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Agencies that are already embarking the world’s Inbound Marketing understood that a blog is crucial for digital marketing strategy of its customers. However, many still follow the old adage ” blacksmith’s house, wooden skewer ” and do not invest in building their own blogs.

Follow this article by Felipe Sobreira *, the Flammo Communications Online , and see why your agency may be missing a golden opportunity and how to discard the old excuses of lack of time and staff to build your own content.

The reasons for your agency to have your own blog


You understand digital marketing, but does your customer also understands? What’s more, is that the public opinion former, directors, competitors, students and others imagine that your agency is inside the methodologies, trends and applications of digital marketing?

It is your blog that will solve this, addressing the issues of the day to day of your audience and showing him that you have authority and expertise in your area.

public approach

Has anyone ever asked you about something, while you thought “this guy does not know what you say, it’s not in my place?” This is exactly what many companies feel when an agency comes to them proposing several marketing solutions.

In your blog, you have the chance to show that also pants the same shoes of your customer. You discuss issues of the day his day. Sales difficulties, budget provisioning, team problems. Thus, he will see that his agency not only understands digital marketing, but also understands the reality of it.

Lead Generation

You want a better reason? Through his blog, you educate your prospects and show them that your agency understands the risk. They will not only want to keep track of your content, but will sooner or later, want to understand how you could help their companies to invest in digital marketing.

The agency’s blog will bring this visibility, and leave the business much more objective and assertive work, preventing you from having to be addressing Leads disqualified.

How to fit the blog management at the agency’s routine

Sure, sure. No one is saying for your agency fails to meet the customers and start investing all times to disclose itself. You need to keep your customers happy. But there are ways to maintain a blog investing a little less time and ensuring that time actually worth.

Has no staff? Outsource

Content marketing is a trend, and there are already good quality companies that offer this service in a scalable way and with enough quality. If you do not want to be controlling a freelancer, see one of these companies. They will deliver you content with cost – effective and high-level quality. All you have to worry is to post on the blog! See more about content outsourcing here.

Create a weekly routine

If your agency chooses to outsource (if you have no time, believe there is no better solution), separate an hour a week to take a quick look at the text and post on the blog. Place this time as a task on your calendar or in your calendar, and keep the routine constantly. Only one hour a week, I’m sure you have that time.

Set notifications

You do not want to overload your team with the blog management? Use technology to your advantage. Place the tool you use to be notified if any comments or conversions on your blog. So you need not be every day into the panel and see what’s going on.

How to ensure that the blog of the agency will be worth

If you got this far, I imagine that is already thinking about riding the blog of your agency and start to take advantage of this tool. But there is no point having a blog and content if you are doing things improperly. This way, you will lose your time and, especially, the time of your audience.

Speak the language of your audience

In short, good build their personas . And Hitch it to the result that his agency wants. If the intended audience are entrepreneurs and business owners, anything worth getting by talking to your blog on Pinterest, augmented reality, QR code and other advanced subjects. This audience wants to know sales, marketing problems, such as having to return internet. Address these issues in an intelligible form for your audience.

Keep periodicity

You already know that Internet users are bombarded by content every day. Because of this, no point you have a good post once a month. You need to post at least once a week. Thus, you increase the chance of its contents fall into the graces of his audience, and he will voluntarily return to your blog every week to see what happened again. But if he comes back and there is nothing new, rest assured, your agency will hardly have a second chance.


Who does not cry no breast. Surely your agency has its own channels of communication with its customers, partners and other contacts. A fan page, one mailing. They are inexpensive channels to explore high potential and because they are people who know you. Invest in a monthly newsletter and publicize your blog content. Post the news on Facebook and invite your followers to comment. If your agency has never done it, you will be amazed at the results.


Yes, yes, it takes time. But it is important. Within an hour you will have every week, take a peek in Analytics to see how are the hits and conversions. Try simple things like putting a call-to-action at the end of the post (see an example at the bottom of this page) or side of the blog. Over time, this tool can become a great ally in business processes.

Focus on long-term

That’s the golden rule. If your agency will invest as little time as possible in his blog, the results will come in the long term, but they will be very interesting. Keep investing in content. Keep following your weekly routine an hour and ensure a focus on their personas. Over the months, you will see the inevitable organic growth of its access , and begin to generate high quality Leads , which simply appear due to its content is of high quality.


Your agency has understood and has successfully applied the inbound marketing and content marketing to your customers. But you can not refrain from applying these methodologies indoors. With the growth of the concept and trends, time will cherish who started investing earlier.

So get to work! Choose your favorite theme wordpress and start generate content for your blog!

* Felipe Sobreira is managing partner of Flammo Communications Online, and has been operating for over 8 years in digital marketing projects market, having attended brands like MRV, Vallourec, Fiat, Government of Minas Gerais, among others. His biggest challenge is to ensure that the ongoing investment of their clients on the Internet to generate real, scalable and predictable return.