Why Use Email Marketing? 10 reasons for your company to work with this strategy

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When they start their strategies Digital Marketing , many customers think much on social networks, in boosting publications and want to be on the first page of Google.

Of course all this has its value! But when asked about audience / engagement on social networks or on the budget for marketing, the answer ends up not being satisfactory.

Today Facebook and other social networks make it increasingly difficult organic range of publications, which often does not reach 5% of the fans of the page. Many fans and their engagement with their publications in order to have any significant result is required.

Social networks come with media sales, as well as radio and TV. And each year are the busiest. That is, a bigger budget is required in order to obtain a positive result. It is necessary to find some alternative to this!

Optimizations SEO just working well, but increasingly require accurate technical knowledge and precise details, it is not only you who have access to that information.

Thus working with SEO ends up being a little slower, having to have a creation of ever more relevant content, authority, backlinks … and that takes time!

This is where the figure of an element of the internet that arose long before these above options: EMAIL! The email constantly is the key to everything on the Internet. To create any sign must have an email, to rescue passwords, enter a sweepstakes, entries in shops and so on!

Many people find that email does not work, that the public does not open, do not read … And there is a big mistake!

According to the Radicati Institute , in 2018 will be 2.8 billion email users, who must send and receive approximately 235 million messages per day (between commercial and personal).

Thinking about it, we prepared 10 reasons for you to start, or continue, to send email marketing to your customers and potential customers. Look:

concrete reasons to Email Marketing

Are those actions directly linked to the act of sending a campaign of Email Marketing.

Here are some strategies and directly measurable analyzes each submission.

1. Scope

Despite the prejudice, email is the most common activity in the Internet. And this potential must be exploited to the fullest.

When you create your own contact base over time, you have the opportunity to network with a high number of people with very low cost. This range should not be ignored in their marketing strategies.

2. Segmentation

Just as there is a possibility of a high range, while building its own base of emails you have the ability to target Leads based on various information such as interests, location, product or consumed service, average ticket and any other information you stored linked to a particular email. And the more targeted for their base, the better your communication.

You can create campaigns for those who consumed certain product offering something complementary. You can also take specific actions with an audience of particular locality or until communications related to the type of content that these Leads consumed previously.

Surely this is a key reason to use Email Marketing! After all, it makes no sense to send an email selling a football to a contact who bought the shirt of a basketball team, in the case of an ecommerce sporting goods.

3. Customization

One of the best practices in the relationship with your Leads email is to have a personalized communication and personal. Make much difference receive an email in which you are called by name and whose sender know the city where you live or the product that was consumed previously.

With the sending of Email Marketing campaigns you have this possibility! Using variables over your email makes custom that a generic message based on information of each Lead.

It certainly brings more engagement for your emails, your content, your site and your brand. People like to relate to others closer and this detail can make the difference between open your email or mark it as spam .

4. Automation

An automation strategy enables a very large productivity gains. Using Marketing Automation is the way for you to send that right email to the right person at the right time.

You can create automations based on previous actions Lead, as have downloaded certain material or have answered something important on a Landing Page previous.

But may also have stock-based automation made in the email itself, as the simple fact of having opened the message or have clicked on a particular link.

Combining these factors to the personalization of emails and targets Leads, automation contributes greatly to the engagement of their audience.

5. Test A / B

When we are talking about Digital Marketing, test will always be part of your actions. And in sending emails is no different!

How to know what the best time or day of the week? There are several studies, but the most important is you test with your audience.

The possibility of performing A / B tests with the same sending email is undoubtedly a very strong reason. Test subjects, timetables or even a body different email will you know ever better your Leads base.

6. Measurement Analysis / DBR

When sending an e-mail on their own, one of the biggest problems is to analyze the result of this action.

You can not know how many emails were delivered, how much to open certain e-mails and much less the rate of clicks on links to their communication.

No measure these results is almost impossible to calculate the return that brought this action. And there is no proper marketing action if you do not analyze the result.

By using a platform like metrics Email Marketing in a few clicks. And it certainly will bring insights for improvements and an analysis of the return of this action for your business.

In a campaign email marketing, some of the most important metrics to analyze are delivery rate, open rate and click rate. Out the possibility to isolate invalid emails, descadastros and know who you marked as spam.

Secondary reasons to Email Marketing

Check out some reasons that require other simultaneous actions beyond the sending of Email Marketing:

7. Sales Increase

Many companies do not know they already have forgotten Leads and maintain their contact base and no relationship. By taking advantage of this potential and begin (or resume) a strategy to send offers by email you can impact customers who do not reminded more of your company.

When sending an Email Marketing you run the risk of receiving a response from a client, a request for a quote, or clicks on a link that redirects Leads to buy on your site.

The increase in sales ends up being a consequence of a good shipping strategy, content and relationship. After all we bought those suppliers who remember.

8. Loyalty / Relationship

Keep the relationship with your customers is essential to become loyal to your company. Regardless of what you sell, after-sales is a necessary action to keep your customers happy, reminding you on the purchase again.

Through email campaigns you get it! But it is important to pay attention to other things, like a good shopping experience, a service / product quality, communication strategies and positioning appropriate, in addition to adequate support for your client. satisfied customers speak well of you!

9. marketing costs reduction

Having a customer and their Leads nutrition strategy, increasingly segmented manner, provides a more assertive and relevant communication with your audience.

So good email campaigns are essential in reducing your sales cycle, working on reducing your marketing industry costs .

10. Seasonality

As stated at the beginning of this post, many people think they need to invest more in social networks and the like.

Of course, one can not ignore these channels. The problem is that social networks are very subject to be fashionable. If you depend on a single social network, what if she’s done from one day to another? Or if by chance “out of fashion”?

Apart from a few well-targeted options for a niche market, a social network without a hearing does not contribute much to the disclosure of your company. This seasonality that exists on the Internet not just affecting directly when using Email Marketing.


Email is your key to access the internet! Yes, you can browse without having an email account, but to use any service you need one.

Every year the number of emails sent up! It sure is a communication channel that should not be ignored. So we have a platform like RD Station Marketing , which allows to put into practice all these reasons listed, it is essential for your business.

The secret is to act on a channel you have a great reach, segmented profiles and interests and personal auto and scalable way, you can test and analyze your results.

And of course, contributing to the increase in sales, generate customer loyalty, reduce costs and do not go out of fashion. This is the Email Marketing!