Why Use Social Networking for Business?

Digital Marketing Tips for a Business Consultant
Let’s understand what is Content Marketing?

2018 and I’m still writing on this subject:

Social networks for business: – Why use? What is my return?


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On this subject – Socais Media For Business; I see more in the discussions in professional groups is: HOW MUCH I WILL HAVE TO RETURN?

  • 1 because it is not a cheap project and our customer profile needs “certainties”.
  • 2 because the return is not only a metric – CONVERSION (which is the metric required for those who have a more limited budget because it relies heavily on direct feedback)
  • 3rd because to have conversion is necessary design time and investment (operating hours)

What does that mean?

Well, we repeated tirelessly for our prospects and customers a social media project for business, when done right, you have to start with a lot of dedication to be able to establish the C’s of Social Media .

The "C" s of social media for businesses

Understanding this, we will return some steps (such content may be a little long, but I suggest that you read to the end, so we can discuss more about this).

We always have to keep in mind that:

  1.  The Social Networks are channels that have been made for people to communicate
  2. Your company does not speak (you as the owner yes, yes its employees and so on)
  3. Nobody wants to be talking about the same subject always. Thinks that friend who you like, but that is repetitive, sure you listen to it less than that his other friend who is much cooler and it always comes with new subject, light and fun, right?

So why when companies position themselves on the Internet, they are flat, square and with an imperative tone?

If companies do not talk and Social Networks are made from people to people, before thinking about selling, it is very important to create a page with content that interests your audience and this involves a lot of planning.

not planning to stay in a monologue and be boring for those who access our channel!

For it does not, my tip is:


tips for social media for businesses

It is always important to draw much detail as possible the Brand Persona – the personification of your brand.

Companies such as Casas Bahia, Magazine Luiza, Farm, Toddy, Ponto Frio, among others already do this for some time.

This construction makes all administrators of the page, is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other channels, have an aligned speech and know where to be able to carry on conversation.

Even know how to interact with your followers without causing a possible estrangement that follower.

This is all in addition to greatly facilitate communication, shows that the company has a good positioning within these channels.

That done, you must now draw who are the personas with whom you want to communicate.

What is your target audience? It is not just talk: “You are a man, 35 years old, Brazilian, family man …” This has already been exceeded.


If you do not know what they are personas and what they are, I recently did that content showing Establish Personas Importance for Digital Marketing strategies.

Now that you know how your business will stand and with whom you want to talk, think about how the speech will be among them.

For example, do not want to be very cool if you talk with the financial market, it will not much credibility in his speech.

Make sense? … Well, now think about your TARIFF.

Plan your content. What do you want to talk?

It’s really cool that company only put on herself. You access the fanpage and only have photo products with calls telling you to buy.

It’s like the Facebook page, or any other channel, were an extension of the site.

And for what? If this is your goal, just stay with your site that you already have a lot of work.


Think about what content you as a company think are valid share with your target.

  • What are your inspirations?
  • What motivates your employees?
  • What motivates your customers?
  • What’s cool knowing your customers?
  • What is important to ask for your customers?

You thought about it and managed to make a compiled content you’d like to share?

Now plan a spreadsheet which days of the week you want to post and what content.

calendar in social media for business


Call your target to engage.

Images are very important, but do not post just this, create calls, so the audience is interested in your content.

Test in social media for business

Just testing you will know what type of post is more efficient.

Already drawn the agenda, it is necessary to think about growing your community.

No use to post and find that the miracle will happen.

You need to engage your audience with content from other companies, “taguear” other brands (to supplement and talk to the same audience you) and respond to comments and inbox messages.

You must be RESPONSIVE and CALL ATTENTION these users.

3 C – Costumer Services – CUSTOMER SERVICE

I thought it would be a part of the sale, right? Not yet!

Although I have not mentioned it just above, I made sure to store more things for those who come here.

always listen to social media for businesses

Nowadays you can also make videos (real-time or not) to provide solutions and innovations, talk to your audience and show how to use products, so …

Use your creativity to make rich content that helps people understand their differential. Understand your product!

Is always present in social media for business

We know that there are those followers who just want to complain, yes, they will always exist! However, you you are missing at some stage to receive such complaints?

Use these channels to IMPROVE your service / product!

We know that to happen a conversion, often Internet users need 7 interactions with the brand – whether access to the site, the fanpage, question or other.

Thus, only after you have tested all increased their audience and established a base of solid and consistent followers, you will start thinking about CONVERTER these followers into customers.

REMEMBER: if the work is developed in the right way, you will see the results appear in a natural way, but it needs TIME!

For certain actions, you will need to encourage these people to leave the moment of them are talking in social networks, reading, etc; to convert on your site – whether lead or purchase conversion.

So it is important to look metrics to evaluate all possible RESULTS THAT YOUR COMPANY MAY HAVE TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS:

  • Interactions INCREASE (whether tanned, hearts, shares, etc ..)

It is the last two the final stage of an already mature fanpage and a solid foundation.

Of course in the meantime we can make announcements and sponsoring posts, but remember:

If these efforts are not made up, you ALWAYS depend on investment to see minimal results and they often will not bring the return you want.

What to evaluate social media for businesses

As the last item C of COMMERCE / CONVERSION (I may say so).

Look who has very professional that not guided the latter C as the goal of social media channels.

I do not want to extend myself, but we have to understand is that none of that was marked above is made from one month to another.

To be able to do all this process, you need at least 1 year project. Testing, evaluating, measuring, applying the improvements going to see the results.

BEFORE END AND ASK YOUR OPINION, I would like to point clearly that content in a social network should be able to be used to be posted on other channels, however it must be adapted and rethought, because the way that users “consume “each channel is different.

So, your agenda should be reviewed and adapted to each specific channel you / your company has, therefore, do not go creating accounts out there, assess and where your audience is.

Better to have one quality than several forgotten!

If you want to add something to that content, I will be very happy.

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