Why SSL? 3 Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate

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Safety always has been a concern when it comes to surfing the web and so let’s talk about SSL in this article. For a long time the Internet was thought of as a digital Wild West: it is every man for himself and very few options that guaranteed secure access. But with SSL, this is no longer a major concern. SSL ensures that your web traffic, both incoming as made, is protected from any security threats. Consequently, SSL users reach a large number of benefits, which are discussed in more detail in this article.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer , or SSL is a security protocol that uses a modern encryption to send and receive sensitive information across the internet. It works from the creation of a secure channel between the user ‘s browser and the server of the website which you want to use. Any kind of information through this channel is encrypted at one end and the other released through a receipt. As a result of this, even if someone manages to capture this information, it will be virtually useless because of its encryption.

Websites can purchase an SSL certificate to access the service. web browsers are able to identify this certificate, which lets you know if the connection in question needs to be encrypted. Users can easily recognize the site they are visiting has SSL watching a small padlock preceding the url of the site. Websites that use SSL can also be identified by using https instead of http.

ssl-certificateIn this article you will have access to a clearer idea of ​​the advantages of owning a SSL certificate. Once finished, your readers will be more savvy in how SSL is not only critical for your data security, but it also drives a business competition in the process.

Benefits of an SSL Certificate

As previously mentioned, using a SSL can ensure great benefits to both users and website owners. Users have become more aware of the importance of security on the Internet a few years now, which means that the SSL certificate can establish itself as an advantage need for any modern website.

1- With SSL, your website becomes more professional

Let’s start with a quick game: Can you name some popular website that does not have the little lock icon next to the address? If your mind is not able to produce many answers, do not worry – there is good reason for this. Companies know how to recognize the rising tide of users who care about when it comes to digital privacy. Then of course, they need to ensure that their customers know they are being protected. The SSL certificate is a solid means of stress how secure your platform is, adding a touch of professionalism to any site that possess. This is especially true for e-commerce websites whose projects are based on using massively sensitive information transactions such as credit card data. PCI (Payment Card Industry), which is responsible for setting safety standards for electronic transactions, provides that payment transactions online via SSL have at least 128-bit encryption. This makes these transactions are more secure as possible, thus a great advertisement for your brand.

2- encrypted information

The first impulse to use an SSL certificate is its robust security proposal. SSL ensures that all data exchanged between the user’s browser and the site is protected with SSL encryption with exquisite techniques. This means that in the case of third have access to that date, all information that is useful becomes unreadable, encrypted or expressly so to speak.

3 – Google users love sites SSL certificate

Some companies spend many resources SEO (Serch Engine Optimization) without realizing that only by using SSL, they can give your site an increasing boost in Google search. Already spend more than two years since Google entered the SSL certificate as a determining factor to rank websites through its famous PageRank algorithm. Therefore, even when all other factors are equivalent, a site that has SSL certificate will be better positioned than others who do not have the Google search. According to MOZ, half of Google results are HTTPS and this number does not cease to grow.

ssl-certificateAccording to himself, Google puts even more emphasis on other factors, such as quality content, to rank websites, but SSL is still a great way to supplement your SEO.

SSL Free Hostinger

Now that you are already aware of the benefits of using SSL in order to convey a confident, safe and professional impression of your website, we hope you are ready to purchase an SSL certificate as quickly as possible. Even like a small addition, SSL can improve your satisfaction as a user, SEO and brand. Lucky you that Hostinger is ready to offer a free SSL certificate in Business plans . The Hostinger also remains committed to make the SSL installation is easy as a walk in the park, so stay tuned for more about SSL here with us.