, which one is the best?

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How to choose between Wix and WordPress platform?

Wix and WordPress are CMS platforms (Content Management System – Content Management System). Ie platforms up and manage content without using a programmer.

We suggest that these platforms are as simple as when you’re on Facebook and want to create a new page or a new group.

You do it within Facebook, using the template of them, without knowing any programming.

CMS tools work more or less this way, the fact giving more options to customize your content.

In addition, with a CMS platform you can have your own domain. What Facebook do not stop doing.

In fact there are several platforms and CMS Wix and WordPress are just the most popular. Other known are Squarespace, Joomla and Drupal.  Other focused on e-commerce are prestashop, magento, vortex.

This content will see the main differences between the two most popular (wix and wordpress) and how to choose between the two.

What are the differences between Wix and WordPress?

First it is worth remarking that both Wix as WordPress are designed mainly for order creation blog , which is the beginning of CMS (Content Management System).

Still today, the two are also used to create both institutional sites , as e-commerce .

Like a video site wpbeginner that shows the differences between Wix and WordPress  in different categories.

You need to analyze five categories to understand the difference between Wix and WordPress , as shown in this video.


With Wix   you do everything for free and you practically does not depend on a programmer. However, completely free model, you can not have your domain.

To have your domain, you need to pay a monthly fee!

In  WordPress , free platform, you have the option to host the site for free on wordpress.com domain.

If you want you can use your own domain. As?

  1. Buy your domain (R $ 30-40 / year)
  2. pay the rent on the server ( R $ 251.88 / year in hostgator ).
  3.  Ask for help from a programmer to setup and site maintenance.

Versatility Design

Wix works with the option drag and drop , or you can build your website playing and joining blocks already pre-built into the platform.

WordPress has a visual interface, but it has by nature the possibility of inserting blocks, unless you install plugins that allow to do this, such as Visual Composer .

Have you seen our article about Gutenberg, the new text editor WordPress ? Check out our article here!

visual themes available

Wix has about 500 templates to choose from.

WordPress has thousands of free and paid themes developed in principle open source (open source). So anyone can modify and adapt the code as own need. A programmer can take a theme from another and adapt it to their own needs.


Both platforms have a modular design, meaning you can add features to your theme through Plugins.

However the amount of free and paid plugins available for WordPress is much higher than in Wix.

For example, if you want to work your site SEO is critical to have a plugin that helps in your website optimization.

We at NoTopo, we are big fans of the Plugin for WordPress SEO analysis of your post and insert the various optimization tags without using the programmer.


Wix lets you turn your website into shop only in the paid versions and only with Paypal .

WordPress is more versatile and you can have your e-commerce free of charge, always through plugins .

The best known is the woocommerce , very suitable for those who need an e-commerce but do not have a high volume of production and sales. By the way for those who are now starting their own online store .

What about SEO? It is best to choose Wix or WordPress?

Google does not have an official position against sites.

Still there are many articles on the risk of de-indexation of Google sites on Wix.

By the same Wix admitted this problem, in January 2016, stating that he contacted Google. Apparently the problem was resolved, as reported officially this link .

And we believe that the problem was solved in fact, in January 2017 had an official communication of the same John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google,  saying that the Wix has no problem indexing or ranking in Google .

The point is that as seen above, Wix   is less flexible for custom changes, so if you’re thinking of something a little more than one institutional or pages classic blog , WordPress will give you more chance to make the site … the your face.

This versatility of WordPress can improve the visual identity of your website and to the experience of its visitors.

The problem is that these changes in WordPress require more than an integration ready blocks, you’ll have to work setting up these changes, to enter the correct tags ( title, H1, H2, meta description, etc.) and optimize part JavaScript code to make the site faster to load, etc.

In these cases a website in WordPress gives you the ability to move over and make your customization, not only visual but also clean the code. What we call toilet SEO .

So how to choose between Wix and WordPress?

In short:

Wix is ​​easier to move but is less versatile.

WordPress requires a little more knowledge of the Internet world, but is much more flexible.

So here are the rules to choose between Wix and WordPress

  • If you have a startup idea but do not know if it will work. In this case you are in the first phase of a startup 

In this situation you are not only unsafe if your idea works, but is also probably reluctant to invest heavily in something you do not know if it will work. In this case Wix is ​​your solution to be free and more intuitive

  • If your startup is already in full prototype stage (stage 3 of life of a startup) 

Being at this stage, you already have something ready to test the market and see if it works, you probably need to have the ability to add features as requests by the market. Here WordPress is the best solution

  • If you have man / hours available 

Speaking of features, many still think instinctively to financial resources. But actually the time resource is much more important.

We can mention the popular saying and even trivial that time is money , but I like more pragmatic poetry, the joining philosophy and real life day to day. It is then up to remember a phrase from Pepe Mujica, a former president of Uruguay , when he says:

when we buy something, do not buy with money, we bought with the life that we had to spend to get that money

If you have hours / man a disposition (yours or your partner or employee) and someone who can guide you for sure WordPress is the best solution.

If you have the time available but no one to guide you, go to Wix.


In summary, if you are at a stage where you are testing your idea to see if it works, is still riding your business, then you are with limited financial resources to hire experts, but more time available to tinker and test, then go to Wix.

This will not so negatively affect your SEO and you will start to deliver historical data business and website performance, completely free of charge.

In all other cases where your idea works, and need to leverage your business and the number of qualified visits to your website. In this case the solution is WordPress or even another platform designed specifically for your needs.

And you have experience in this regard? Want an opinion or take any questions?

Or do you have a theme you would like it to be covered in the Blog?

Then let the comment down here.